World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2095

Zhou Qiang these time also stakes everything on a single throw of the dice, because he knows that drags to be disadvantageous to him, Shen Xiang will discover he more weakness. Because is multiple strength, therefore overlaps has a very strong strength fluctuation, Shen Xiang can induce clearly, if this strength hits on him, perhaps he must be seriously injured. His suddenly presented one Yin and Yang Diagram, Zhou Qiang these hid in all around time clone is firing into the Shen Xiang's time, suddenly was slower. What's the matter?” Zhou Qiang one startled, he does not have to think several time clone that one control, unexpectedly suddenly was slowed a point by Shen Xiang, causing was unable to superpose together. But Zhou Qiang has also attacked, because of superposition, therefore strength was the same with before, this was he is unexpected, he thinks that also like a moment ago, Shen Xiang released the ice coldly to stuck his arm, he has prepared for mediating arm! However, Shen Xiang vanish from sight, in his heart was greatly anxious. Shen Xiang when vanishes appears again, Zhou Qiang actually perceived that own back was dashed by very strong strength, his whole body severe pain, especially Divine sea, the violent shake sways, Shen Xiang has used the Divine sea attack for him. „It is not good!” The Zhou Qiang fast adjustment good condition, to drive out the pain that the body brings, but he actually discovered one dropped out the ratio to fight the stage. A moment ago Shen Xiang strange disappearance, has used Law of Time strength, this is he studies from Deicide Sword Art and Seven Demon Killings type, only then this can defeat Zhou Qiang, Zhou Qiang used the strength of Law of Time through Divine sea inside strength transformation, so long as made his Divine sea unable in the short time revolution strength, he is unable period of revolution strength, then to coordinate the attack of fast force, can rumble to leave office him. Zhou Qiang looks compared with fighting on stage Shen Xiang, could not speak, he thinks one can defeat Shen Xiang's, but has not thought that such quickly was hit by Shen Xiang, he very clear had anything in that a moment ago instantaneously, Shen Xiang unexpectedly also utilized the time speed change to make him have the extremely quick speed. Zhou Qiang unexpectedly lost! However looked that his appearance should also be able to continue to hit, but the rule is the falling down stage book, if continues, finally who wins who lost is very difficult to say.” Shen Xiang is also very fierce, Zhou Qiang is so long has not defeated him, instead were defeated.”

Now had determined two quotas, is Zhou Sheng and Shen Xiang! Then Zhou Qiang must come out the third quota with Mu Qianxiang.” Definitely is Zhou Qiang, Mu Qianxiang two moves had lost a moment ago to Zhou Sheng, cannot hit including the younger brothers, definitely loses facing the elder brother is quicker.” Although Zhou Qiang lost, but actually loses is sincerely convinced, he knows that Shen Xiang is also hiding very strong strength, harassed his multiple clone strength strength to make him feel a moment ago very inconceivable, unexpectedly can disturb his time. Although has lost to Brother Shen, but I can finally certainly go to battle with Infernal Demon Emperor with Shen Xiang they.” Zhou Qiang he he smiles, because he is and Mu Qianxiang hits, he thought that this did not have the suspense. Brother...... I forfeit to consider as finished, I may not have you to be so fierce.” Mu Qianxiang face said with resentment, her strength is not weak, but bumps into understands the use strange time strength person. Zhou Qiang said with a smile: If so should better! Naturally, I thought that the solemn miss should also to put together, my condition is not perhaps good, lost to you?” Shen Xiang smiles lightly, said to Mu Qianxiang: Qianxiang, I teach you one move, perhaps you really defeat him! However I must first ask you now, did you see his weakness a moment ago?” This makes Zhou Qiang and Zhou Sheng slightly one startled, they really cannot find out besides Shen Xiang, but also there is any person to defeat them! Mu Qianxiang has compared with Zhou Sheng, two moves defeated. Their god profound strength are not strong, possibly is because mainly to control Law of Time, therefore god profound strength condense does not get up the big intensity! He cannot break your defense to look a moment ago.” Mu Qianxiang said that this point those present basically can look.

Good, Anything else? Shen Xiang also asked. unexpectedly also has, the people raise up the ear at this time, wants to listen to Zhou Qiang Zhou Sheng also to have any weakness, like this after them, fights with these two brothers again, can perhaps win. Mu Qianxiang knits the brows to think that then shook the head: Did not have, I cannot see other weakness, the brother you and do Zhou Qiang to fighting such for a long time, what have other to discover?” The Zhou Qiang brow selects, said: Shen Xiang, if you also discover my anything weakness, but also please inform, you can say in the presence of everyone, I did not fear that is known by everybody, I only feared I do not know, like this after me, is also good to make up.” Also a little, is your period of revolution strength time, so long as receives an outside to disturb to your time slightly, will then make you leave the blunder.” Shen Xiang said: You planned gathers to attack me before with 16 unceasing time strength of time clone! But after I disturb, merge failed, moreover makes you lose many strength.” Zhou Qiang nodded: Good, but is no one can disturb my time! I am very still curious, how Shen Xiang achieves, properly speaking this need your period of revolution strength is also good.” In Heaven Refining Technique of Shen Xiang use limitless building up, can build up to absorb various strength to refine, after he releases, on limit revolution limitless building up, absorbs time strength that little Zhou Qiang has released, but this has actually had very big disturbance to Zhou Qiang. Mu Qianxiang honk the mouth was saying: Brother, how you may probably tell me to disturb his time, possibly brushes you to tell me, I cannot achieve.” Shen Xiang has pinched her face, said with a smile: He also fatal weakness, I on the quiet told you!”

Zhou Qiang and Zhou Sheng complexion changed, they believe the Shen Xiang's words , the fatal weakness that Shen Xiang said that that is definitely fatal. Brother Shen, can say that looks?” Zhou Qiang asked hastily. And other you and Qianxiang competed with knew, regardless of you lost or win, can know.” Shen Xiang lightly smiled: I planned was using a moment ago, but my many a little selfishness, I want to make Qianxiang win you.” „The Shen Xiang's sworn sister strength is truly good, perhaps if my non- period of revolution strength, cannot keep off her ten moves!” Zhou Qiang a face is earnest at this time, it seems like when his next compared with fighting, from the beginning must exhaust fully. After rest, Mu Qianxiang and Zhou Qiang step onto the ratio to fight the stage, this fight is also the people anticipated that because they had known a moment ago that Shen Xiang will direct Mu Qianxiang, making Mu Qianxiang defeat Zhou Qiang. Gave Mu Qianxiang sound transmission in Shen Master a moment ago, told Mu Qianxiang to defeat the Zhou Qiang method.