World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2100
Before Shen Xiang refines skeleton Divine Pill now and different, he needs to carry on the suppression to strengthen the skeleton Divine Pill quality, therefore used some time compared with before. However in the Yue'er eye, was quick heaven defying, others refined skeleton Divine Pill normally, left 12 grains to be good, but now Shen Xiang has pill to be few, to increase the quality, Yue'er has not heard such building up law. Completed!” Shen Xiang puts out three grains of creamy-white skeleton Divine Pill, Yue'er depends to come, stares the big that pair of adorable cat eye. Looked like the quality is high many, was really fierce! If presses one grain, the quality will be higher.” Yue'er somewhat with amazement said. I give a try first!” Shen Xiang has eaten up one grain, starts to build up, after more than two double-hour, he built up. Is worse, it seems like needs further pressure to build up is good.” Shen Xiang receives two grains of skeleton Divine Pill in hand, then puts out herbs, said: Presses one grain directly!” Shen Xiang fast has not congealed now the Godhead method, but must concentrate the skeleton to have a direction fast, therefore he will attempt in this aspect! Naturally, he now only then four skeletons, makes him feel very insufficient, but does not have the means now, he plans to congeal first fast the skeleton, this at least can let his strength, can make fleshly body strengthens! If also has the time, he vigorously concentrates Godhead, concentrates to six, in addition his several skeletons, he thought that was the strength should be able side by side Highest God. Shen Xiang quick level success refined, this time was he presses one grain six grains of skeleton Divine Pill, in low-grade Divine Pill, the quality was high, therefore he opened pill furnace time, blew out Dan light directly. This time should be similar.” After Shen Xiang takes, looked to Yue'er, making her experience the most high quality low-grade skeleton Divine Pill.

Is very good, if Star Law God Territory can sell, this grain of skeleton Divine Pill should be able to sell very high, because this is very easy to achieve balanced, if on direct middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, this needs a lot of time and energy quenchings fleshly body, lets fleshly body and efficacy match of skeleton Divine Pill.” Yue'er thought that Shen Xiang can carry on the controls of multistage quality rank Divine Pill, this is very rare, especially skeleton Divine Pill this type requests extremely high Divine Pill to the quality. After Shen Xiang eats up, starts to build up! Six -and-a-half double-hour, were appropriate.” After Shen Xiang builds up the efficacy, has opened the eye. This grain has not made him concentrate the skeleton, but only naturally builds up skeleton Divine Pill the control hardware, can have more opportunities to be congealed the skeleton by oneself. Yue'er said with a smile: Your this alchemy master is really fearful, can adjust the pills quality according to own situation! In Star Law God Territory, there is a alchemy master such to do, but is not successful.” If the luck is good, probably about ten grains, should be able to congeal the skeleton.” Yue'er said: But you after this time concentrate the skeleton, next time was not relaxed, needs from the new adjustment skeleton Divine Pill quality, moreover must promote your fleshly body intensity.” Shen Xiang nodded, starts alchemy, after refining, directly eats up! Built up to melt the second grain, still the failure, then he continued, he met Yue'er before time, has exhorted Feng Yujie, making her duplicate to be many as far as possible some skeleton Divine Pill herbs! Lu Qilian has taught Life Slaughtering Technique to many and Shen Xiang very familiar female, and is trustworthy, therefore they can concentrate many elixir. Concentrates the skeleton to come not to be easy, Shen Xiang clear this point, that Yang Tianyi has also used many time, eats herbs to eat to spit to congeal three, therefore Shen Xiang also has the preparation. The third grain has still not succeeded, fourth grain and fifth grain and sixth grain...... To the seventh grain of time, Shen Xiang suddenly perceived that eyes has some aches.

What's the matter? unexpectedly is the eyes ache, this should be induces the turning point the indication, but how in eyes!” Shen Xiang left arm congealing skeleton time, is a little ache slightly, that is a turning point, afterward to concentrate skeleton, the left brachialgia he is still unforgettable. If the eye, unavoidably must withstand a pain pain, moreover when the time comes hurting painstakingly certainly compared with cheating! Yue'er sees Shen Xiang to frown tightly, asked in a low voice: Came?” I am indefinite, because I felt that the eye is a little painful!” Shen Xiang said: Skeleton association president in eye?” Naturally can, the eye also be the part of fleshly body! In brief has the turning point to appear, do not give up, once gives up, will be next time more difficult to appear.” Yue'er is also very surprised, unexpectedly will appear in the eye, she has heard, personally has not seen the eye to want the congealing skeleton. Gathers your fleshly body strength at eyes completely...... Although this pain, but endured to be good, you had congealed before one time, should be very familiar.” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang clenched teeth, starts revolution physical strength, completely centralized in eyes, start to condense gathering skeleton, he is also very curious at this time, will eyes concentrate the skeleton to be what kind of? If concentrates when the hands and feet, attack beats can produce very formidable strength directly, if in eyes, that can attack? Yue'er is also thinking this issue, she listened to the elders to say before someone skeleton concentrates in eyes, how to use strength of eyes skeleton specifically, she does not know that these elders have not mentioned. The ache came from both eyes, spreads to this forehead, the Shen Xiang pain results in the complexion blanch, the whole body is the perspiration, but he actually still closes tightly the tooth, has not shouted one!

So long as endured to be good! For these years, his multiple practice such endures, every time is that long and pain, but he has not actually flinched. „” The Shen Xiang pain resulted in the rave finally...... In the past two days, the pain of Shen Xiang entire forehead abated gradually, but at this time his both eyes actually braved a white ray, bleeding that before also kept, but stopped now. Really is the suffering.” The Shen Xiang eyes white light vanished, his eye restores the normal appearance, the tears of blood on his wiping the face cheek. How?” Yue'er asked: What strength does eyes have the skeleton to help you obtain?” Yue'er...... my this time is also the double skeleton, two eye skeletons in inside, are really strange! The skeleton should be right in the bone, this time how in eye?” Shen Xiang also thinks inconceivable. Actually this is also in the skull, but eye socket these two positions belong to the human body quite useful spot, skeleton that therefore concentrates in eye, this belongs to the privileged sites! But only a small number of talented people have this situation, but you are more special, unexpectedly twice double skeleton? Now saying that you do have four skeletons?” What Yue'er is quite surprised is Shen Xiang can concentrate each time two skeletons, but that Yang Tianyi with that many years, but also was pass/test into Star Moon Hell, concentrates three, if he knows that Shen Xiang such quickly on four skeletons, definitely will cry to faint.