World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2104

Yue'er is curious to Shen Xiang's second Divine sea, she wants to know that very much Shen Xiang this person the appearance of true Divine sea, Divine sea was responding a happy fantasy of person innermost feelings most deep place, but Shen Xiang said that now he does not know, therefore Yue'er cannot learn the true situation from Shen Xiang there. Shen Xiang knows that now the wondrous use of eye skeleton, can see others' Divine sea, this cannot say is very useful, but can actually see person innermost feelings the idea. I thought that the skeleton of eye can also be used to attack!” Shen Xiang was saying, both eyes release red light, although was only glittering, but truly billion red light gatherings, this was he with Penetrating Heart Devil Eye that Bai Youyou studied, this move was his least uses, once used, that some people must have bad luck. Very fierce! But the penetrating power is weak, copes with ordinary Heavenly God to be enough, but copes with own defensive power and has the strong protective armor person not to be insufficient, many beasts scales are very firm, you that move was very a moment ago difficult to penetrate.” Yue'er also sees the fearfulness of that red light, the beam energy spread to send out is similar to sends the silk the red ray, has extremely strange penetrating power, the body of instantaneous penetration person, can cause very fatal damage. However this ray is too weak, copes compared with Shen Xiang cultivation base lowly does not have any issue, but cultivation base is higher than him, or has the person of very strong defensive power, did not have the big effect. Therefore I planned that develops this aspect, not only makes my eye look farther ahead more things, but can also have attack strength! At present is unable to transform too many Six Paths Power, mainly does not have the skeleton not to have Divine Soul, in my this eye double skeleton is short of good Divine Soul.” Shen Xiang eyes braves red light, his these time gets up red line condense, although the penetrating power was enhanced, but is much more limited. Shen Xiang goes out of time formation, some Yue'er doubts, does not know that he must do. Yue'er circles in flight in the Shen Xiang's top of the head, asked: „Do you want to go back?” After Shen Xiang formation plate receives, looks cave entrance that heat continually wells up, said with a smile: Naturally is not, I must get down to have a look at these earth core divine beast, these fellows should have good Divine Soul.” This...... Their Divine Soul are definitely good, but can you cope now?” Yue'er is somewhat surprised, Shen Xiang eyes lacks Divine Soul, has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly has the ideas of these earth core divine beast.

How doesn't try to know?” Shen Xiang currently is confident, he just congealed two Godhead, moreover Godhead has formidable Divine Soul, omits his other concentrates the Divine Soul matter. These time gets down, he not only need have a look at these earth core divine beast to have strong strength, but also under must have a look also to have Earth Core Divine Fruit. Shen Xiang jumps down that deep hole to earth core hot thick liquid, Yue'er is holding his arm, releases space domain to help him be cut off heat. You have not been able to resist here thermal energy!” Yue'er asked: And other your fight time, I must with you.” I am not good temporarily, you with me, will not have danger(ous).” Shen Xiang has not tried to be separated from Yue'er freely to walk here, he does not want to attempt, if not good, but must be burnt very uncomfortably. Approaches the bottom time, Shen Xiang hears these earth core divine beast to roar, these earth core divine beast induce to the Shen Xiang's aura, angry roar, they are remembering that this is takes should be their Divine Fruit humanity. Bears a grudge really!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Brain has not gotten sick will bear a grudge, you claim them to increase the Godhead golden opportunity.” Yue'er said with a smile tenderly. After Shen Xiang approaches, can see clearly these earth core divine beast appearances, the appearance is very strange, has snake-shaped, the tiger shape and horse Xing, their common grounds, are outside the body are wrapping hot thick liquid, can only see outside them the concrete shape, but the eye braves a fiery red ray.

Quantity are many, unexpectedly has five.” Shen Xiang has put out the Azure Dragon blade, although these earth core divine beast also in the adolescence stage, but year to year in this earth core, moreover does not fear the hot thick liquid, the strength is not definitely weak. They can only live finally, when the time comes can be adolescence, only after remaining earth core divine beast, can alone enjoy the earth core divine beast fruit, every other a period of time can increase two Godhead, the time is long, can arrive at the full Godhead peak very much with ease.” Yue'er said: This is the earth core divine beast fearful place.” Jumped.” Yue'er suddenly screamed. Shen Xiang in paying attention to following these earth core divine beast, seeing red light suddenly to dodge together, shunting of his instinct, this flies to unexpectedly is snake-shaped earth core divine beast, when flies to leap up is similar to together fiery red lightning suddenly chops to hit. Unexpectedly can run! Yue'er, grasps me!” Shen Xiang moves sideways immediately, uses Profound Truth of Time in Deicide Sword Art, making that snake-shaped earth core divine beast traveling speed very slow. Bang! Shen Xiang's body suddenly blows out a sound, his Divine sea Six Paths Power in four flame Godhead crazy fierce absorption Divine sea, transforms these Six Paths Power as sole fire attribute Divine Power, then rushes to his left arm, after hitting the skeleton of his left arm, stimulates very strong strength, making his left arm inflate rapidly, the entire arm braves the flame, seems like similar to burns the red jib to be ordinary, very scary. The Azure Dragon sword was also calling in the jar, dragon roar was intermittent, reverberates in this earth core, after absorbing Shen Xiang left arm formidable strength, the Azure Dragon sword sent out formidable Dragon Qi, seethed with excitement to well up from the fitness. Cuts!” Shen Xiang is striking off to that water jar thick snake head, this snake-shaped earth core divine beast fends, the entire head had been chopped by Shen Xiang, but body actually crazy fierce springing.

Comes in!” Shen Xiang puts out Divine Mirror of Six Paths, seals into God Realm the head and body of that earth core divine beast separation. After going well, in the Shen Xiang heart is very joyful, that blade linked him to feel a moment ago fearful, fallout that if not for in this earth core, sends out, can definitely destroy a big mountain scene forest. When he prepares to return, the rear area transmits a weak fluctuation, Shen Xiang hastily fends, but feels the back burningly painful. This domestic animal.” Shen Xiang knows that own back was scratched a moment ago: Good fearful penetrating power, unexpectedly can penetrate my Intense Sun Heaven Imitiation.” His Heaven Imitation Divine Ability is instantaneously can appear, but sneak attacked his tiger shape divine beast claw to scratch him a moment ago, his back presented several to grasp the mark! Should use Cloud Mist Heaven Imitation to be right.” When Shen Xiang or the first time use Intense Sun Heaven Imitiation got a cut, he felt a moment ago that claw sharp deep pricks his back meat, but also has delimited, was almost ripped open by him.