World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2105
The tiger shape divine beast build is very big, is similar to the grown cow, the whole body was being wrapped by the hot thick liquid, the red eye is projecting intense killing intent, he opens the mouth to roar, clashes once more toward Shen Xiang. Good fearful Divine sea!” Shen Xiang in the instance of this divine beast looking at each other, saw divine beast Divine sea a moment ago, in that Divine sea the sky full is the wild hot cloud, but the sea water in Divine sea crazily turns the hot thick liquid that wells up, on the hot cloud falls down unceasingly is burning the meteorite, hits above Divine sea, making Divine sea hot tempered. For this reason, this tiger shape divine beast will have so wild striking power! Do not want to injure to me again.” Shen Xiang both eyes open the eyes, emit a white light, infiltrates in both eyes of that tiger shape divine beast, but the claw of this tiger shape divine beast has held up high, that claw point has revealed comes out, is similar to the sharp short sword, must pat shortly, but actually suddenly strangely anchored. Tiger shape divine beast that gigantic body float in the air! Death!” Shen Xiang dodges, arrives at the tiger shape divine beast body side, is dividing to the place blade of nape of the neck, the tiger shape divine beast time body first separation, at the scene died, body also by the Shen Xiang seal in Divine Mirror of Six Paths inside formation. Comes up quickly.” Yue'er urged, she has been holding the Shen Xiang's nape of the neck, she also was almost caught a moment ago, seeing Shen Xiang to fly the quite high place, she relaxed: „The striking power of these fellows are very fearful, moreover is only the childhood conditions, looked that they did not have the forming to know.” Was right, what you had made a moment ago, why will the fellow stop?” Extremely was a moment ago critical, Yue'er behind the Shen Xiang nape of the neck, simply has not seen that two spoken parts light that Shen Xiang eye suddenly shot.

I used the skeleton of eyes to attack, after I saw his Divine sea, I directly was releasing together my eyes skeleton condense strength to his Divine sea, although was very weak, but entered in Divine sea of that fellow, unexpectedly let his Divine sea coagulation, in the instance that he stopped, I killed him.” Shen Xiang said: Has not thought strength that the eyes skeleton releases is so special, has very strong aggressivity to Divine sea, if I integrate Divine Soul again, will be definitely fiercer.” Before Yue'er, had said the eyes skeleton will possibly cause on the Divine sea Divine Soul serious damage to others, now really so. Returns to above, Shen Xiang to put out formation plate immediately, since time formation, then takes out that two divine beast Divine Soul from Divine Mirror of Six Paths, the skeleton of integration both eyes. But that body also turned into hot thick liquid, was built up to turn into Six Paths Power by Divine Mirror of Six Paths! Divine Mirror of Six Paths will produce very strong Six Paths Power every month, Shen Xiang will inhale in own Divine sea Six Paths Power, strengthens his Six Paths Power. Fused!” Shen Xiang both eyes dodge, brave flame, projects two fiery red rays, extremely fearful heat covers immediately. Quite hot! This is your eyes releases?” Yue'er said panic-strickenly: Eye unexpectedly can release this strength, if hits in a six Godhead person, should be able to pass through directly.” Shen Xiang closes the eye, said: „It is not good, strength is not very centralized, will otherwise not be will send out that strong quantity of heat! I try again, this is I acts according to Penetrating Heart Devil Eye and Meteor God Energy method fuses.”

What? You make Meteor God Energy form in eyes, you did not fear that Meteor God Energy out-of-control does explode? That is will make the head explode!” Yue'er hit one to tremble, she has not thought of Shen Xiang such not awfully, but Shen Xiang dares to take this risk, can make him control stronger strength. All right, I control very well!” Shen Xiang is very confident to oneself. eyes concentrates the advantage of skeleton to be also many! The vision becomes very strong, moreover can look at others' Divine sea, disturbs the revolution of others Divine sea, these are the quite gentle uses! But your move was too a moment ago fierce, binocular suddenly emits that fearful calorescence.” Yue'er is also to fear now, was worried that Shen Xiang looked her time both eyes suddenly emits two ray of light to hit, penetrates her small body. Shen Xiang opens eyes, the ray that this both eyes hit was not intense, but the concentrated force is more fearful, although Yue'er has not felt and a moment ago such fearful heat, but actually strength of catch in condense to that two ray of light. This...... If these two pass/tests can infiltrate in others' Divine sea, this absolutely is the ruinous attack.” Yue'er said panic-strickenly: Later you leave look at me randomly, I feared!” What fears? I will not injure you!” Shen Xiang catches her, is rubbing her small head, he he smiles. Your present Fire Spirit also had, moreover here also 19 years, what do you also want to make? You practice to be many again some Godhead, is unable to participate with Infernal Demon Emperor to fighting.” Yue'er said. Good, I currently had six Godhead! Practices many one not to be good again, but I can actually practice the skeleton.” Shen Xiang puts out two skeleton Divine Pill herbs.

You currently had four skeletons, if you want to continue to practice, said also middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill!” Yue'er somewhat envies said that Shen Xiang concentrates each time the skeleton is the double skeleton, congealed twice on four skeletons, but these peak expert, most were also only nine skeletons, he was about to have been half. Although I have four skeletons, but from other perspectives, I is only two! Because I have only induced twice the turning point of congealing skeleton.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he released Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, placed inside skeleton Divine Pill herbs, then both eyes made two flames, turned into herbal Spirit Qi that two skeleton Divine Pill herbs directly, almost completed instantaneously. This may be scared Yue'er, before she saw Shen Xiang to burn to build up skeleton Divine Pill herbs, that also needed a period of time, but through both eyes, instantaneously completes now! Really easy-to-use!” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile: I used Divine sea four flame Divine Country a moment ago, in addition two flame skeletons of eyes, instantaneously have completed, imagines me is quicker than!” Yue'er took a deep breath: These old alchemy masters can die.” Shen Xiang has not thought that eyes skeleton unexpectedly has this ability, he had recalled in the mind a smelting skeleton Divine Pill step, front also needs building up of source, refines the spirit bloodlines of various divine medicine, then fuses together the bloodlines of spirit, can fuse together various it divine medicine, this process requires time. But he releases that two flame after both eyes, unexpectedly directly achieves the effect that he wants finally, has almost one's wish! His clear these two flames have the intelligence, in completes these steps instantaneously.