World Defying Dan God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2099
Shen Xiang returns to the ground from earth core, returning to Hundred Flowers Village to bring Yue'er, this with how much time, now his time is not very urgent, he cannot waste, especially in this outside time, if in time formation, he does not need to be so anxious. Yue'er entered in that passage with Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang asked: Yue'er, are you sensitive to heat?” He has put out the Fire Dragon sword, this Fire Dragon sword resists the earth core quantity of heat to be limited, must certainly withstand certain burning hot to following Shen Xiang. Did not fear that my space guard shield is quite strong, this earth core quantity of heat should be able to resist! Did you use the space guard shield not to?” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang shook the head: My space guard shield is also very limited.” Yue'er said with a smile tenderly: Then I am covering you! However, do you such go to earth core not to fear? Although world of Nine Heaven earth core has not arrived at the complete condition at present, but will not be weak, at this time bred earth core divine beast to come probably.” earth core divine beast?” Shen Xiang surprisedly said: Can be very fierce? Has the aggressivity?” I am not clear your world of Nine Heaven earth core divine beast to be what kind of! When this possibly initially Nine Spirit Kings created this world has established, had the aggressivity is very difficult saying that in brief first had a look, depending on we two escape skills, anything is not good to fear.” Yue'er did not fear actually that flutter wing is flying in passage slowly, her whole body is sending out the white light, is similar to a lamp, illuminates the advance the road. „......” Yue'er was humming very cheerful song, probably took a walk, was very leisurely and carefree. Yue'er, your does Star Law God Territory have earth core?” Shen Xiang asked that before Yue'er said that any earth core divine beast, knows she knew much about earth core. Our Star Law God Territory is stars, each star has earth core, but only the biggest main star has earth core divine beast, I have gone twice inferiorly, earliest is my grandfather together goes, but has not seen earth core divine beast! I go to time is very small, cannot bear inside heat, comes back the later body and mind to receive a very strange hot wound, rested for one month to be good.” Yue'er said: „When second time is I carry on the Law Enforcer inspection, at that time was very for me relaxed, the earth core center I do not dare to go actually.”

Shen Xiang also somewhat anticipated this world of Nine Heaven earth core at this time, although he has come several times, but came the enhancements of some varying degrees each time, but this time was the amplification is biggest. Soon, Shen Xiang sees that fiery red pellet from front floating slowly, before this passage everywhere was this type of pellet, but was absorbed by that four formation plate. As these fiery red pellets float also has that fearful scalding hot strength. Came!” Yue'er flies on the Shen Xiang's shoulder immediately, releases a space guard shield. Shen Xiang just felt that a slight fever, again has not induced afterward, at this time he has placed in the fiery red pellet, passage once more by fiery red floats up to flood. Does not dare to use space wind in this place Shen Xiang and Yue'er, because the front has unknown danger(ous), uses the space wind words, enters the danger(ous) place all of a sudden, when the time comes was hard to withdraw. Shen Xiang rushes to time, therefore he steps out, is dashing about wildly in passage. passage has been being slanting downward, entry deep place gradually, after he dashed about wildly two double-hour, finally arrives at the passage end. He stands in the end looks at following that piece of fiery red light glow, under that is the earth core deep place, now he in this small hole mouth, formation plate can also absorb the earth core energy, because earth core unceasingly spout the quantity of heat to come up, is almost inexhaustible. Shen Xiang puts out formation plate, formation plate very smooth opening, he brought Yue'er to enter in formation plate.

This formation plate many life bodies, the energy of absorption needs many several times.” Yue'er can induce the energy of obtaining formation plate absorb probably: If comes in again a person, perhaps has surpassed the formation plate limit.” Shen Xiang said: „When Yue'er, you congealed before the skeleton, is the dependence eats skeleton Divine Pill?” The Yue'er nod said: Naturally, although does not eat skeleton Divine Pill also to concentrate, but that is no one, only then these have the fellow of extremely high talent to achieve.” Shen Xiang also asked: „Do you remember when you concentrate skeleton, skeleton does Divine Pill that eats up how long build up probably?” Probably half-day time! Skeleton Divine Pill builds up results in quickly, or slow has not been good, wants quite a while about to build up is the best time.” Yue'er said: This builds up refers to naturally builds up in the situation, I build up most quickly the speed is the flash, most has taken your time for one month, but this cannot induce the congealing skeleton Divine Pill turning point.” Yue'er such a saying, has verified the Shen Xiang beforehand guess now, he asked: How then can achieve quite a while about nature to build up the condition?” Why this was eats up skeleton Divine Pill to be hard to congeal the difficulty of skeleton! Builds up the too quick reason is fleshly body and cultivation base is generally formidable, needs to enhance the skeleton Divine Pill quality to come balanced! Too slowly is fleshly body is weak, therefore is unable to absorb that many efficacies all of a sudden, needs very long a period of time to build up.” so that's how it is, I understood!” Shen Xiang puts out skeleton Divine Pill herbs immediately. These are low-grade herbs! You how long builds up one grain now?” Yue'er asked.

„A double-hour can build up four grains.” Shen Xiang said that he had a method of solution. You need middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill now, moreover also must strengthen fleshly body to control about...... Yue'er in the half of the day sees Shen Xiang to toss into pill furnace herbs, asked curiously: Shen Xiang, what strange idea did you have?” Shen Xiang's alchemy technique how, Yue'er has experienced to cross, experienced she also had been shocked several times by Shen Xiang. This is Heaven Refining Technique one builds up the law, a limit of my furnace can refine six grains of skeleton Divine Pill, but I must reduce three grains, therefore I will concentrate together the unnecessary efficacy, this can enhance the skeleton Divine Pill quality.” Shen Xiang said: If presses three grains not to be good, then two grains, or a grain!” He this situation, must make the middle-grade rank skeleton Divine Pill herbs also to require the time now, first he must concentrate elixir, then the little increase year, the herbs year comes up, can enhance the quality. But now he does not have that many time, therefore he can only strengthen the quality through the compression efficacy, this is in Heaven Refining Technique one method, he used this method to press out quality very high pill before. Hope has the effect, if not good, you honestly use the normal method.” Yue'er lies in the ground, looks at pill furnace patiently. Sends the method not to suit me normally!” Shen Xiang smiled, starts alchemy.