World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2089

Zhu Rong very calm and Shen Xiang steps onto the ratio to fight the stage, fought through the Yun Xiaodao ratio a moment ago, Zhu Rong also knows that must guard against Shen Xiang in any aspect, but he is some little worries, because Shen Xiang listens to him the tactical analysis of Yun Xiaodao, definitely will not be worried about him in this aspect against. Shen Xiang only then four Godhead, Zhu Rong be more than two him, therefore Zhu Rong thought one have very big superiority in this aspect, lacking of Shen Xiang on Godhead, very difficult to fill through other aspects, at least he meets has been less than Godhead him the match, basically was killed by his second. Therefore his natural believing, Shen Xiang facing his words, definitely does not have strong strength. Does not know will be what kind, very long has not seen Shen Xiang, can he also create the astonishing miracle to come like the past years.” Demon Execution Heavenly God said: Fellow who he can only comprehend my Seven Demon Killings type.” „The Zhu Rong this brat strength is also good, do not look at his glib, hits to be also ominous.” Gu Dongchen said with a smile: Naturally, Shen Xiang now is so calm, will not be evidently weak.” Zhu Rong said: Shen Xiang, you cannot use the trick, this is the fight of directly and honestly.” He thought that Shen Xiang uses the trick words, his possibly not big stratagem which ensures success. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Does not use the trick.” Starts!” Stage next old man suddenly shouted. Zhu Rong gets rid first, the under foot just moved, suddenly presents together water vine, ties down the foot of Zhu Rong! However Zhu Rong response very rapid, drinks vigorously, revolves strength to arrive at the thigh, shakes instantaneously disperses water vine that Shen Xiang releases. But Shen Xiang also at this time, arrived at the Zhu Rong body side, was trampling to the belly foot of Zhu Rong that drum drum! Although Zhu Rong is fat, but is one is keen the inconceivable fatty, a Shen Xiang foot comes out, his unexpectedly is sideways fast, contracts that belly, after avoiding Shen Xiang this foot, his fist lightens intermittent azure light, makes to turn into dragon head fist energy, roared is firing into Shen Xiang. Bang!

fist energy has not approached Shen Xiang, explodes on suddenly, has a lightning Gang ghost, covers Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang has not thought that he just must plan to avoid that fist energy, suddenly explodes, this sudden Gang ghost strong winds are covering him, unexpectedly makes him feel that the body has a faint trace ache, all around is piece of azure. Ha Ha......” Zhu Rong suddenly laughs, toward Shen Xiang fierce rush over, the double fist is dragging together the azure light rainbow, braves very fearful Aura Energy, then explodes the god profound strength that wells up from the double fist unceasingly, if Dragon Tiger were roaring generally, imposing manner very fearful. At this time the Zhu Rong whole body explodes is welling up wild strength, he dashes about wildly, treads the ground greatly to shake, the surface has the floor of formation protection to be destroyed by him. Quick, he arrives by Gang ghost strong winds are pestering Shen Xiang in front, that two fists hit to the Shen Xiang's cheeks and chest. Other haughty.” The Shen Xiang double palm wields, whipping gently on the fist of Zhu Rong, pā lā, startled Thunder Formation, his palm and Zhu Rong double fist collision time, explodes lightens dazzling purple flash, but Zhu Rong was also shaken by this strength draws back. In the Zhu Rong heart shocks, Shen Xiang that two strength had surpassed him a moment ago to the estimate of Shen Xiang strength, when he prepares to attack, actually discovers Shen Xiang not in his realization. Here!” The Shen Xiang's laughter transmits, Zhu Rong hastily looks to the left, a palm simultaneously hits, holds the shade to cover with the wild azure astral wind. However, Shen Xiang not in that direction, but in his, a Shen Xiang palm pats in the back of Zhu Rong, this palm looks like superficial, making the people think that Shen Xiang has missed a good opportunity. But after Zhu Rong has patted a palm gently, actually felt that own upper part is somewhat stiff, probably the skeleton frozen was been same, the chill in the air wells up from the interior exterior.

In the Zhu Rong heart is criticizing, he has thought Shen Xiang alchemy, is very definitely weak to the utilization of ice cold strength, has not thought that unexpectedly is so fierce. Shen Xiang now has used skeleton technique, is Yue'er teaches his Cold Moon Divine Power! Zhu Rong now already clear awareness, Shen Xiang, although four Godhead, strength that but shows is very fearful, even be much more formidable than him, he started to be flustered, hastily has turned around, wants to carry on the crazy fierce counter-attack, but he actually discovered own was slower, his hastily ponders the profound strength to melt itself to freeze Cold Moon Divine Power of his skeleton. In the Zhu Rong heart was sighing painstakingly, his movement became slow, was fatal regarding him, the people were not clear, keen Zhu Rong suddenly will be why slow! Old pig, your this ability?” During the Shen Xiang speeches, a fist has hit to Zhu Rong that fat face, Zhu Rong in this flash, in the heart shouted to be finished secretly, the Shen Xiang's fist just came, he felt that fearful scalding hot strength, Shen Xiang was still using a moment ago the ice cold strength, but used the flame thermal energy in a flash, this cut is also too quick. This is Meteor God Energy that Shen Xiang studies, he revolves Six Paths Divine Power, just like intense dashing of meteor in his skeleton, stimulates a scalding hot and percussive strength. The fist falls on the face of Zhu Rong! The bang of bang, on the face of Zhu Rong also dodges to blow out a flame, afterward the whole person takeoffs, suddenly departed the ratio to fight the stage, hit on the plaza nearby side issue news stone wall, will dislodge big hole. But bang that fist erupted a moment ago, but also the reverberation in the horizon of distant place, the Shen Xiang's fist becomes red, but also braves faint trace heat.

This...... This is old pig that I know!” big hole of Yun Xiaodao distant place that stone wall, he had been shocked, Shen Xiang three a few tricks look like very relaxed, such in quite strong Zhu Rong their squad hits to lie. Zhu Rong crawls from the debris, on the side of him the face swells and red, likely is half pig head, he does not know that what happened, only thought he feels fearful later of Shen Xiang that fist, however back of the head on a blank, naturally, he felt the pain. Wu Kaiming took a deep breath, inquired Demon Execution Heavenly God: Shen Xiang a moment ago that fist what's the matter? That strength is four Godhead has?” Demon Execution Heavenly God cannot reply, he is also very shocked: Does not know that what can see, a moment ago what he that fist used is the left hand, if has not guessed that wrong, that should be he has the spot of skeleton.” The Shen Xiang's left arm has double Godhead and together very fearful divine beast Divine Soul, strength that in addition Six Paths Divine Power of his sea, hits did not joke. Shen Xiang wins!” Shen Xiang from compared with fighting stage walks, arrives grinningly left side, Zhu Rong also dull sitting in ground.