World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2096

From the beginning, Mu Qianxiang waves both hands, makes several hundred small swords to fly to eight sides, this is he causes to think the small sword that the profound strength concentrates instantaneously, strength is also very fearful, can penetrate the skins of some beasts easily, will enter the interior also to explode. Zhou Qiang is also from the beginning on use skilled time clone, attacks from many directions to Mu Qianxiang, because Mu Qianxiang releases these Little Fei swords unceasingly, making his time clone certainly be hindered. You were slow!” Mu Qianxiang can induce to that hides in strength that other time stages approach, is approaching her instance, she moves sideways to avoid immediately, Zhou Qiang slowly also because of the reasons of these Little Fei swords, because he wants period of revolution strength, flew to shoot all around Little Fei sword these changes does not have. The Zhou Qiang first move has not hit Mu Qianxiang, his second attack also immediately starts, but after Mu Qianxiang avoids, immediately thinks the profound strength to congeal a chains, ties down Zhou Qiang. Useless.” The Zhou Qiang voice falls, he changes the time, the chains in Mu Qianxiang hand on suddenly vanish from sight, because the time of this space basically is Zhou Qiang is controlling, before Zhou Qiang only needing lets here time returns to chains condense, the chains will vanish. Really so!” Mu Qianxiang sees Zhou Qiang to attack once more, she locks the Zhou Qiang main body, wields a chains once more, hits to Zhou Qiang. Zhou Qiang has not thought after Mu Qianxiang failed a moment ago, unexpectedly also comes, he felt time that the chains flies, before immediately lets this space the time returns, at this time he had also emitted many time clone, from attacks in all directions to Mu Qianxiang. However, this time he cannot change the Mu Qianxiang chains does not have! Ha Ha, surrounded!” Mu Qianxiang said with a smile tenderly, making the chains is longer, then she ran around Zhou Qiang fast, suddenly became a steamed rice dumpling the Zhou Qiang bunch. What's the matter?” Zhou Qiang was bundled closely by the Mu Qianxiang chains, cannot move, his crazy operating time strength, must change the body damn chains does not have! However does not have an effect, he determined that before this space the time returns to the chains to put, at that time the chains did not exist, properly speaking Mu Qianxiang will surround his chains also to vanish is right, was the same with before. But does not have, Zhou Qiang failed twice, this makes in his heart startle greatly, Shen Xiang has really discovered his fatal weakness.

Mu Qianxiang rushes immediately, transports the full god profound strength, a palm hits on the chains, that strong momentum, hit to fly Zhou Qiang, Zhou Qiang these time lost quickly, moreover was defeated by Mu Qianxiang. Has been shocked in Zhou Sheng that under the stage observes, by his two moves of Mu Qianxiang of defeating, unexpectedly is also used very short time to be defeated his elder brother a moment ago now. I won.” Mu Qianxiang is very excited. Gu Dongchen knits the brows: What has this girl made? Properly speaking, Zhou Qiang should change her chains will not have, but has not actually succeeded.” Demon Execution Heavenly God also thought that is hard to understand: „The Zhou Qiang attempt is defeated twice, obviously he is unable to control the time variation of that chains.” This what's the matter?” Although Zhou Qiang lost, what makes him most care is how Mu Qianxiang to achieve, because this is a fatal weakness. Zhou Sheng also very much wants to know: Brother Shen, but also please inform, you can discover that our fatal weakness, is our obligation people.” Zhou Qiang said: Our fathers and we mentioned us to have a biggest weakness, but his agree did not tell us, must make us comprehend.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Your fathers should tell you earlier, like this you extremely will not rely on time strength! The chains that Qianxiang released a moment ago is not very strong, had six Godhead you to work loose is not very difficult, because relied on time strength, therefore your god profound strength were very weak! This is your first big weakness.” Second, you had said before, the strength of your Law of Time is unable to control besides oneself the life body, in the Qianxiang chains was entangling her many hair a moment ago, although these hair have been separated from her body, but to you is actually others' flesh and blood, your time strength is unable to affect her hair to carry on the change, therefore you have not succeeded.” Shen Xiang said: Naturally, if, can direct blood strength defeat you extremely!”

How do you think with hair?” Zhou Qiang took a deep breath, so long as integrates the life body in strength, then his Time Power is unable to change it. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Compared with fighting the stage because of your Time Power, returned to several times, some small sand including stage along with it disappearance, but the only hair did not have, the hair also remained same place!” Three quotas had determined, Shen Xiang, Mu Qianxiang and Zhou Sheng! devil art that Zhou Sheng, Infernal Demon Emperor they use is not simple, therefore these 20 days, you must find the way to become by your god profound strength as far as possible wild, otherwise you can very danger(ous).” Shen Xiang said that although their two brothers are controlling time strength, but their own strength are very weak, is hard to form the striking power, but walks the [say / way] of Evil Devil, the fleshly body defense is generally very strong. Many thanks!” Zhou Qiang and Zhou Sheng expressed gratitude hastily. Now they can know, when with the Infernal Demon Emperor competition, can guard, after all when the time comes compared with fighting, did not overcome the stage to be so simple, serious will be cut to kill. Brother Zhou Clan their several were taken away by Demon Execution Heavenly God, will train them in these 20 days, trained Zhou Sheng, because is the brothers, moreover is the rare good seedling, therefore together trained. But Mu Qianxiang is gives Lu Qilian them to be responsible, as for Shen Xiang, nobody can give him anything to direct! 20 days, this was really too few.” Shen Xiang thought that the time is insufficient, he thought that side faintly Infernal Demon Emperor sends is very definitely strong, even came from these Divine Country. Cannot make them win.” Shen Xiang is Mu Qianxiang they returns to Hundred Flowers Village together, Mu Qianxiang ran to look for Lu Qilian they, but Shen Xiang was looks for Xue Xianxian.

Xue Xianxian their several females are busy helping Shen Xiang repair that Black Tortoise Cloth, they see Shen Xiang to come back, knew the competition already the result. I also think that comes here Youlan first! Has not thought that is your this little rascal, was you were defeated, coming to here to complain?” Xue Xianxian chuckle said that she is smelting anything in the hall with a small stove at this time. She lost to me, but she lost is convinced, now she and Meixian also had Qianxiang several same places to go to practice.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Qianxiang obtains a quota......” Several female this time here, each one has own matter to do, some smelting things, some analysis blueprints, some carve to draw spirit pattern...... Shen Xiang the process that the ratio fought said that listened to them, said the time is the night. Sister Meng'er, I remember before , you resemble time formation, going in inside can obtain more time, only then 20 days, I have hoped that can have more time to make me promote!” Shen Xiang said that in the past Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian frequently entered that place practice.