World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2107
Shen Xiang quick successful integrates in two Divine Soul in time formation the double skeleton of thigh, after completing, he felt that the thigh fills strength, is similar to his previous arm integrates Divine Soul to be the same. He goes out of time formation, treads to tread vigorously, blows out a hot wave, all around slightly is also shaking, does not divulge strength that just obtained, he will think very uncomfortable. Was very fierce, you now are six Godhead six skeletons, copes with initial level Highest God people should not be the issue.” Yue'er exclaimed, a moment ago Shen Xiang fiercely trod, has used Meteor God Energy, that strength regarding only had six Godhead people are quite fearful, this was similar to concentrates ten Godhead Highest God. Good, now we go back, how much time start?” Shen Xiang asked. Goes back to sleep, in the morning got up to go to gather.” Yue'er lies on Shen Xiang, at present one black, she and Shen Xiang left this passage, after arriving at the ground, Shen Xiang puts out formation plate, transmits Hundred Flowers Pavilion, then goes to City Lord's Mansion. At this time is late at night, but in City Lord's Mansion is still very lively, Wu Kaiming is meeting with some big shots, tomorrow they must exit to meet with Infernal Demon Emperor. Zhou Sheng and Mu Qianxiang also in City Lord's Mansion, they and Shen Xiang must three mysterious expert battles that tomorrow goes to the battlefield and Infernal Demon Emperor sends! Knows that who our matches are?” Shen Xiang sees Zhou Sheng and Mu Qianxiang in the hall, he walked. At present only knows one! Is Fu Tiangao!” Mu Qianxiang said: Before almost by this fellow to the pit, fortunately promptly can discover their goals.” Child of Fu Tiangao Concealing Heaven Gate Dean! Concealing Heaven Gate also cultivates evil art, now hires oneself Infernal Demon Emperor is very normal, but Fu Tiangao can go to battle, explained that Fu Tiangao was regarded as important by Infernal Demon Emperor extremely, definitely has a strength.

Concealing Heaven Gate was the loss was also serious, the opportunity extermination, who made them want the idea of our Hundred Flowers Village? Gets what one deserves, tomorrow ran into this fellow by me, I will not let off absolutely his.” Mu Qianxiang whole face anger, before Fu Tiangao and his father, have not besieged, but ran away finally. Zhou Sheng knits the brows: Situation somewhat is possibly disadvantageous to us! Because they know on the same day disciple who our here situations, participate in the selection, definitely has the spy, they definitely will disclose our further information.” Some Mu Qianxiang also this types worried, before they selected, was completely strength . Moreover the Zhou Sheng weakness was also discovered by Shen Xiang, although after 20 days special taught, but could not make up for many. Must clutch the spy, having a look at him to disclose many exited!” Shen Xiang said. „It is not easy, these fellows hide very well, but the person who initially participated in although are not many, but must mix is not very difficult, we are hard to guard.” Zhou Sheng sighed, because he also just knew the Fu Tiangao matter, therefore thinks that Infernal Demon Emperor places some people and so on. Initially participated in the selection has hundred people, is not many!” A Shen Xiang eyeball revolution, said: I look for Little Bald, making him go to convene completely the disciple who the same day participates, I have the means to determine that has the spy.” What means?” Mu Qianxiang some do not believe that Zhou Sheng is also so. Security!” Shen Xiang enters the conference room immediately, inside sits dozens people, is the elder levels of major influences, Heaven Punishment God asks: „Does Shen Xiang, what matter have?”

Has, important matter!” Shen Xiang said worry of Zhou Sheng and Mu Qianxiang. This we had already thought that therefore you do not need to be worried, selects the disciple time, we screen very rigorously.” Heaven Punishment God said: Moreover this is my own ownself suffer responsibility...... The words that you do not feel relieved, how do you want to do?” First called to come here them, said that the worry when the time comes possibly had the mistake, making them come to here to be the substitute.” Shen Xiang said that initially Fu Tiangao mixed, Demon Execution Heavenly God they had not discovered that therefore Shen Xiang is quite worried. Wu Kaiming said: Can with opening similarly, everybody goes to call these little rascal.” Lu Qilian also here, she immediately goes back still to shout in Hundred Flowers Village Xue Ying and some Ji Meixian also Leng Youlan that Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong they in City Lord's Mansion, how do not need to shout. The less than half double-hour, in a City Lord's Mansion great hall, has stood the person, this is not only the disciple who the same day participates in the selection, some people of observing, completely here. Lu Qilian, also told Bai Youyou and Bai Ziqian the matter they, they presented at that time, therefore must come here. Here has several hundred people, moreover there are many are Big Shot and elder of side influence, these people will divulge a secret are also difficult saying that the hand of Infernal Demon Emperor can extend is long, Heaven Punishment God they are not clear, in their present hearts also faintly worried. Shen Xiang to Heaven Punishment God sound transmission, making Heaven Punishment God convening the reason of people says.

Heaven Punishment God does not know that Shen Xiang must do, but before Shen Xiang, said that his some means see to divulge a secret, his loudly said: „When everybody, in us some people leaks on the same day the selection secret...... This secret is mainly we go to battle with course this of disciple......” Heaven Punishment God speech time, Shen Xiang that pair integrates the eye of skeleton completely to lock the both eyes of people, when Heaven Punishment God just said the reason, does not suit his catch to three people of looks, two are old man, one is the young man. unexpectedly has two elders! These two elders should be Floating Life Divine City!” Shen Xiang hear of Wu Kaiming have mentioned, in the past Liu Fusheng of Floating Life city has helped his, therefore he quite pays attention to the Floating Life Divine City matter. They are only the look are not a little right, Shen Xiang is unascertainable, therefore he more further investigates, he concentrates the spirit, distinguishes the perspective their Divine sea, unexpectedly has very astonishing discovery, their Divine sea are garnets, Divine sea is floating the massive corpses, this understood at a glance that cultivates the evil devil art method to be affected. But that young man, the skeleton in Divine sea piles up, is everywhere bloody, moreover on a summit of skeleton, is sitting cross-legged his Divine Soul, that Divine Soul hair is dishevelled, both eyes are red, the body is sending out the evil ghost of soaring to the heavens. This fellow unexpectedly or Demon Soul Executing City!” Shen Xiang looked at that man clothing, in the heart is very surprised, the Demon Soul Executing City outstanding disciple, unexpectedly mixed in has practiced the evil devil art legal person. Shen Xiang gives Demon Execution Heavenly God and Heaven Punishment God immediately their sound transmission, told them these three people of unusualities, but then wanted them to be responsible for interrogating strictly. That three people discovered that Gu Dongchen their several Big Shot suddenly visit them, in the heart is very surprised, although looks like very calm, but Shen Xiang can actually penetrate the change of their eye, could see that they are hurried.