World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2102
Shen Xiang believes long ago that Nine Spirit Kings should be able to control this world of Nine Heaven, but afterward knows that world of Nine Heaven as formidable was inestimable as Nine Spirit Kings, later has annexed Highest God Realm, various Divine Country will definitely seize to control a region, although Nine Spirit Kings is the world inventor, but does not have the strength also to have no alternative, but world of Nine Heaven also adolescence to the situation that they are unable to control. Now Yue'er said that this earth core has any fearful earth core Spiritual God, if so, he definitely will not stay in the ground relieved. Does not need to fear that earth core Spiritual God in Star Law God Territory is also only Legend, nobody has seen! But earth core definitely has certain intelligence, will otherwise not breed Divine Fruit to train earth core protection divine beast.” Yue'er said: Formidable earth core will have fearful earth core divine beast, in order to avoid there are other people to have the impure goal to earth core, controls earth core or creates the destruction using earth core.” Shen Xiang arrived by that earth core divine beast fruit, after his hand suffices, immediately picks, unexpectedly is icy cold, moreover very stiff heavy, fruit that this hand can hold, unexpectedly has hundred jin (0.5 kg). That side also has one!” Shen Xiang just this fruit received, sees opposite glittering red light, before he stood in the high place, cannot see under this side dike to have the fruit directly, now arrives at opposite him to see. Moreover this fruit inlays on the hole wall, glittering red light is not that bright. Should already maturity!” Shen Xiang flies immediately, since were seen by him, he must certainly pick. Under these You Cuan divine beast in the hot thick liquid call out in abundance, because Shen Xiang also took away another fruit. Said goodbye, here quick also will be in any case long, you will eat next time again.” Shen Xiang laughed, the fast rise, soon after he returned to that cave, but following roar unexpectedly was bigger, like collective anger. These earth core divine beast are very weak, otherwise already flushed a moment ago.” Yue'er happily said with a smile: Actually clashes not to need to fear them, they have not been able to melt the turn into a human shape now, the build is also big, you hide in this hole, they definitely cannot come.”

This passage is quite small and narrow . Moreover the stone is stiff, is not can spoil easily. „Are these two fruits useful?” Shen Xiang has pinched vigorously, is very firm, except for lending the cool aura, cannot feel internal energy. This is Godhead and Divine Soul! So long as earth core divine beast eats up, can increase good Godhead, so long as he has not arrived at hundred, after eating up, can increase one.” Yue'er said: But only earth core divine beast, other humanity and beasts are not good, the effect must sell at a discount greatly.” Shen Xiang is wild with joy immediately: „Is this same as that big Godhead? Other people are not good, I can!” He was worrying is unable to practice to six Godhead, but now happen to he, he immediately since time formation. Really? I listened to my grandfather saying that except for earth core divine beast, other person and the beast ate only has been able to obtain 10% even less energies.” Yue'er said. Ok!” Shen Xiang initially fused big Godhead time, builds up into own Divine sea with the alchemy method, not only has not lost the energy, instead can also make Godhead strengthen. This Godhead at least must reduce 34 times, when the time comes will be more fearful! Make me feel that somewhat regrettably, this is fire attribute Godhead and Divine Soul, it seems like can only concentrate creation fire Godhead.” Shen Xiang laughed: In my Divine sea had two creation fire Godhead, in addition this is two, when the time comes my flame will not know strongly.” If not the condition does not permit, he definitely separately will congeal space Godhead and Heaven Body Godhead, can let his space strength, can strengthen his Heaven Body Divine Ability, helping him obtain a stronger defense.

Later has is the opportunity, you need the striking power now, fuses these two fire attribute Godhead should better.” Yue'er said: Moreover you must unearth your eyes Godhead strength well, I thought not only then the enhancement vision is so simple. The eye is person the window of mind, I thought that you can directly attack others' mind with the eye, is equal to the powerful spiritual attack, this is very difficult to defend.” Shen Xiang thought that this is feasible, but he quite important matter, first concentrates two Godhead to say at present again. Is so small, can build up in Divine sea directly.” Shen Xiang puts in a fruit Divine sea, then releases Illusionary Brilliant Furnace in Divine sea. Before he refined big Godhead, because big Godhead must carry on the compression of very big degree, therefore he must refine with pill furnace outside first, after pressing small, put in Divine sea again. But the present earth core divine beast fruit is quite small, can directly carry on Divine sea. Is very difficult to build up! The thing that earth core breeds is different, was heat-resisting!” Shen Xiang stimulates to movement his originally two fire attribute Godhead, releases the strongest flame, otherwise is unable to build up this earth core divine beast fruit. This earth core divine beast fruit is hard to smelt, therefore he compared with previous time has used more time, enough five talents have the melted sign, moreover he also welled up various Heaven Refining Technique building up methods. Entire ten days, he melts the refined into Qi mist condition this earth core divine beast fruit, at this time must soak it a period of time in Divine sea, making his Divine sea inside Godhead produce the resonance with this group of Qi mist, like this he can compress the become god standard Qi mist. This Godhead has Divine Soul, when Shen Xiang refinement noted, therefore he has pulled out Divine Soul, let his Lord Divine Soul to its assimilation, Godhead refined into, this Divine Soul can also integrate in Godhead immediately.

Yue'er is swinging the tail, is eating various types of delicious things, because she very cute, when speech is also very sweet, receives the affections of these females in Hundred Flowers Village very much, therefore she also obtains the things of many eating. Fifth Godhead, great accomplishment!” Shen Xiang opens the eye, on the face full is the happy expression: Yue'er, how long time have I used?” Really success? You only used for 15 days!” Yue'er is very surprised, hastily flies, lies on Shen Xiang's, is actually inducing Shen Xiang Divine sea internal Godhead, really has five. Godhead that good to explode crazily, is very hot!” Yue'er surprisedly said: Has not thought that you can such quickly turn into Divine Soul this earth core divine beast fruit, even if earth core divine beast eats up, cannot such transformation be Godhead.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I am the alchemy master, this Divine Fruit was built up into my Divine sea by me like alchemy, this is very simple!” He throws into remaining earth core divine beast fruits Divine sea , to continue to build up, had the beforehand experience, this time can progress smoothly. Really good, I should study alchemy in the past.” Yue'er sighed lightly: When Star Law God Territory Law Enforcer is really a road of no return.”