World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2092

Mu Qianxiang sees Yun Xiaodao to fall to the stage, relaxed: that was close, does not want to use this move, has not thought that was compelled here.” Releases six so strange swords, is really surprising, but this is not true weapon, is the same with Leng Youlan, is uses own Divine Power condense! Some cultivating practice this method specially, can turn into oneself part of Divine Power at crucial moments concentrates the become god soldier, can have stronger strength. This round competition had ended, only the remaining four people can enter next, but will then draw lots, so long as achieves then this round success, will then have two quotas to determine that is two of being defeated again fights, wins can result in obtains the last quota. Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang entered one round, they now and two look like very similar male together ballots. „Are you two brothers?” Shen Xiang asked curiously, these two male appearances were delicate, wear the white clothing, they nodded with a smile. After drawing lots, Shen Xiang unexpectedly not with Mu Qianxiang to war, but is man, these two brothers manner amiable politeness, big brother named Zhou Qiang, the younger brother called Zhou Sheng, they came from Divine City, was that City Lord two sons. Shen Xiang understood that Divine City strength is also very good, City Lord is also a rare rare talent, this is he from Wang Jinshi and Yan Zilan mouth knew that concrete they too did not understand. What Yan Zilan comparison doubts is, although she has heard that big week Divine City, but little has with this Divine City related details. Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang have two relaxation times of double-hour, at this time Yan Zilan they are also collecting various materials of match, but does not have what harvest. We had to pay attention to their fights a moment ago, these two are very strong, easily won! Also is their matches is too possibly weak, is unable to compel them to use strongest strength to come, in brief their fights quickly had ended, their match braces are about three moves.” Duan Sanchang said that these two brothers are also today this on highlight. Mu Qianxiang said: Brother, so long as we win this, we can the duel!”

Leng Youlan said with a smile: Xiao Xiang, be not hiding from the beginning, puts out strongest strength as soon as possible, so as to avoid like me, the true strength has not displayed is defeated.” Mu Qianxiang nodded, but Shen Xiang is in the heart somewhat is restless, then to Brother Zhou Clan, although looks like very good, moreover they are very talkative, now a moment ago lost to their people in the ringside direction, making these people to them very respectful. Big week Divine City I have gone one time, this Divine City existed very much long time ago, has the disturbance each time time, this Divine City mysterious disappearance, will wait for the plague disaster in the past, this Divine City will brave.” Heaven Punishment God said: This City Lord manner is very good, I have contacted twice , because has the person who I arrest to run up to his Divine City to go, I greeted to him, he sends the person who I must catch quickly.” These two brothers are not simple, their match several are also good, but the brace is about three moves! Moreover from beginning to end, they have not used any method, is very simple fists and feet.” Gu Dongchen said: What is quite strange, strength that they display is not that strong ferocious fleshly body strength, does not have attribute Divine Power, what strength was that?” Demon Execution Heavenly God shook the head: I cannot look, possibly was their fathers founded any fierce divine art, or where obtained, after the practice, can obtain that strength! Has the opportunity I also to ask for advice!” Shen Xiang saw Brother Zhou Clan with Dao Heart Eye, unexpectedly has not discovered obvious strength flowing on them, only then translucent qi flow was revolving in their within the body. Yue'er, what view do you have to that two brothers? Did you have to note a moment ago in the ringside?” Shen Xiang to Yue'er sound transmission, Shen Xiang he uses Dao Heart Eye to sweep all people on the scene, somewhat can see the obvious strength motion trajectory in these human bodies. But the only that two brothers do not have! Shen Xiang thought that he should see, but that strength is transparent, therefore he can see the translucent Qi mist condition strength. Unknowingly, relaxation time arrived, two ratios fight also will carry on!

Yue'er said: I have not discovered anything, only if they can use many that strength, their strength aura are not very obvious.” Shen Xiang is the big brother Zhou Qiang competition, after getting on the stage, is strong including saying with a smile: Brother Shen, has had heard so much about you, today can fight with you, even if lost that is also my being honored.” Brother Zhou should not be immodest, can arrive this step, definitely has the excellent strength to be good!” Shen Xiang responded with a smile. Starts!” Shen Xiang knows that this Zhou Qiang defeats the person in three moves generally, therefore he is from the beginning vigilant, uses very conservative procedure, is makes the opposite party attack first. Most really first attacks, looks like he is only gently has stepped several steps, but in the Shen Xiang eye, his movement technique is strange, unexpectedly makes him see to be dazzled. What movement technique is this?” Shen Xiang releases the space induction domain, can the accurate induction to all around all trend, but at this time he actually induces to having 78 Zhou Qiang on the stage, from all directions always, but he can only see Zhou Qiang. Above also has one!” In Shen Xiang heart one startled, in the critical instance, found a crevice to dodge, avoids many Zhou Qiang also to attack. In the Shen Xiang heart startles greatly, regardless of he or uses float in the air Divine Soul with the eye, sees is only Zhou Qiang, but actually suddenly emitted 78 a moment ago, each approaches him with the quick speed, and gathers full that strange strength.

Shen Xiang has avoided, but another ratio fights Mu Qianxiang of stage not to have, Shen Xiang only hears two to drink tenderly, Mu Qianxiang overcame the stage, moreover a face is confused, she has met very much obviously with the Shen Xiang same situation. Worthily is Shen Xiang, his unexpectedly evades the first move.” Under these and Zhou Qiang to fighting the person calls out in alarm intermittently, they have experienced that very strange attack, they hid obviously, but inexplicably was attacked, was the second move, was rumbled to leave office. That side Mu Qianxiang had ended the fight, was defeated by the Zhou Sheng two moves, Mu Qianxiang is very unwilling, but she cannot say anything, because the opposite party defeats her by own strength, at this time she hears the discussion sounds of other people, knows that these two brothers grasp this strange attack movement technique. Xiao Xiang, a moment ago what's the matter?” Leng Youlan hastily asked that Wang Jinshi, Bai Youyou and Bai Ziqian these three Teacher also very want to know that the Mu Qianxiang strength they were clear, but actually was still about three moves. Attacked me at least four fellows from four directions a moment ago . Moreover the speed is quick, I only avoid two, was hit! Then the second move is also so, I have not avoided, was hit.” Mu Qianxiang knits the brows, looks that the Shen Xiang's ratio fights the stage: Worthily is the brother, unexpectedly safe and sound shunts that attack!”