World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2088

Presents many people to think that Yun Xiaodao must lose without doubt, but Shen Xiang with Dao Heart Eye actually saw thing that many others cannot see! Although Yun Xiaodao has been at a disadvantage . Moreover the abrasions on some body also skins, some place also wild lightning strength hit burned black, his fist technique looks like chaotic, like is somewhat flurried, moreover fist energy is delicate, always by Wang Jing relaxed melting. However, Yun Xiaodao step not chaotic, the god profound strength rushes his fist to attack steadily evenly, if Yun Xiaodao really flurried, then first chaotic is his god profound strength mobile path. Shen Xiang can see these with Dao Heart Eye, Yun Xiaodao seems like is at a disadvantage, moreover flurried, but he has been steady, even be much steadier than opposite Wang Jing. Wang Jing god profound strength from the beginning always many, places are similar to the bubbling spring like that explode to well up from the both arms, attacks very strong lightning strength, truly hits very fiercely, looks like also panic-stricken, but arrives at behind, Wang Jing strives, the god profound strength has a very weak situation out of breath, when is emerges the arm is very strong, but must gush out instantaneous weakening of fist, then Wang Jing thinks the might to be insufficient, compels strength to strengthen the fist strength forcefully. After discovering these, Shen Xiang lightly smiled. Before Yun Xiaodao fight time also liked with the brute force, then he several times after Shen Xiang fought, discovered that Shen Xiang strength will use appropriately, meanwhile to use some tactics, consumed opposite party strength at the same time, made the opposite party think the victory close at hand, lets fiercely attacking that the opposite party kept, finally sought for the opposite party empty gate, then used the force to strike. Facing on some strong matches, needs so. little rascal Yun very can support, wound were also many, had suffered a moment ago also two fists, now should suppress a blood.” Zhu Rong said. A moment ago the chest and abdomen of Yun Xiaodao were hit a fist, moreover was very heavy, Shen Xiang also saw, but he discovered that the Yun Xiaodao abdomen and chest were congealing a god profound strength, a moment ago that two fist very accurate hitting in his condense two defended on strength. This indicated that is Yun Xiaodao intentionally, sees these, Shen Xiang thought that Yun Xiaodao has 80% to defeat the match, because the Wang Jing rhythm had been controlled by Yun Xiaodao, Yun Xiaodao even can guide Wang Jing to hit his two already to be ready accurately the place. Shen Xiang looks very earnestly, has neglected Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang, they had finished fighting, wins, they arrive at side Shen Xiang time, Shen Xiang had not discovered. Only then Xiaodao has not fired off.” Leng Youlan said: He very fierce, supports the present...... Also has suffered a foot.”

Almost fell.” Mu Qianxiang said. Shen Xiang has observed Yun Xiaodao and flowing of Wang Jing within the body strength with Dao Heart Eye, whole body all the limbs and bones carefully is observed by him, therefore has not discovered passing of time, unexpectedly in the past period of time, only then Yun Xiaodao they have not fired off. Was about to end!” Shen Xiang can see the Wang Jing god profound strength to well up clearly slightly already, but Yun Xiaodao also accurate control own god profound strength, was gradually weakened by own god profound strength, making Wang Jing think the situation that they consume is the same, and has suffered two fist and a foot intentionally, making Wang Jing think that continues again, Yun Xiaodao must be defeated. „Can Xiaodao lose?” Xu Weilong is also worried. Should to lose, he has perspired, and pants.” Zhu Rong said. Has been a pity, I also want to compare with him.” Leng Youlan sighed. Now was very obvious, Yun Xiaodao must lose, almost all people think. No, Xiaodao must win!” Shen Xiang suddenly said. This...... Is impossible!” Wang Jinshi hurriedly said: Xiaodao depends on own mysterious movement technique, but his foot was hit by Wang Jing fist energy a moment ago, looks like was not agile.” Yan Zilan knits the brows: Shen Xiang, why you think that Xiaodao can win? You saw thing that we have not seen.” Because Shen Xiang looked a moment ago is enthralled, even if Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang inquired that several times he does have to look at their fights, Shen Xiang has not spoken.

Shen Xiang nodded: This ratio fights, from beginning to end was being controlled the rhythm by Xiaodao, you also saw a moment ago! The Wang Jing strongest fist energy majority will be avoided by Xiaodao each time, only then slightly weak several fight with the fists on him! But to burning his skin that ten come the fist, is strength medium.” You, if pays attention from beginning to end, Wang Jing has the dew to vacate the gate twice, but this in initial stage! But altogether five times presents the empty gate to behind intentionally, from beginning to end Xiaodao has not taken advantage of this attack.” Hears the Shen Xiang's slit, people cannot help but took a deep breath, can this need what patience play now? in other words, Xiaodao was waiting for that a best opportunity, this opportunity almost must come! From beginning to end, Xiaodao that weak fist energy, his light and lively movement technique, has not consumed his god profound strength in addition.” Shen Xiang smiled: But Wang Jing......” Zhu Rong scolded: „Was little rascal Yun so when cloudy? Shen Xiang, this is not you arrange, this fellow is not such that I know.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: That is when you have not seen him in officially compared with fighting runs into the powerful enemy, this is in the weak to subdue|grams strong means that needs certain patience.” Just said in Shen Xiang that Wang Jing suddenly roared, his terse body suddenly inflated, after bulge ragged clothes, revealed very towering fierce muscle, the whole body electric current sparkles. Finished!” After Wang Jing drinks greatly, compared with fighting on the stage suddenly appears from the lightning that chops to hit in all directions, attacks completely to Yun Xiaodao. Yun Xiaodao aspirated gently, body suddenly emerges a very strong guard shield, he already prepared! Wang Jing this strikes fully, early had preparation Yun Xiaodao to keep off, Yun Xiaodao guard shield was also wrecked, in Wang Jing heart in great surprise, originally body also reduction of inflation gradually. Should finish!” Yun Xiaodao one step steps to the Wang Jing front, pair of fist suddenly braves the red great fire group, above glittering purple lightning glow. Wang Jing makes that move of use many god profound strength, suddenly is unable to revolve, because he thinks that Yun Xiaodao was the consumption was also serious, even if can avoid his move, definitely is unable to make the formidable counter-attack.

But he has not thought that Yun Xiaodao unexpectedly is retaining these many strength, in him is unable that flash of ample capacity, Yun Xiaodao to arrive at side him by very strange movement technique, that gathers the strength for a long time two fist bang to hit on his body, hits to fly him. Wang Jing was stirred up instance that flies to fall to the ground, Yun Xiaodao appears from him crashes, Yun Xiaodao that the dependence both legs have fended, strongest is actually not the fist merit, but is the leg merit. I admit defeat!” Wang Jing knows that these two legs get down, he must certainly receive the heavy wound, hastily admits defeat. Yun Xiaodao hastily receives the merit, is similar to he who the meteor falls again, among suddenly becomes the light landing, this also makes in many person hearts be startled darkly. Has won, said with the brother is the same!” Leng Youlan said. Xiaodao can control the fight rhythm, is because he has good strength, can depend upon own movement technique, this is also his superiority, therefore he displays his superiority to draw up the tactic, finally wins, Xiaodao he in this aspect definitely process very assiduous practice.” Shen Xiang said: Therefore, fight time cannot have a low opinion of the enemy.” Zhu Rong said with a smile: Shen Xiang, you should not say, because in this case, me from the beginning against you! If you did not say, you used this move of opposite party I, perhaps I must shout that admitted defeat.” The Mu Qianxiang nod said: Right, the brother you are really stupid!” Shen Xiang is light smiles, said: Old pig, to us, walked!”