World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2098
Thinks that earth core will breed the life, Shen Xiang thinks of Ancient Fire Beast immediately, he looked at this passage, immediately has felt at ease much, this passage is very small and narrow, Ancient Fire Beast that big fellow cannot come. world of Nine Heaven, although devour Gods and endless Heaven territory, but earth core is actually that small, has not increased, but the energy actually become strengthen.” Shen Xiang grasps the Fire Dragon sword to proceed, under the protection of Fire Dragon sword, he has not induced the quantity of heat, but he is clear , if no Fire Dragon sword, he is unable to continue now again. Cannot continue again, here is the limit!” Shen Xiang looks at front red light, passage is very long, under mysterious strength protection that but in the Fire Dragon sword sends out, he can still induce here scalding hot, if continues again, perhaps the Fire Dragon sword did not resist. Shen Xiang puts out the Azure Dragon blade, punctured several swords on the hole wall fiercely, sends out dāng dāng dāng one after another clear sound, but the hole wall has several scratches. What's the matter?” Shen Xiang held sword to wield with the left hand a moment ago chops, his left arm has a pair of skeleton, he also had used a moment ago not small strength, but actually cannot injure to rock wall. Shen Xiang looks at float the red pellet in hole, suddenly understands that here rock wall for many years in this environment, absorbed that many formidable strength, quenchings after the formidable barometric pressure again, gradually, becomes very firm! Otherwise cannot withstand earth core that fearful energy. It seems like earth core is firm, is hard to be destroyed.” Shen Xiang receives the good Azure Dragon blade, transports foot Six Paths Power, the left arm blue vein sticks out suddenly, drinks with his one greatly, that gathers the fist of formidable strength to hit completely on rock wall. Bang! Meteor God Energy blows out, has the huge rumbled sound, reverberates in this passage, entire passage also slightly shivered a moment ago, but in addition, did not have other anything to respond. Really is very firm.” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, if in ground, he that fist can rumble a moment ago a great mountain.

He conducts this test, to let him enters in that time formation to feel at ease, because this cannot be disturbed. Here energy is so sufficient, should enough these four formation plate revolve.” Shen Xiang makes these four formation plate increase, because passage is too small, therefore formation plate cannot become big, can only sit a person to come up. Now can open!” Shen Xiang is somewhat excited, if can succeed, he can strive to 20 years. He opened formation plate, formation plate above lightens an intermittent white light, red Qi mist in this passage fast has used, rushes the formation plate base, was being absorbed by formation plate fast. Soon, on formation plate on float one group of white light glow, Shen Xiang was thinking that like some are uncomfortable, because formation plate was too small, but this does not have the means that he can only tread. When he treads, at present lightens a ray, his unexpectedly arrived at around one is in the white space, this space had a room to be so big. Xianxian they very fierce, these formation plate interior unexpectedly have also gathered space formation.” Shen Xiang looked on the white wall glittering shutter, that leaves this time the formation gate. He puts out pill furnace, then puts out skeleton Divine Pill herbs, he plans to give a try to be able first to congeal the skeleton! Double skeleton that on the left arm concentrates, makes him experience the advantage of skeleton, if other body spots have the skeleton, that can make him stronger! I completely practice now nine skeletons, Highest God is also mediocre!” Shen Xiang thinks that somewhat is excited, but the skeleton will increase along with his Godhead becomes stronger, integrates formidable Divine Soul again, strength is hard to imagine.

The half-day time, Shen Xiang refines 18 grains of skeleton Divine Pill, skeleton Divine Pill is not pill of difficult refinement, before he at the competition, can refine a furnace with very short time, moreover is six grains, now he refines three furnaces. He has eaten one grain, after efficacy dispersing, he starts to control the efficacy to revolve in the whole body, then waited for that concentrates pill's turning point to appear, half double-hour passed by, the efficacy completely diverges. Has not succeeded . Moreover the efficacy disperses quickly! What's all this about?” Before Shen Xiang, eats twice, must build up quite a while to consume each time the efficacy, but actually only has used half double-hour now. Remembers that Youlan they have mentioned, they eat up skeleton Divine Pill, takes three days to build up the efficacy! fleshly body is stronger, requires to build up is the time shorter?” Shen Xiang speculates according to this that now he did not affirm very much, he eats up one grain. These time compared with previous time builds up results in quickly, but has used the last time 50% time. What's the matter?” When Shen Xiang builds up the efficacy has not induced to the body has any indication, explained that his condense skeleton has not succeeded, he can only continue to eat. He has eaten 18 grains continuously, builds up the speed is quick, a double-hour can build up four grains, now also quite a while is less, 18 grains of skeleton Divine Pill like this were built up to melt by him, a point with does not have. It seems like the medicine is unable to hold out any longer to support too for a long time is not the good deed, but exists in within the body for a long time is not good!” Shen Xiang recalled before , eats up skeleton Divine Pill, two grains both are to build up the half-day time, is six double-hour this, this can make him concentrate the skeleton. Is skeleton Divine Pill rank is insufficient, is my fleshly body weak?” Shen Xiang is unable to know, because is not clear Yang Tianyi, Yang Tianyi depended to eat many herbs to congeal.

Shen Xiang was pondering this issue, suddenly felt this space weakening gradually, soon, all around white light on vanish from sight, he has been sitting cross-legged on formation plate that now, in that four fold. This......” Shen Xiang looked at the passage two heads, here was floating many red pellets, now disappears completely, passage two both are pitch-dark one piece, but here did not have the scalding hot temperature. I stayed in inside for day!” Shen Xiang hastily jumps down from formation plate: This time formation really very expended energy, all of a sudden on outside energy complete extinction.” Shen Xiang looks at the passage deep place: This formation plate must approach energy storage to absorb! It seems like here also has the 1st Stage distance from earth core, therefore formation plate is unable to absorb the earth core energy, but completely suction this passage energy.” Goes to come the Yue'er belt while present to be good, this time I must approach earth core to be good.” Shen Xiang decided that makes Yue'er enter that time formation with him, after all Yue'er has very rich experience, moreover she is equal to aristocrat same existence, definitely eats high level skeleton Divine Pill to cultivate to congeal the skeleton.