World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2082
Nine Firmaments Temple lacks at present has the potential disciple young, but this disciple Nine Heavens Sect and Demon Soul Executing City actually, but Nine Heavens Sect and Demon Soul Executing City are very deficient on expert of strength, causing many disciples not to be under the best instruction. But old antique of Nine Firmaments Temple actually many on strength, they good to be supplementary. After Shen Xiang Nine Heavens Sect and Demon Soul Executing City situation simple telling Deity King, Deity King also nods, expressed that certainly will go with the Dean contact of Nine Heavens Sect, asked about the matter in secret union. Deity King, I come this am want to ask you, there are these refiner materials?” Shen Xiang puts out a bill, above wrote is refining that pill furnace to say material that needed. After Deity King sees, said with a smile: You refine pill furnace!” Um, I lack good pill furnace now, but my wife happen to that divine book that spread from your nine brothers found the blueprint, lacks the material.” Shen Xiang said. These I have!” Deity King puts out three storage pouch immediately: These materials you take away, if this pill furnace refined, you must with show me! I want to know how many that divine book was grasped by your wife? Your wife was also too fierce, oneself can refine that rank pill furnace!” She...... Not is only she, several......” Shen Xiang said. Deity King laughs, he understands certainly the Shen Xiang's words. Yujie has looked for me, she took the alchemy route now, needs good pill furnace, therefore I give you many materials, when the time comes uses well, in the past our Nine Firmaments Divine Country can rise, very big reason is the dependence formidable alchemy master, present nine Divine Country, rely on the formidable alchemy master.”

Shen Xiang nodded, now Feng Yujie must walk Pill Dao is also for this reason, because she inherited past nine God king alchemy technique. Deity King, this world of Nine Heaven time devour Highest God Realm?” Shen Xiang asked: „The Highest God Realm resources is a lot, but world of Nine Heaven annexes the Highest God Realm words now, we facing Highest God Realm these expert and formidable beasts, but also appears very frail.” This is natural, Highest God Realm after all was the most higher space, once after the annexation, after world of Nine Heaven, was hard to be destroyed again, if the smooth development, can become a powerful world from now on, established the intercourse with other strong Great World again, the development can be more rapid.” Deity King said: As far as I know, the Star Law God Territory rule is very good, when the time comes can I urge to go faster Star Law God Territory, look establish Teleportation Formation with them.” Besides Star Law God Territory, other world?” Shen Xiang asked that because Star Law God Territory being in power expert thought Eternal Life, massacred Undead God Clan, this gave Shen Xiang to make very bad impression, originally to Star Law God Territory very affection Yue'er, was very sorrowful. „Has, but is not we found that is away from recent our was Star Law God Territory! Naturally, we not necessarily are only and Star Law God Territory establish the relation, when the time comes Star Law God Territory will become our springboards, through Star Law God Territory understood that other powerful world, will then then study their experiences to develop our world.” Deity King said: Now said these also too early! First annexes Highest God Realm on world of Nine Heaven, then peace and development a period of time is then good.” Nine Divine Country are threatening, this makes Deity King have a headache, but wants to make Nine Firmaments God Emperor of this matter to be collaborated to destroy completely by nine Divine Country God Emperor, causes this world, although has formidable God Emperor Divine Country, but is actually not able to become the powerful world, developed is instead slower. Deity King, now you to nine Divine Country above matter understanding?” Shen Xiang is interested in the above matter comparison. Understands some, at present I also quite pay attention! Once because above stabilizes, will start to cope with me.” Nine Spirit Kings he he smiles: I was their old am right! What is quite at present optimistic, some God Emperor and old fellow will walk together, they assign do not grow, but was not willingly died like this, will therefore seek for the [say / way] of Long Life.” Here, Deity King was also low-spirited sighs, because he also knows one soon, also met on the step this path.

Even if the strength is strong, cannot withstand devastation of years, arrives at expert that the peak is unable to break through again much, such died. Then I walked first, I also hurried back!” Shen Xiang smiled: My wife has been worried not to have the material, if she knows that many, will be very certainly happy.” Deity King nodded: I also collected for serveral days have about your matter, you truly are elder brother's great little rascal.” Deity King opens space passage directly, making Shen Xiang arrive at side of city, he will come next time, so long as shouted Chu Yunhui that's alright in the entrance. He returned to Hundred Flowers Village, at this time already afternoon, Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian their four females in the courtyard, processed in that big stove to smelt the good material. Such quickly came back, has the harvest?” Xue Xianxian asked that she was controlling one group to melt the liquid the refiner material, in the putting in jar, looks like not relaxed, that group of liquids also braved the purple flame, sent out very high quantity of heat. Shen Xiang walks, has wiped the fragrant perspiration of her forehead, said with a smile: Naturally has, moreover there are, later you had are busy! You have the time first to look for Sister Feng they, asks that what pill furnace they needed, Deity King have given me many materials, can refine several.” Liu Meng'er said: Xiangyue and we have said that they need large-scale pill furnace, they must profit from the method of this joint smelting.” Also is several person minds is interlinked, then simultaneously controls pill furnace, joins up to link alchemy! Liu Meng'er their refiner is so, such one, they can in the strength not be in the too strong situations, refines the thing that is difficult to build up.

Their several are to practice Heaven Refining Technique comes alchemy, I thought that can definitely unite very well.” Dongfang Xinyue said: Moreover their population compared with us also many, their side had Xiangyue, Qianqian, Meiyao and Ji Ling and Hong Xia also to have Feng Yujie...... to be right, Yanyao.” Ji Ling and Hong Xia?” Some Shen Xiang surprisedly said: „Can they also now alchemy?” Naturally, weren't they before the Sister Feng daughters? Yanyao and Youyou were the Sister Feng daughter......” Dongfang Xinyue have cracked into a chuckle. Liu Meng'er said: When the time comes I will ask them to chat, according to their needs, refines good big pill furnace for them, but they later safeguard of Hundred Flowers Village.” Sister Zilan came a moment ago, said that asks you to have the matter, it is estimated that was said matter that selection ratio fought.” Xue Xianxian received storage pouch that Shen Xiang hands over, has patted his cheeks, happily said with a smile: Hits Youlan and Qianxiang time starts not to be heavy, so as to avoid this girl will ask me to complain.”