World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2086
Shen Xiang has not thought that unexpectedly must test to have many Godhead, how he very curious Wu Kaiming tests now, generally distinguishes through the aura intensity on everyone sending out, but very fuzzy guess, cannot accurately judge to have many Godhead. Wu Kaiming looked at Shen Xiang, smiled to Shen Xiang, then he puts out a very big black ball, places the ground, there is a half person to be high. Elder Wu, how many Godhead can this see? Is this test accurate, if runs into seven Godhead fellows who mixes, we do want to suffer a loss?” A man asked that he is worried about this issue very much, because he was very confident to his strength, but he was actually hard to win facing seven Godhead, therefore his highly cared to this test. Wu Kaiming said with a smile: This should not be worried that thing of this test is accurate, we tested were excessively inferior, when the time comes tested Infernal Demon Emperor that side person. Infernal Demon Emperor also will put when the time comes out similar thing to test our.” Urged by Wu Kaiming, people start to line up to test. The nearby of this black ball has a pit, just can put, once the top of the head moves the pit, these will be similar to the sphere cave entrance of finger size will shine the white light, several hole holes will shine to have several Godhead! Those who let Shen Xiang not think, participates in the selection unexpectedly also five Godhead, moreover not only a person, he sees several all of a sudden. He also thinks besides him, other are six Godhead! Yun Xiaodao their several are together, Shen Xiang arranges among them, Yun Xiaodao has six Godhead, shone six cave entrance, was one's turn Zhu Rong, he also had six Godhead. Duan Sanchang and Xu Weilong have decided not to participate, they arranged behind Shen Xiang, now also goes out of the team. For serveral days did you have to promote a point?” Wu Kaiming to Shen Xiang sound transmission, because beforehand Shen Xiang has four Godhead.

No, Little Bald, you did not need to be worried for me, will make when the time comes definitely you surprised.” Shen Xiang the top of the head on that pit, only shone four hole holes, but was quite a little strange, was a white light of hole hole very dazzling, that many people who before tested, have not seen such bright cave entrance, understood at a glance that Shen Xiang had exceptionally formidable Godhead. This Godhead was Shen Xiang just congealed soon fourth Godhead, he knows that this Godhead was very strong, but has not actually thought that unexpectedly will appear on treasure of this test. Ray is very strong!” Wu Kaiming is also in the heart dark startled, the thing of this test he and Gu Dongchen they are used to test, but never bright hole like Shen Xiang, in other words Shen Xiang this Godhead their these be more formidable. Shen Xiang also thinks strange, although his fourth Godhead is formidable, but should not compare bright of Highest God, he does not think now yes what's the matter. The people are quite curious to the status that Shen Xiang lets, they knew that Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong, some with their squad, but Shen Xiang has four Godhead, but Yun Xiaodao they are very familiar. Tested, did not have seven Godhead, this also made Wu Kaiming feel relieved, said: Now starts to draw lots! Although here is a man, but can also compete with the female that side.” So long as attains the same serial number, is the match.” Wu Kaiming puts out a box, this box also passes through refines specially, Divine Sense is unable to penetrate. The people start to line up that bamboo slip, above each root signs to write the serial number, after pulling out, Wu Kaiming will register, then has a look with two is attains the same serial number the bamboo slip. The small moment has been completed, what Shen Xiang attains is on the 13 th the bamboo slip. „Are you really 13 th?” Zhu Rong stares greatly the eye: „Was this too skillful a point?”

Sees the Zhu Rong facial expression, Shen Xiang to know that what he attains is 13 th, has not thought that his first with Zhu Rong to, acquaintance that many of attending the competition, just started to is also very normal. Shen Xiang comparison hope first and Leng Youlan or Mu Qianxiang hit. Old pig, frightened to urinate!” Yun Xiaodao Ha Ha said with a smile. little rascal Yun, do not despise me, I did not fear! I am quite regrettable, cannot to you, I be able to punch you to cry like this.” Zhu Rong did not fear really that he has also patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, said: Has sorry, must first kill, the matter that teaches your two barbaric younger sister you give me.” Right little rascal Yun, in first be not killed, otherwise, do not walk together with me.” Zhu Rong Ha Ha said with a smile: You do not need to be worried that your this fellow dogshit transports is quite always good, should be able.” Yun Xiaodao coldly snorted: Old pig, I acknowledged that you is a little strength, but I must tell you, Big Brother Shen continuously fierce, we are obvious to all! I urged you to use strongest strength from the beginning and he fight, otherwise you lost do not find the excuse.” Saw that they must quarrel, Duan Sanchang walks to say with a smile: Old slanting, our does if wanted detain one game? Whom has a look at to win.” I detain me to win!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. I also detain Big Brother Shen.” Yun Xiaodao also said with a smile. Wait / Etc....... Looked that you detain Shen Xiang, I do not participate, looked how you play.” Zhu Rong hastily breaks them: Has Shen Xiang in gambling house, I do not participate generally. Or this, we detain little rascal Yun to mix the second round. I detain cannot, on hundred thousand divine yuan stone!” Old pig, I detain 1 million me to support the first round, can you when the time comes repay?” Yun Xiaodao is also very self-confident.

Naturally can repay.” Zhu Rong said that he does not favor Yun Xiaodao, this makes Shen Xiang think somewhat strangely, Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao together is so long, should clearly be very right to the Yun Xiaodao strength. At this time Wu Kaiming had also taken a very big paper, pasted in front, Shen Xiang they looked in the distant place that immediately found their names. Ha Ha...... little rascal Yun, your match, but the Heaven Punishment God young apprentice, you were finished.” Zhu Rong laughs. Shen Xiang also sees the Yun Xiaodao match named Wang Jing, in crowd , the eye is looking that is one looks like the thin and small terse man, he walked. Xiaodao, your match is I!” Wang Jing smiles lightly, although he is not very handsome, but actually gives people a very honest feeling. He detained 1 million to win, therefore Wang Jing, do not lose, otherwise I not only could not gain that 1 million, but must compensate to him.” Zhu Rong said. I also detain 1 million, detains me to win! If Xiaodao you lost, gives me two hundred thousand then, won you to obtain my 1 million.” Wang Jing is confident to oneself. Good!” The Yun Xiaodao nod complies, it seems like they know mutually.