World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2083

Shen Xiang attended that competition, wants to have a look at Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang their strength, he also heard that Yun Xiaodao they also participated, previous is also very better than with these old friends. I start to have the discretion!” Shen Xiang naturally not causes the damage to Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang, this may be her younger sister. Shen Xiang arrived at Hundred Flowers Pavilion, Yan Zilan said that had the matter to look for him, seemed like very anxious matter. „Doesn't Sister Zilan, have several days from the competition?” Shen Xiang arrives on Hundred Flowers Pavilion, Yan Zilan already in hall medium he. Is also several days, I just learned that competes some concrete items, first told you, making you prepare.” Yan Zilan puts out a booklet: Above is person of registration, when the time comes will carry on the ballot to decide own match!” Shen Xiang received this booklet, opened to look, really saw Yun Xiaodao their these familiar names. Yanran and Lan Lan have not participated!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Your has Hundred Flowers Village only sent Youlan and Qianxiang goes?” Shen Xiang said. Yanran and Lan Lan are not interested in these! You have a look again, should be able to see the familiar name.” Yan Zilan said with a smile: Our Hundred Flowers Village sends out four disciples to go, two are not humanity!” Isn't humanity? Shen Xiang has thought immediately Yun Zhu and Bai Xing, said: Is Yun Zhu and Bai Xing? The words said that I have not seen them for a long time, they are now good!” They are certainly good, but carries out the task outside, my previous and they have related, said that you came back, they wish one could to come back to see you immediately.” Yan Zilan said with a smile: Participates in the selection is not their two.” Shen Xiang is turning the booklet, suddenly sees two very familiar names: Ji Meixian...... also has Xue Ying!”

Xue Ying is that Phoenix Princess, was received by Lu Qilian for the apprentice. Is Phoenix Princess, she and Meixian are same race, the strength are also well-matched! Yun Zhu, Bai Xing and their two, Xiao Lizhi is a motion squad, they handle the matter to be effective.” Yan Zilan suddenly said with a smile lowly: Xiao Lizhi is not very good to your appraisal, but I can actually look in her heart very much to respect your! I listened to Qilian saying that you sexually harassed Xiao Lizhi frequently, wants to make Xiao Lizhi be your wife!” This...... Is cracks a joke!” Shen Xiang has hit, although Xiao Lizhi tender Xiao Ling jade, but is very rude and unreasonable, actually ten scanning hot pepper, once bares that litchi chinensis skin, makes the person wish one could entire to place the mouth, Shen Xiang thought one successfully had not bared that matter skin. Now only then Xue Ying and Meixian come back to attend this competition, Xiao Lizhi squad still outside.” Yan Zilan said: When the time comes you are also very likely to face Xue Ying and Meixian in the field, Hehe.” Shen Xiang said: Relax, I will not injure to their, this trials are the person on one's own side were participating! The quota that I also want to compete to go to battle with as far as possible, Infernal Demon Emperor they will pledge such condition, definitely also has the full assurance! Perhaps they also borrow the formidable helper from Divine Country.” Yan Zilan nodded: Now their four females are undergoing the final training, heard that is responsible for training their is Youyou also has Ziqian this to the sisters.” „If they are responsible for instructing, I when the time comes must be careful.” A Shen Xiang face said intentionally panic-stricken that he very much knew about Bai Youyou and Bai Ziqian, under is dares to hate the Lord of hand, and a little demonity. You? You so are self-confident, hasn't prepared?” Yan Zilan chuckle said: To be honest, I also want to take a look at you by the distressed type that the two younger sisters beat savagely.” Shen Xiang said ill-humoredly: actually you do not favor me! However you will be certainly disappointed, I may be fierce now, even if their two girls collaborates, distressed also certainly is they!” Boasting words everybody will say.” Yan Zilan eats to say with a smile: You could rest assured that you participate in the selection the matter, they do not know temporarily, when undergoes the training, will not have in view of your training.”

The weather was dark, in Shen Xiang running up to martial arts room in a hurry, is practicing the strongest that several moves of relapses, he not only to select to prepare, must for and to fighting Infernal Demon Emperor they prepares, therefore he must stress the time to practice now. Several days passed by, Shen Xiang has been informed, tomorrow morning must go to the City Lord's Mansion set, when the time comes big plaza in City Lord's Mansion will carry on the ratio to fight. For these days he inquired Yan Zilan, had a look at Su Meiyao their this alchemy squads whether had the time, he wants to see Hua Xiangyue and Su Meiyao these two spirits very much. They also in alchemy! They are rest a period of time, then closes up refines a period of time, now they refine probably is low-grade middle-grade Divine Pill, the time of requiring is also very long.” Yan Zilan said: They may be regarded as the Hundred Flowers Village foundations, pills that they provide, can let we quicker become stronger.” Yue'er flew, she just came from Hundred Flowers Village. „Doesn't Bingyan come?” Shen Xiang asked that now is evening, tomorrow morning must start the ratio to fight. Does not come, sometimes she and Big Sister Long at the matter of discussion practice, close up all day very much late.” Yue'er said: Possibly tomorrow will visit you to compete, I and she have mentioned this matter.” Yan Zilan is holding Yue'er, said with a smile tenderly: Yue'er, tonight and I rest together, tomorrow I and you will go to City Lord's Mansion together! Said this little rascal with me while convenient at the Highest God Realm matter.” Good!” Yue'er is glad, the small head has rubbed gently Yan Zilan that weak chest. Shen Xiang curled the lip, returned to Fang Xiuxi.

...... Midnight, Shen Xiang suddenly wakes up, his suddenly is somewhat anxious, because he thinks that these time compares with him is own old friend who fights, own younger sister, moreover he comes back from Highest God Realm, after contrasting here time, he lost the massive time! But Yun Xiaodao they have practiced many years through various Dragon Vein and pills, has six Godhead strengths. The strength definitely will not be when the time comes weak. But Leng Youlan has White Dragon Bloodline, in addition Shui Bingyan to Dao Heart Stone that she provides, perhaps she grasped the ice cold principle, the strength is immeasurably deep! What Mu Qianxiang obtains is the Sword Emperor inheritance, but Wang Jinshi is the female of Sword God, definitely frequently directs her. Shen Xiang thought that Wang Jinshi definitely also and Bai Youyou and Bai Ziqian direct Leng Youlan together they. Xiaodao they are also fierce, have Demon Execution Heavenly God and Heaven Punishment God direction, but grasps Deicide Sword Art Sword God also in Nine Heavens Sect. Before Azure Dragon and Black Tortoise, has stayed in Nine Heavens Sect a period of time, they are recently go to Highest God Realm to meet with White Tiger, Xiaodao and old pig they definitely also obtain them to instruct carefully.” Shen Xiang thinks of these, the heart of hearts also really has a little worried that with such that Wu Kaiming said that if the first prestige were ruined that not to be good. Junior Brother!” When Shen Xiang indulges in flights of fancy, some people are knocking his, only then Wang Jinshi will shout him Junior Brother, his hastily gets out of bed to open the door, really saw Wang Jinshi, but in Wang Jinshi behind, several beautiful females.