World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2094

Mu Qianxiang said: Said that they can casually to age? Turns young?”

Shakes the head to say with a smile in her nearby Zhou Sheng: Naturally is not this, the life body that the strength of Law of Time we use can use is only on, or is to not having the thing use of life, for example stone iron slab and so on thing. Our control to Law of Time, is only the superficial knowledge.” The superficial knowledge so is fearful, was almost invincible, now thinks of the solve means on nobody! Shen Xiang gave up using space strength, because the opposite party can control the change of this space through the control time, restrains stubbornly him. Is Heavenly Dragon Seal!” Leng Youlan suddenly shouted. Although Shen Xiang very long has not used, the speed that but he releases was faster than before, has almost been able to release instantaneously, in the ratio fought sky over the stage, several hundred dragons were similar to crazy thunder, sent out crazy fierce roaring, unceasing dividing hit. In the first article just hit when the Zhou Qiang top of the head, actually suddenly vanished. What?” Shen Xiang looks the cyclone that sky that condense comes out, unexpectedly suddenly disappears. I delivered to other times, Hehe.” Zhou Qiang smiled, however descendant disappears, he controls the difference that oneself and others time speed has once more, was obtained the extremely quick speed by oneself, he who simultaneously releases many times appears, from attacks Shen Xiang in all directions. The Shen Xiang body turns into fiercely positive general scalding hot, is similar to the billowing rock magma is ordinary, meanwhile completely wells up fourth Godhead flame strength, produces very scalding hot energy shield to be connected with. Zhou Qiang from attacks him in all directions, hits in his Intense Sun Heaven Imitiation and on scalding hot energy shield, immediately draws back, because that type is scalding hot he unable to bear.

Very fierce flame strength!” Zhou Qiang is unable the positive governing and Shen Xiang close connected strength carries on the time variation, he projected on the hand of Shen Xiang abdomen a moment ago, at this time was also burnt, red. However, he quickly restored, obviously has utilized the time variation, lets his scalded place has the time variation, when turns has not been injured the time. Shen Xiang suddenly discovered that this Zhou Qiang own strength is not very strong, will otherwise not be scalded by this defense! But the Zhou Qiang quite fierce place, changes quick by own speed using the time variation, simultaneously makes others' attack invalid, but can also produce many time clone to attack, but his true strength is not very strong. Basic non-solution, such gets down Shen Xiang sooner or later to be consumed up strength . Moreover the attack of this fellow was getting more and more strange, perhaps after also has anything, move.” Zhu Rong said. What attack can time launch? Although does not know, but actually knows now that can melt very strong strength, this talent was too fearful.” Duan Sanchang said. Zhou Qiang also has the headache, because Shen Xiang is similar to the hedgehog is now same, he is unable to start, he also knows that own weakness, was the striking power was too weak, causing is unable to break the Shen Xiang's defense! Before Shen Xiang , they have said with Liu Meng'er, even if no Black Tortoise Cloth, he depends upon Heaven Imitation Divine Ability also to have the extremely fearful defense. Zhou Qiang attacks once more, Shen Xiang has still not moved, but takes defending as to attack, the fist of Zhou Qiang hits , on him, his body has not turned fiercely positive general scalding hot, instead has the ice cold strength, this is snow and ice Heaven Imitation. Those who make Zhou Qiang panic-stricken is, this fist unexpectedly closely mounts on Shen Xiang's, because was frozen by the greatly strengthened cold, causing him to hit unable to pull out in the fist of Shen Xiang chest. Makes that greatly strengthened suction that on he more panic-stricken following Shen Xiang has, making him be hard to work loose. Shen Xiang is with smile on the face, preparation for a long time Meteor God Energy surging forward wells up crazily in his left arm, the fist is similar to the heat armored hand, pounds violently to the cheeks of Zhou Qiang.

Of bang! The god fist bombardment that Shen Xiang Meteor God Energy hits in the cheeks of Zhou Qiang, stuck out suddenly a bright spark meteor, the Zhou Qiang also pain shouted, the skeleton of cheeks split open, Shen Xiang this fist was very also wild, after Zhu Rong saw, cannot help but the heart trembled, before tracing, by Shen Xiang has hit the place, making him cannot help but hit one to tremble, he was afraid very much suffers a fist again. Bang! Shen Xiang is also fast a fist, the cheeks that Zhou Qiang that belches smoke inflamed splashes once more spark, the profile was horrible to look, but his fist still closely mounts on Shen Xiang's, is unable to pull out to leave. In the same time, cannot simultaneously present several you, but you currently have the contact with other life body, therefore your time clone cannot replace with you.” Shen Xiang was saying, the third fist has hit, carries on continuously the wild three fists using Meteor God Energy, making some Zhou Qiang dizziness dizzy. Ah! the Zhou Qiang suddenly pain shouted one, saw only his arm blood splash splash, his unexpectedly was cut off forcefully an own arm, this can separate with Shen Xiang, otherwise suffered several fists again, he must defeat. After Zhou Qiang is separated from Shen Xiang, immediately the control time, before letting his face returns not to be hit to be remnant, the arm also returned to that time, therefore he has been all right now, but that ache deep ironing in his memory, having made him recall that feels frightened. Shen Xiang looked to mount the breaking arm on his chest, unexpectedly vanished, should be used the strength of Law of Time not to the lane by Zhou Qiang. This...... Did not need to hit!” Yun Xiaodao said: Was in the upper hand shortly, Zhou Qiang was also hit several fists, but he also changes the bystander is in an instant same.” Zhou Sheng said: Shen Xiang was too fearful, this match we have not met, my big brother must win him not to be perhaps easy, this fight does not know when must project on.”

Mu Qianxiang tenderly snorted and said: Your these two brothers clarify are depend themselves to have this talent to bully the person, however, you, if fights with Infernal Demon Emperor these fellows, do not lose.” If Zhou Qiang loses to Shen Xiang, will then divide the victory and defeat with Mu Qianxiang, Mu Qianxiang thought one could not win Zhou Qiang this anomaly. Shen Xiang, your strength is very fearful, I compares you in this aspect, but I must win you.” Zhou Qiang firm saying. If you practice again your strength, can break my defense, can not come under the influence of attribute Divine Power, you will become more formidable.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: This fought I to win.” Many thanks advises!” Zhou Qiang said that fires into Shen Xiang once more, his speed is faster, moreover he also uses Profound Truth of Time, making this compared with fighting on stage the time back and forth constantly is changing, such induction strength that will come Shen Xiang to release is affected, will be hard the direction that will judge him to come. Difficult problem that he faces only, breaks Shen Xiang that fearful defense, but he had found the method now. Multiple time interleavings!” Shen Xiang induced, this is equal to many Zhou Qiang strength superposes together, he estimated that probably is ten 6th level this, such strength will be fearful.