World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2103
Yue'er is because sees Shen Xiang alchemy therefore to envy, she is also clear Shen Xiang this rarely seen other alchemy masters and alchemy masters has very big difference! Other alchemy masters are all day the dwelling in the alchemy room, the dwelling the dark day is secret, when the seas run dry and the stones go soft is not the strange matter! She had heard has alchemy Master Lian a furnace pill to come out, that sect's Dean has traded several. You do not use that anxiously, you had six Godhead with more than ten days again, but here also had almost 20 years.” Yue'er said that Shen Xiang comes here to strive for time become stronger, this way, but one month cultivates to six Godhead, can say that has achieved the Shen Xiang's goal. Shen Xiang refines that earth core divine beast fruit in Divine sea, while said with a smile: Rest of the time I must be used to attack the skeleton! In skeleton running eye that before cultivated went, making me quite regrettable, I must concentrate in the hands and feet spot skeleton.” When Shen Xiang had four Godhead added in the left arm double skeleton was very strong, if six Godhead, in addition did not know many skeletons, this was can definitely existence of crush Highest God. Oh, who lets you are the alchemy master! The congealing skeleton probably long tooth equally is simple.” Yue'er low voice tenderly snorted, she is working as the prehardening skeleton, said is the blood and tears, but Shen Xiang was very easy. Ten days, Shen Xiang suddenly laughs, because he congealed successfully six Godhead, his present flame strength is more fearful, four fire attribute Godhead through flame Divine Power that Six Paths Power transformed, coordinated the double skeleton of left arm again, made Meteor God Energy, Yue'er thinks cannot help but to be excited, that was very certainly strong. Yue'er, visits me.” Shen Xiang suddenly grasps Yue'er, carefully looks at her pair of cat eye. What's wrong? Do you use your eye inside skeleton to do the experiment to me?” In the Yue'er eye is having the happy expression: My Divine Soul very formidable, you cannot cause the spirit to attack to me, my Divine Soul......” Yue'er has not said that Shen Xiang said with a smile: I saw your Divine sea, Ha Ha......”

Is impossible, I simply have not induced any strength to enter my Divine sea, you cannot see.” Although Yue'er said that but her sound is also bringing a horridness, resembled the secretive secret to be discovered was the same. Shen Xiang said with a smile: You had not said eye is the window of mind? The skeleton concentrates in my eyes this special spot, therefore has produced special strength, I clearly saw your Divine sea...... also to have your two Divine Soul a moment ago, together Divine Soul is the little girl shape, moreover together Divine Soul is the small kitty, has not thought that your unexpectedly has two Lord Divine Soul!” Yue'er has tarried, she shook the head: You can induce to my Divine Soul at most, cannot see my Divine sea, even if very formidable hundred Godhead expert, are unable to completely understand others' Divine sea like this.” if wanted I said that what appearance your Divine sea is?” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, in the Yue'er look full is terrified, she is afraid others to see her Divine sea probably very much, therefore she always cannot accept Shen Xiang to see her Divine sea fact. Said that looks.” Yue'er has the courage, making Shen Xiang say, if is really this, she also can only recognize. The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth go up slightly, then said while loudly laughing: Cat empress, Ha Ha...... Your Divine sea has a very luxurious palace, but your Divine Soul sits on the palace chair.” Has not thought that in Yue'er your heart has wanted to dominate Star Law God Territory, this ideal is very broad.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, Yue'er meow meow screamed that worked loose Shen Xiang's both hands, then flew the Shen Xiang's top of the head, was grabbing thoughtlessly his hair. Cannot smile!” Yue'er shouted, then pulls the Shen Xiang's hair very much seriously chaotic: Meow meow......”

Shen Xiang and Yue'er have created a disturbance the period of time, then person of cat Yang Tang in the ground, pants. Yue'er, I, although thinks funny, but I do not look down upon you! You are very strong in Star Law God Territory, bloodlines of three God Clan, moreover runs into my this talent alchemy master, you later do not think that become stronger does not have the means!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I did not boast, had the person of contact with me, so long as were good with my relationship, somewhat because of my reason, but become stronger, let alone my beloved women! Therefore, has me, you must become the Star Law God Territory cat empress, is just round the corner!” Yue'er tenderly snorted and said: You return the narcissism compared with me, but is very strange, why your can Divine sea be so ordinary? Your pursue really so is simple, has only thought the ordinariest life? If is really this, your this talent was really clearly blind.” Shen Xiang feels the chin, said with a smile: You, Sister Feng, Qilian, Xianxian and Meng'er they several Divine sea my have seen, has a very big common ground.” Bullshit, whose isn't Divine sea exaggerates not side? It is not most normal on your Divine sea.” Yue'er is not feeling well, she thought that Divine sea of Shen Xiang this alchemy master is so ordinary, should have very broad ideal to be right, the Divine sea world was responding the ideal of life innermost feelings, although was very absurd, but many people will construct such Divine sea, this can make their Divine Soul stimulate strongest strength. I had not said that your common grounds are to exaggerate not side, but is...... You have Divine sea.” Shen Xiang lightly smiled. Yue'er fierce jumps: „Do you have two Divine sea to be inadequate? This is how possible, I have not heard such matter, moreover is impossible to exist, I had asked my grandfather.” I have two Divine sea, but another hides very much deeply!” Shen Xiang said with a smile.

Does not believe that only if you show me.” Yue'er coldly snorted: You must show me, my Divine sea was seen by you, but I see your Divine sea am only false Divine sea, I must think your true Divine sea.” Yue'er has a little believed that creates that many legends in world of Nine Heaven Shen Xiang, Divine sea is impossible to be so simple. Does not give.” Shen Xiang to she spits the tongue, Yue'er meow scream one, immediately throws to grab his hair, entangles noisy together with him. Yue'er was shouting tenderly: Shows me quickly, I must look......” Shen Xiang makes her tranquil with great difficulty, he has not thought that this cat makes unexpectedly so to be also fearful, his hair grasps very ugly. I have second Divine sea, but that is at a very strange condition, I can induce obtain, but I am not actually able to see! In brief I can affirm that my second Divine sea is exists, moreover existed very much long time ago, but does not know any reason, I am unable to open the front door to second Divine sea.” Shen Xiang knits the brows: I felt that I lost anything! Divine sea that I opened first should be second Divine sea, because that already existed, but why afterward did not know, I made into this Divine sea.”