World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2091
Shen Xiang has not been avoiding, matter that because this moves unnecessarily, he does not know that Leng Youlan used any powerful formations, unexpectedly had this mysterious strength. Under his skin this time raging flames, he has used Intense Sun Heaven Imitiation in Heaven Imitation Divine Ability, has the fierce positive superficial burning hot by own body, these ice cold great swords stroke, when his body surface, turns into Qi mist instantaneously. Ten time of breath, Shen Xiang felt that he came by over a thousand such ice cold great sword burrs, the continuous attack, making him simply not note Leng Youlan! The killing formation of Leng Youlan use is not simple, if not concentrate the attention to cope, definitely will plant here, Shen Xiang most knew about this killing formation. killing formation stopped the attack, an float in the air mark gradually is also gloomy, here floods the ice cold strength that Leng Youlan is releasing everywhere, a moment ago in a mark that the sky rapidly formed! Leng Youlan can concentrate instantaneously a mark, this definitely does the multiple practice, Shen Xiang has not thought that always repugnant agitated spirit pattern Leng Youlan, unexpectedly can practice this degree. Leng Youlan still in the distant place, she knows that approaches Shen Xiang very danger(ous), especially Shen Xiang attacks that fist of Zhu Rong, is by her secret bearing in mind, once by Shen Xiang near body, if cannot repel him, that is the danger(ous) matter. That Ice Sword killing formation just finished, Shen Xiang felt that incorruptible of under foot has anything not to be right, he has thought instantaneously of anything, fierce jump gets up, but both feet actually firmly holds, his unexpectedly is unable to lift the both feet. actually intentionally diverted my attention a moment ago, formation of this under foot was......” Shen Xiang just responded that Leng Youlan flushed from him, she used that spacious sword blade from one side maliciously racket to the Shen Xiang's face, wanted to hit to fly Shen Xiang to leave office directly, such Shen Xiang lost. However, her cold ice great sword in moving instance of Shen Xiang cheeks, the Shen Xiang's cheeks become on suddenly are similar to heat iron slab such, after her Ice Sword moves the Shen Xiang this very scalding hot cheeks, melts the mist directly. Comes!” Shen Xiang double sword ample capacity, his ices unexpectedly to revolve thick, turns into an vortex, how did not know in Leng Youlan of distant place, suddenly arrives around Shen Xiang's, her unexpectedly had been made by Shen Xiang. Space strength!” Leng Youlan is very surprised, she has not seen this degree of space strength, has not obtained her agreement, unexpectedly makes her move directly, generally, needs she to transfer in the condition of relaxation. Now she is fighting, has not relaxed, but Shen Xiang has actually made her.

Hey!” Shen Xiang smiled one, the fist of Meteor God Energy impact has hit to the Leng Youlan's jade face, astonished Leng Youlan thought retreat immediately, but actually discovered one in marking, fist very accurate falling on her cheeks. Ah! Leng Youlan shouted tenderly, on her face also blows out an ice sludge, in instance that the Shen Xiang's fist hits, she can only the congealing ice resist on the face, naturally is still very painful. Leng Youlan must be hit to fly, when she flies the ratio fights the edge of stage, actually does not know how, unexpectedly transferred a direction, flies to compared with fighting Shen Xiang stage, she also very clear sees Shen Xiang that dozen fist, now her the face flies toward the Shen Xiang's fist. Bang! Shen Xiang this fist was more fearful that fist a moment ago, qi wave that strength erupts, shakes compared with fighting on stage incorruptible turns into the ice crystal, Leng Youlan, although also concentrates the thick ice to resist on the face, but Meteor God Energy strength is not very only scalding hot, but also has strong penetrability. Leng Youlan fought with the fists dizzy by Shen Xiang this, Divine sea is trembling slightly, reverberates explosion sound that the jar was calling, then departed the ratio to fight the stage directly. Oh!” Leng Youlan falls in the ground, then sits to sway the head, after she has a headache reduces many, a face hidden bitterness looks at the ratio to fight on stage hey Shen Xiang with a smile. I...... I can also hit again.” Leng Youlan refuses to accept very much: Brother, you used space strength, this was unfair.”

Zhu Rong saw Leng Youlan to be punched two fists, in the heart was rejoicing secretly, if Shen Xiang also played with him with that space strength a moment ago is applauding hits casually, his really to become Zhutou, he secretly blamed itself not to have the memory, forgot Shen Xiang that strange space strength. These many years passed by, control of Shen Xiang to space strength, there is a very big promotion. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Also had not said that does not give use, this is also part of my strength! Youlan, after you go back, well how studies to imprison the space formation!” Shen Xiang feels the head of Youlan hey to smile: You were good, your a series of attack, surprised me very! Naturally, I do not use space strength, can defeat your, but requires much time, I also want a bit faster to finish.” Sees Shen Xiang easily to defeat Leng Youlan, the people's new cognition to the Shen Xiang present strength, making them feel what is fearful, Shen Xiang is also hiding very fearful strength, was well below that the surface is like this simple. Good, I admitted defeat.” Leng Youlan honk the mouth was saying that she felt Shen Xiang's Meteor God Energy a moment ago by oneself, that is truly fearful, to resist these two fists, she has used the majority of god profound strength, if keeps off several fists again, perhaps her Divine sea must pull out spatially. At this time, Mu Qianxiang and Yun Xiaodao intense the ratio on the stage are still fighting, Mu Qianxiang unexpectedly was suppressed by Yun Xiaodao, Shen Xiang cannot help but knits the brows, strength of Yun Xiaodao hideaway also makes him feel surprised. This little rascal Yun, unexpectedly has not put out true strength to come and Wang Jing! Instead with the schemes and tricks, you have a look at Wang Jing, the face quick was green.” Zhu Rong laughs: It seems like this fellow deals with any person, what person of tactic uses.” Shen Xiang nodded: He thought that uses that tactic to be able for Wang Jing to win steadily, moreover consumes also few, not exposed own strength, therefore he such, simultaneously he also regards the battlefield informed and experienced.” Xiao Xiang killed certainly draws on greatly.” Leng Youlan suddenly shouted, sees only entire compared with fighting the stage shivers, side Mu Qianxiang regarding six dissimilar in shape and form long swords, this is not the genuine sword.

Shen Xiang surprisedly said: What is this?” After Mu Qianxiang falls into the suffering, must be defeated by Yun Xiaodao shortly, she releases these six Divine Sword after her body, Yun Xiaodao does not dare to approach immediately. Walks!” Mu Qianxiang controls these six long swords, flies to Yun Xiaodao. Yun Xiaodao retreat several steps, gather full strength to be just about to counterattack, but six sword actually suddenly turn into light to shine Yun Xiaodao, what making Yun Xiaodao unexpected is, this light unexpectedly has strong impulse, making him think that own body is similar to that the giant stone that was flown fast hits to be the same instantaneously. Bastard!” Yun Xiaodao scolded one lowly, was struck to fly under the stage. ========= Good news! «World Defying Dan God» on June 11 in And reading free channel Limits to exempt for day, asks respectfully attention