World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2090
Zhu Rong looked at Shen Xiang that still in braving the left hand of air/Qi, in the heart trembles suddenly, hastily stood retreat several steps. I lost...... A moment ago was that strength of skeleton?” Zhu Rong knows before one, is how stupid, unexpectedly so underestimates to the Shen Xiang's skeleton, he discovered now that skeleton is more formidable than Godhead things. The Zhu Rong forced smile said: I have not bet with you fortunately, otherwise lost miserably.” He puts out some medicinal ointments, has wiped a point on face, that swelling face gradually restored, it seems like he also very much takes seriously his image. Yun Xiaodao sees Shen Xiang and Zhu Rong walks, then said with a smile: Old pig, knows that now Big Brother Shen fierce, after letting you, must the Chinese zither.” Zhu Rong is only coldly snorted: Loses to Shen Xiang is very normal matter, even if you fight with him, same will lose.” But before you, haughty, thought that Shen Xiang collapses at the first blow such, now collapses at the first blow, but you.” Yun Xiaodao will certainly not let up this opportunity, scolding Zhu Rong heartily. Shen Xiang was entrained by Leng Youlan one side, Leng Youlan saw strength that Shen Xiang shows a moment ago, imagines compared with her strong many. Brother, has not thought that you have the good foundation! Like this hits to be interesting.” Leng Youlan giggle said with a smile, although she has not been regarded as Zhu Rong learns from another's mistakes, looked at her appearance, still thought one will win. Wang Jinshi said: Youlan, you saw a moment ago, your brother he is not weak, some of his also many moves uselessly come out, do not despise him.” Ji Meixian and Xue Ying in the second round, Xue Ying have lost to a tall and thin man, this man from Demon Soul Executing City, the strength is quite formidable, moreover there is strength of restraint beasts, therefore Xue Ying this Phoenix Princess at is not a match. The Ji Meixian match is not strong, she can win very much with ease.

Quick, second round had ended, were few half, then draws lots, carries on the third round ratio to fight. Many people in front two rounds have been injured, will therefore have two therapy time of double-hour. After drawing lots, Shen Xiang to own acquaintance, actually Yun Xiaodao and Ji Meixian to, Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang has not been and others. After two rounds competitions , the screening next 50% people, Shen Xiang easily defeats the match, Ji Meixian has lost to Yun Xiaodao, but Yun Xiaodao did not win with ease, the whole body wound, Wu Kaiming they provide high level therapy pills luckily, can restore quickly. Now also only the remaining 16 people, are eight groups of competitions. After the third round ballot, making Leng Youlan be wild with joy, because she finally became the Shen Xiang's match! But Mu Qianxiang also very much unfortunately, can hit with Yun Xiaodao! Has saying that in 16 people, only then Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang are females, although had other females from influence before much, but was defeated, has to leave the stage. Three double-hour, enough you restored!” These time to more time, the matches who because in the previous round fight, many people runs into are very strong, had the part to receive the heavy wound, with the high level pill medicine help, the speed of restoring can also be quick, three double-hour can restore in peak condition. These three double-hour Leng Youlan unexpectedly closed eyes are resting, is adjusting own condition, she also knows that Shen Xiang is very strong, but she to hit happily, must adjust well own condition, must adjust own mentality, she warned herself, do not despise Shen Xiang! After resting, Shen Xiang steps onto ratio to fight the stage, Leng Youlan is also the whole face seriously follows in him behind, her suddenly is somewhat anxious.

Mu Qianxiang also wants to look at Shen Xiang and Leng Youlan's fight, but she must hit with Yun Xiaodao, the Yun Xiaodao strength is not weak, she also needs to fight earnestly. Shen Xiang, if six Godhead were good, when the time comes his match will be killed by his second.” Zhu Rong said. Um, his skeleton is very fierce! We have also eaten many skeleton Divine Pill, may not be actually able to congeal the skeleton, does the congealing skeleton need very strong fleshly body to be inadequate?” Duan Sanchang said: Shen Xiang is a body cultivation madman, if it seems like we want to practice the skeleton under Highest God, must result is formidable first own fleshly body.” Xu Weilong also has such idea. Before Shen Xiang, and Leng Youlan has fought, but their strength differed at that time very in a big way, but now they are very close. Leng Youlan suddenly said with a smile: Brother, I thought that I can win you! My this is not arrogant, when this is the fight must have the confidence that if this confidence does not have continually, then I do not need to hit.” The Shen Xiang nod said: Good, cannot be timid, this is the good deed! Waits for me not to keep the hand, I also want to take a look at you strongly.” old man under stage shouted started, Shen Xiang and Leng Youlan stand there have not attacked, after shouting starts, they are looking at each other, then leaves together, attacks with the extremely quick speed to the opposite party. Leng Youlan when treads one, a pair of jade fist is congealing purple incorruptible, the cold air that sends out made entire compared with fighting on the stage is congealing the cold ice. Their speeds are quick, Leng Youlan has not approached the Shen Xiang's time, fought with the fists, what making Shen Xiang somewhat surprised was, unexpectedly will have a white great sword to divide toward him.

Leng Youlan strength transformed the rapidness, suddenly used the extremely fearful ice cold strength to congeal a cold ice great sword! Compared in fighting cannot use weapon, profound strength Divine Weapon that but this type becomes with own god profound strength condense can actually use. Leng Youlan excels with the sword, only then can display she strongest strength to come with the sword, therefore she will release from the beginning the part god profound strength, concentrates such weapon to use. This also means that she consumed the department to lose concentration from the beginning the profound strength, she did not plan the protracted war, but fought a battle to force a quick decision! Good, when fight by own superior display, this can help itself.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he spoke, Leng Youlan punctured the number sword, although has not stabbed he, but that ice cold Sword Qi actually formed spins all at once, reverberated, in the ratio fought on stage. Shen Xiang was being covered by this ice cold strength, felt that very cold, his hastily ample capacity resistance, Leng Youlan's ice cold strength uses very well, unexpectedly can invade in his body. Leng Youlan suddenly lifts up high cold ice great sword, has drunk one tenderly, above saw only to congeal instantaneously formation, saw these marks, in the Shen Xiang heart one startled, Leng Youlan unexpectedly from the beginning in set up formation. After he discovers now, already late, because Leng Youlan opened this killing formation, gets down from the large formation burr the cold ice great sword innumerably, is similar to the sudden downpour. Shen Xiang had been locked, resembles his body to have the suction to be the same, ice cold great sword that large formation falls unceasing toward his burr in the past, no matter how he avoids, will always stroke on him.