World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2084
Now or midnight, Wang Jinshi they arrived here. Sister Youyou, Sister Ziqian......” Shen Xiang sees this to wear the black skirt, the iced cold succuba, in the heart a joy, because of many years, has seen their two sisters together very much rarely. Before Shen Xiang thought that Bai Youyou Devil Qi was very heavy, but now and Bai Ziqian contrasts, she was normal! End a Bai Ziqian pair of purple pupil and braid poisonous hook, sees on very danger(ous), in addition her elegantly beautiful facial expression and is full of the murderous aura ice-cold look, makes people think the fear. Bai Youyou slight bow, she at this time looks like, although icy appearance, but she looks at the Shen Xiang's look fully is actually gentle, but also is bringing a joy, could see that for a long time sees Shen Xiang again, making her be very happy. Shen Xiang hastily goes out in the hall, said with a smile: Xue Ying and Meixian, do not see for a long time, has not thought that your this to enemy, now unexpectedly together, has looked like also very has sisters' appearance.” Ji Meixian once was Shen Xiang's female slave, was very cold and proud female, but several times had been attacked by Shen Xiang, gradually, she also very awed to Shen Xiang. She is Bai Youyou and Bai Ziqian's cousin. What Shen Xiang is not clear, Ji Meixian takes the cousin, but can actually participate in the ratio to fight now, because the ratio fights to need six Godhead, Bai Youyou and Bai Ziqian's should more than six Godhead! Sister Youyou, don't you participate?” Shen Xiang looked at Bai Youyou their three to be responsible for training. I and elder sisters are inappropriate participate.” Bai Youyou should say: Our not suitable ratio to fight, is only suitable to kill people!” The Shen Xiang corner of the eye selects, many years do not see, this Bai Youyou is murderous aura is so full!

Wang Jinshi said with a smile: I now seven Godhead, otherwise I will also join in the fun.” They have not known that Shen Xiang also participated, Yan Zilan they, although knows, but Shen Xiang has told them, cannot let Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang knows. Ji Meixian to Shen Xiang lightly smiled: Shen Xiang, I remember that you is a very combative fellow, don't you participate now?” When Shen Xiang is thinking how to reply, Yan Zilan and Yue'er walked from the room, Shen Xiang hastily gave them sound transmission, making them not say his participating matter, the words that because he must to a Leng Youlan pleasant surprise, now speak although also had the pleasant surprise, but the significance was not big. Phoenix...... also has Phoenix!” Yue'er somewhat surprised saying, she, although has heard Ji Meixian and Xue Ying matter, but has not actually seen. Shen Xiang also suddenly thinks of anything, Phoenix can the Nirvana rebirth, but Phoenix is also so! This possible with some Undead God Clan relationship. Small kitty, you are really fierce, can see our main bodies directly!” Xue Ying is Phoenix Princess, is very pure fire Phoenix. She is Yue'er, is that only mysterious cat that Bingyan said.” Mischievous Leng Youlan, has grasped Yue'er, flexure Yue'er itchy, made smiling that Yue'er giggle keeps. Xue Ying, your father?” Shen Xiang asked that that Phoenix King strength may be good, should be very strong to the present.

His many years ago had carried off by Senior, where went to me unclear.” Xue Ying shook the head, the young disciple who initially she encountered many influences besieges, but also was almost tarnished, was Shen Xiang has saved her, therefore she had the favorable impression to Shen Xiang very much. Afterward she joined Hundred Flowers Palace, became the Lu Qilian disciple, after Mu Qianxiang became apprentice sisters, about Shen Xiang knew, knew some Shen Xiang's love matters...... Shen Xiang sits on a chair, is shaking the leg to look that Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang tease Yue'er, suddenly felt cold air compels, Bai Ziqian unexpectedly arrived at him behind! Shen Xiang remembers that Bai Ziqian obtained an inheritance of Ancient Poisonous God King in the past, grasped very fearful Ancient Poison, therefore encounters the major influences to collaborate to grasp takes, at that time almost died, afterward he braved very big danger(ous), saved her. Sister Ziqian...... you sit!” Shen Xiang thought that Bai Ziqian approaches him like this, but also stands in him behind, making him very restless, he fears this poisonous female, because she like Lu Qinlian is not may gently the spirit of person. What you fear, will I also intoxicate to you inadequately?” Bai Ziqian thinks funny, but she has not smiled: I want to ask you, do you have to meet any toxin in Highest God Realm.” No, if any, I already took to give you! Sister Ziqian, you obtain the inheritance of Ancient Poisonous God King, the toxin that you grasp now should be very fearful.” Shen Xiang said with a smile dry: I worried that I cannot defend your toxin.” Bai Youyou said: You do not need to fear elder sister but actually, she controls now very well to her toxin, I and she so were together long, has not had the matter of poison.” Leng Youlan said with a smile in the one side accent: If the brother you are dishonest, does things recklessly to Sister Ziqian, that poison is the affirmation! If you want to try you to Sister Ziqian are also Hundred Poisons Immunity, you best to tell her directly, carelessly do not sexually harass her.” Your this girl, your brother I am that person!” Shen Xiang white her eyes: I have not sexually harassed her.”

Doesn't have really?” Bai Ziqian sound one cold, lets in those present heart the infant, they are also very surprised, Shen Xiang has sexually harassed Bai Ziqian, they are clear Shen Xiang are such color embryo, has not thought of unexpectedly also such not awfully. Probably has, I did not remember.” Shen Xiang was also frightened by Bai Ziqian, Bai Ziqian obtains the inheritance of Ancient Poisonous God King really becomes very fearful. The Bai Ziqian corners of the mouth curl upwards slightly, this slightly smiles, making her look like demon, moreover is tender and beautiful, sits at the same time sees Shen Xiang to feel that in Bai Youyou was frightened the complexion to be pallid, cannot help but the chuckle gets up. Your this little rascal, does not have before probably, that courage!” Bai Ziqian that Qianqian white hands suddenly gently is touching the Shen Xiang's cheeks, the movement looks like very charming, her unexpectedly is teasing Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang took a deep breath, said slightly: My suddenly has a matter matter to ask you, you thought finally the one who obtains three quotas is who? Your here may have four girls to participate.” Nobody replied him, the females are looking that Bai Ziqian that gentle and charming white hands were stroking the Shen Xiang's cheeks and nape of the neck, they do not know why Bai Ziqian must such do. Shen Xiang knows that Bai Ziqian is testing the body of his Hundred Poisons Immunity, as well as looked that he can tolerate this teasing. Very fierce, my toxin is not effective to you probably.” Bai Ziqian received the hand, knits the brows to say slightly: „The toxin that but you do not need too haughty, I to use a moment ago is only I am weakest, I do not dare to try you with the too strong toxin.”