World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2093
Zhou Qiang sees Shen Xiang to shunt the own first move, on the face also reveals an astonished color: Brother Shen is really fierce, has fought with me, cannot evade my this first move, your first person.” Overpraised, you are very fierce, my first time meets this cultivation technique.” Shen Xiang smiled, in his heart also secret curious this Zhou Qiang utilizes any method, not only movement technique is so strange formidable, strength that but also he uses is also very mysterious. Looks to incur.” Zhou Qiang smiles lightly, shouted one, once more toward Shen Xiang rush over. 16? Doubled!” Shen Xiang in great surprise, 16 same strength Zhou Qiang, attack from 16 directions once more, he was very difficult to find the dead angle to avoid. Shen Xiang looks Zhou Qiang that the front that clashes, he also flies rush over, wielded the fist, revolution Meteor God Energy has hit directly. His affirmation own fist hits on the cheeks of Zhou Qiang, because he can feel the temperature of skin, but just felt in him own fist bumps into Zhou Qiang when the time comes, Zhou Qiang actually suddenly disappears. Has not hit spatially, he avoided! But this is absolutely impossible, because I have bumped into his face, is absolutely impossible to avoid in that flash, this what's the matter?” Shen Xiang when the fist, revolution Heaven Imitation Divine Ability, has used Cloud Mist Heaven Imitation, turned into the fog general condition by own body instantaneously. With is the same, left the instance of fist in him who he guessed, in all directions hit from attack strength on him, was similar to is simultaneously attacked by several Zhou Qiang, but these fists probably hit in the fog, is unable to injure to the Shen Xiang's body. Shen Xiang is unreadable, Zhou Qiang that he just projected on why will vanish, moreover now in his, he paid attention, on this Zhou Qiang face not by his fist has hit the trace. Zhou Qiang second time attacks Shen Xiang, has not injured to arrive at Shen Xiang, he falls back on the ratio to fight the nearby of stage, the congealing eyebrow looks at Shen Xiang, because he knows that he has run into the powerful enemy, Shen Xiang only then four Godhead, are less than him two, properly speaking should easily be defeated by him is right, but actually can also stand now here.

This fellow what's the matter? The face had projected on by brother's fist, but actually to can the fast shunt, attack the brother from behind.” Leng Youlan knits the brows to say. Truly was very a moment ago strange, many people clearly saw! Probably blade suddenly chops on a body of Demon Beast, the speed of chopper is quick, the knife edge has cut into the skin of Demon Beast, but Demon Beast actually suddenly shunt, and clashes the crazy fierce attack from behind, moreover skin actually recover completely that arrived by the knife edge wound a moment ago. I understood!” Shen Xiang gives Yue'er sound transmission: Yue'er, if understands to grasp Law of Time, uses some techniques, could achieve a moment ago these?” Good, strength of the Law of Time this fellow uses.” Yue'er said: This is very rare Power of Law, although is everywhere, the person but who grasps is very few.” Shen Xiang beforehand uses Deicide Sword Art and speed of Seven Demon Killings type changes, there is this condition, can others has two different time in the same space by oneself, then produces one results, is others' every action and every movement becomes very slowly is very slow, but oneself actually become quick, such one, outside in the person eyes looks like, will present very inconceivable speed. But Zhou Qiang utilizes mysteriously to Time Power, he who can branch out several times comes, then utilizes these him to launch the fast attack, but injured that can immediately restore before not to injure. Shen Xiang to the method that this time taken to deliver attacks, has a very fuzzy concept, concrete he is not clear! But Zhou Qiang these two brothers may not only be able to control the strength of Law of Time, but also some coordinate methods utilize, will therefore look like so will be strange. Ran into the formidable match!” Why Shen Xiang does not know, in the heart instead has a secret excitement, he knows, only then Azure Dragon controls Law of Time, because just too many reasons, enabling him unable to meet with Azure Dragon, asked about his time strength matter well. Now meets one, moreover can be the match, if has hit, then can definitely understand on Law of Time strength.

It seems like at present only then a method can defeat him.” Shen Xiang slightly took a deep breath. Zhou Qiang also thought one run into the strong match, he first time meets to be able in his two moves to send lossless, and also injures his time clone person. Is time strength......” Demon Execution Heavenly God said that he then his saying of seeing, with similar that Shen Xiang thought a moment ago. In the crowd also has experienced disciple, because Shen Xiang is first one tests the Zhou Qiang this strength person, according to that strange situation, some people inferred a moment ago is Law of Time strength. Many people are the unclear sleep are severe, the clear person thinks this very difficult solve, because the opposite party is controlling the time, if returned by own body unceasingly does not have the consumption not injured, that invincible existence? Will never consume? Before Shen Xiang also used similar method therapy, was truly easy-to-use, but his control strength to the time was not strong, therefore little again has also made the attempt. This place crouching tiger, hidden dragon, has not really thought that was seen through all of a sudden.” Zhou Qiang lightly smiled: Brother Shen, hoping you not to make me disappointed, making me have a look at you to have many skills.” Good!” Shen Xiang said that this character, immediately releases the strength of stronger Law of Space, forms space domain, this can enable him to be in control of all around trend clearly. space domain? Good, good!” Zhou Qiang looked at all around, although space domain is invisible, but he can actually be able to feel.

Shen Xiang just released space domain shortly, does not think right, because of his space domain unexpectedly here, this feeling is not very probably strange, because he is releasing space domain obviously, but his domain has not appeared, not by solve anything. Time Domain? Before you make fight the time of stage is in my space domain, such comes my space domain to be invalid.” Shen Xiang knits the brows saying that his Law of Space strength unexpectedly was restrained. Good! Your space domain also, but does not fight the stage in this ratio, is fought the stage by the ratio that your space domain covers still here, but you cannot see, because had been fought the stage to cover by the past ratio.” The Zhou Qiang forced smile said: Possibly this is somewhat complex, simple, the future and present these three time can fold together in the past, but at this time this ratio fought the stage is the past! But your space domain covers is the present, was hidden by me.” Leng Youlan has grasped scratching the head: Quite complex!” Yue'er said: Quite is difficult to understand, the ratio that we see now fought the stage is the past several double-hour, at that time did not have space domain, but Shen Xiang continued, in this ratio fought on stage to use space domain, then Zhou Qiang, so long as proceeded to push the time, space domain vanished.”