World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2101
Although Shen Xiang concentrates once more double skeleton, but he somewhat is depressed, because the skeleton concentrates in the eye, how also does not know the might, is the good deed or the misdemeanor, what we definitely know is that this skeleton long in eye, temporarily cannot form formidable strength. If skeleton when leg and foot, fight can the direct attack, but when eyes, fight cannot hit with the face. Shen Xiang, you do not use depressed, the skeleton concentrates in eyes is the good deed, this is a very special spot, whose skeleton is not can long in this place, as for the present can also discover might, that is because you have not integrated Divine Soul.” Yue'er said: „The spot that the double skeleton that your this just congealed is at although cannot let directly attack, but has also has other usage, you attempt, having a look on the left arm double skeleton to have the relation with eyes.” Shen Xiang closes the eye attempt, discovered that the skeleton of skeleton and left arm of eyes has the relation, he nodded immediately, he also knows how at this time must do, can he attempts to make these two spots the skeletons have a stronger relation, look the mutual influence, enabling skeleton Divine Soul strength to share. Eye good pain!” Shen Xiang attempts to absorb on the left arm strength of skeleton, but after that Divine Soul strength comes, makes his eyes burningly painful, making him have to give up. How to use?” Shen Xiang arrives at the extreme depressed, the skeleton that the fee such big vigor cultivates, unexpectedly not any use! Both eyes are life the windows of mind, many times, can by the eye see that in the heart of life thinks! But also obtains the most direct news by the eye!” Yue'er suddenly said: Skeleton can make fleshly body produce very strong strength generally, but if appears in the privileged sites will have the special usage, cannot come up the common sense wrap.” Yue'er sees Shen Xiang to ponder , to continue saying: I thought that the skeleton concentrates in eyes, can make your eye produce special strength, this strength does not have the fearful destruction characteristics. So long as exists is reasonable, since your eyes had the skeleton, will then definitely not have no merit to speak.” Shen Xiang hears these words, the ponder of Jing Jing (quietly), in his mind suddenly flashes through Divine Halo, said: „The essence of skeleton is to stimulate fleshly body stronger strength comes, then the skeleton appears in my eye, then properly speaking should be able to stimulate my eye stronger strength! What strength can the eye have generally?”

First definitely looks! You had the skeleton, can definitely look farther ahead, even can see more things, this is the affirmation! You give a try.” Yue'er said: You attempt, be not thinking wants condense very wild strength, otherwise your both eyes can be painful.” Only then outside tried to be good, what here can see?” Shen Xiang brings Yue'er to go out of this time formation, stands in the passage edge. He looks at the earth core deep place, was being covered by one thick red Qi mist, he concentrates under God king. What saw?” Yue'er is also looking, but her anything cannot see, the fiery red smog that earth core releases was really too thick, moreover had to burn down spiritual power strength, Divine Sense is unable to penetrate. Really saw before , thing that cannot see, what is that?” The Shen Xiang congealing eyebrow said: I see following to have a very big pool, but is the hot thick liquid, what thing has to seethe in the hot thick liquid, should not be earth core divine beast that you said?” What appearance is?” Yue'er hastily asked. Does not see clearly, fellow in that fearful hot thick liquid like fish in water free, the body is fiery red, other I cannot see, he acted is too quick.” Shen Xiang said that at this time he has also felt comes into sight the advantage of congealing skeleton, if before, he could not see the bottom hot thick liquid.

Um? That is any thing!” Shen Xiang sees on rock wall of deep place to have glittering the red light point, he controlled the skeleton of eyes to strengthen his vision, quick saw clearly that thing, unexpectedly was a fruit in glittering. Is a fruit, seems like the tomato is the same, glittering red light, will shiver.” Shen Xiang said. What thing around this fruit also has? Is how to be long?” Yue'er hastily pursues asks, moreover sound is also bringing surprisedly, she knows probably this is any fruit. Probably long comes out to be the same from the dike, I have a look at...... Shen Xiang to rub the eyes again, first time uses the strength enhancement vision of eyes skeleton, making him feel that the eye is somewhat tired, he carefully looked again, said: Strange, the dike grows one to send the silk size the thing, that fruit mounts on this round of silk.” Really so, in this earth core unique earth core divine beast fruit!” Yue'er is very excited: Must take this fruit, you said that this fruit in tremor is right, should maturity, fall down to feed that earth core divine beast on.” This...... Isn't this equal to snatches the food with earth core divine beast? Can I in his domain, this have danger(ous) now?” Shen Xiang also wants that earth core divine beast fruit. That earth core divine beast now is weak, otherwise he definitely leaves the earth core hot thick liquid, jumps to eat directly! Therefore you do not need to worry that he will run! After let alone that fruit was clinched, quick will grow, this is earth core breeds to deliver specially, eats to earth core divine beast.” Yue'er said: Before my grandfather also frequently handled this matter not awfully, does not need to fear.”

Shen Xiang has attracted the inspiration, said: Good, getting down time will be very definitely hot, can your space guard shield cover?” Absolutely does not have the issue, you a bit faster get down.” Yue'er said: That fruit must fall quickly, when the time comes did not have the opportunity, cannot miss this opportunity.” Shen Xiang jumps immediately, cautious and solemn float gets down, at present here danger(ous) also enters burning hot, but below that hot thick liquid inside earth core divine beast is unable to leave the opening fire thick liquid, therefore Shen Xiang also dares randomly to fly here. Strange, earth core does divine beast have several heads generally?” Shen Xiang asked: I see should more than one head!” These earth core divine beast should not form, is in stage that adolescence fights with all might! Therefore has to be also normal, the words that the earth core divine beast fruit falls down, will definitely initiate compete, obtain the earth core divine beast fruit will become stronger.” Yue'er said: earth core very mysterious existence, my grandfather has said that in earth core most fearful is earth core Spiritual God, that governs the earth core most fearful fellow, if gets angry, he can destroy the entire world instantaneously.” In Shen Xiang heart one startled: This matter? Real, has your grandfather seen?”