World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2085
Shen Xiang also worried, this is very fearful Ancient Poison, came from that God king inheritance, if has any accident, he could not participate in the ratio to fight. Sister Ziqian, you strongest toxin fierce?” Shen Xiang relaxed, asks. Does not know that I little deal with the enemy with I strongest toxin.” Bai Ziqian shook the head: But, was difficult saying that now had many people to know me in Hundred Flowers Village.” Yue'er said: Fears anything, in Divine Country with poisonous were many, not compared with your weakness! As far as I know, several Divine Country specially train fierce Poison King, but others use of open and aboveboard! Naturally, if you use these toxins to damage the common people, was besieged is the affirmation!” In Divine Country has really very strongly uses poisonous expert?” Bai Ziqian is interested. Naturally has, some fellows are very difficult to kill, therefore needed poisonously.” The Yue'er nod said: In the past I was besieged, several fellows used for me had the acute poison thing.” Shen Xiang very clear Yue'er foundation, he thought that Yue'er is definitely learned, should also compare to be skilled to the poisonous aspect, she had not said before the autointoxication, it seems like she can resist these acute poison. Yan Zilan has hit a yawn, said: You come to do such early, should rest well, daytime participates again.” „Doesn't here have the room? We rested to be good here!” Leng Youlan draws Mu Qianxiang to move toward a room, said: This room is big enough, puts two beds, we rest in this inside.” Ji Meixian and Xue Ying also walked, has put out two beds, Bai Ziqian and Bai Youyou also walked, they truly need to rest, raise the full spirit, participates in the tomorrow's first ratio to fight. After several females return to the room, Shen Xiang traces Bai Ziqian to touch his place a moment ago, then smelled smelling, unexpectedly also had light remaining fragrance: This woman used to me really poisonously, this toxin was very fragrant fierce.” Shen Xiang cannot feel the toxin now since own within the body, but can actually to his nose distinguish from the stimulation of this fragrance.

I smell to look!” Yue'er also flew, is smelling the Shen Xiang's face. „...... This toxin planting flowers toxin, this plants flowers in Star Law God Territory also has, but is rare, is very fearful was poisonous, even if Heavenly God is very easy poisonously but actually.” Yue'er surprisedly said: This woman is very fearful, but you are not lazy, unexpectedly has not been poisoned.” Shen Xiang knits the brows: Is very strange, since Star Law God Territory very rare is poisonous, why does Sister Ziqian have?” She should according to the inheritance of that Ancient Poisonous God King, oneself train, many poisons transform after certain condition.” Yue'er said. I must rest!” Before Shen Xiang, has given them sound transmission, do not participate in the matter that the ratio fights to say him. Returns to the room, Shen Xiang anything does not think that falls asleep, has the hair same thing to make his face until the feeling, he fierce waking, actually is mischievous Leng Youlan is teasing him with the round tree top. Dead girl!” Shen Xiang puts out a hand to press firmly between the fingers her beautiful face immediately, is twisting her face meat. Leng Youlan also hastily puts out a hand to pinch his face, then lies on him: Brother, we did not have the kiss mouth for a long time, I do not remember when previous time kissed is, but that type felt that I still remember.” Shen Xiang looked at guarding the door, had been closed by Leng Youlan, but now the sky just shone. Your this girl......” Shen Xiang ridicules one ill-humoredly: I and you kiss, everywhere do not speak irresponsibly.” Leng Youlan nodded, then closes the eye, small mouth raises slightly, then she tasted that feeling quickly......

Shen Xiang was they sits in the car(riage) together came up City Lord's Mansion, after arrives, because they are the females, was called a place to draw lots, will decide that who their matches were. After Shen Xiang arrived here, said that must see own old friend, then on vanish from sight, he ran up to the ballot quietly the place, here was gathering many people. Participates the person who the ratio fights is not many, only then 70-80 this, are came from some and in the city or the influence of Nine Heavens Sect alliance outstanding disciple. Participates is not Nine Heavens Sect and Demon Soul Executing City most, other influences occupy the majority. Big Brother Shen, what do you come to here to make?” Yun Xiaodao sees Shen Xiang, is somewhat accidental, he just started to think that Shen Xiang draws lots, but thinks that thought Shen Xiang should not participate is right. „Did ballot start?” Shen Xiang looks around, looks like suspicious appearance, was worried that was discovered to be the same by whom. „Do you want to participate?” Duan Sanchang surprised asking. Shen Xiang nodded: Do not tell Youlan their these girls, I must give them a pleasant surprise!” I do not participate, has you, I not only could not win, but also oppressive one.” Duan Sanchang recognized that Shen Xiang will win to be the same, moreover somewhat fears Shen Xiang. The Xu Weilong nod said: I do not participate, I was not interested in this, but was called by Elder Wu.” Zhu Rong he he smiles: Tunnel intestines, old slanting! You are really timid, does Shen Xiang look like very strong?”

Duan Sanchang curls the lip saying: He is because looks like not strong, is fearful! You should not be will despise him, old pig your head always very well causes, how today really changed the pig head?” Zhu Rong said: Today's competition, but some rule definitions, I thought that Shen Xiang does not have the big stratagem which ensures success, how even if he does have the skeleton? The skeleton is Highest God can play might, he grasps the skeleton, should be weaker than Godhead.” Yun Xiaodao said with a smile: Old pig, I very hopes that now you can pull out to with the bamboo slip of Shen Xiang to war, how like this you can clearly know the Shen Xiang's strength.” Duan Sanchang also said with a smile: When the time comes your this pig was punched the ox head not to be uncertain.” Shen Xiang smiles lightly: Do not favor me, I am not actually strong, I want to Youlan and a Qianxiang pleasant surprise, you should know that these two girls like fighting, especially challenges me! I for many years had not taken care of them, therefore suffers a more disastrous defeat now, ruins wisely, I do not think anything.” Zhu Rong Ha Ha said with a smile: You are really a good elder brother, your two younger sisters of violence are truly fearful, I to they estimated that also has 60% stratagem which ensures success!” Xu Weilong said: „Did old pig, what super Divine Pill you pick? Today so to be how self-confident?” I so have been self-confident! You do not think these years, if I do not have a skill, can mix the present? You do not have a look, when our together is informed and experienced, danger(ous) that meets, that time is not because my calmness and does melt self-confidently?” Zhu Rong has put out a very big roasting leg, has nipped one greatly: I eat a meal, wait to hit to be powerful first.” Wu Kaiming came, yelled: little rascal, test your many Godhead quickly, this is to prevent seven Godhead fellows mixes.”