World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2108
Ren Tianyong gets rid first, moves sideways to arrive at side that young man, a where his on shoulder, forcefully examination this man Divine sea strength. City Lord...... you are............” This male suddenly pain shouted that body unexpectedly emitted an intermittent extremely fearful evil ghost. After that two Floating Life Divine City elder sees, in the heart was more hurried, they just want to catch to work as the hostage young people, but they jointly was actually imprisoned by Gu Dongchen and Demon Execution Heavenly God, cannot move. The people are far away from these three people immediately, they are also surprised incomparable, in them unexpectedly has the spy, moreover the status of some resulting. In secret gave Liu Fusheng sound transmission in Gu Dongchen a moment ago, Liu Fusheng arrives in front of these two elders, coldly said: I am not thin to you, you will betray unexpectedly also me!” What City Lord...... did you say? This definitely misunderstands!” old man hurriedly said. Misunderstanding?” A Demon Execution Heavenly God palm hits, does not know that he has used any method, after he has hit a that old man palm, on that old man emits the evil ghost, covers in the above of great hall. Honest confession, you tell Infernal Demon Emperor the situation that the same day did fight?” The Heaven Punishment God cold sound said. Bai Youyou walks, coldly said: Made me search for the soul to have a look to know directly......” Shen Xiang hastily shouted: No, their Divine Soul have the Infernal Demon Emperor brand mark, examined forcefully their memories will make their Divine Soul destroy voluntarily.” That three spies immediately one startled, because they do not know this matter, but they are clear Infernal Demon Emperor to fudge on their Divine Soul, they initially also to win the trust of Infernal Demon Emperor. City Lord...... I said that can you give my way out? Our also has no recourse, our life essence must exhaust, when we go out was seized by Infernal Demon Emperor, he complies to give us to continue the life, but must work for him.” old man employs professional mourners saying: City Lord has been very good to us, was only a pity that our foundation is disappointing, is unable to promote again, can only pass away, but we do not want dead......”

You? Also what's the matter?” Ren Tianyong looks at that man who he holds, the angry sound asks. This male suddenly sneers, eyes becomes red, chest suddenly splits, extends a hand, this hand grabs a black short-sword tightly, condense the strength of very fearful Evil Devil, the thorn to the head of Ren Tianyong. His speed is quick, Ren Tianyong has not thought that the opposite party meets suddenly to have such fearful strength, moves aside radically without enough time, saw his head must be passed through, Ren Tianyong vanish from sight, the man also punctured spatial suddenly. Shen Xiang in the critical instance, use transfers the technique move Ren Tianyong, otherwise Ren Tianyong also really very danger(ous). Dies!” Demon Execution Heavenly God is angry, his apprentice had almost been a moment ago finished, seeing Ren Tianyong to be all right, his instantaneous flash comes, braving the big palm of golden light to pat on the body of this man, the becoming integrated with golden smog, will extinguish directly kills. City Lord, that brat is............” old man just wants to say anything, shouted one on the pain, the body is burnt by the black flame, soon after turned into the black salt. Heaven Punishment God knits the brows: „Is this Infernal Demon Emperor the strength of curse? It seems like he cannot say anything to come, will otherwise die.” Remaining old man both legs tremble, he regrets and Infernal Demon Emperor cooperation, he has not thought that Infernal Demon Emperor in the thing that their Divine Soul left behind, unexpectedly can want their life at any time. I cannot say that now, otherwise I will die.” That old man whole face is bitter and astringent. Shen Xiang walked, looks at the eye of old man, penetrates to his Divine sea, has discovered old man Lord Divine Soul, this Lord Divine Soul forehead to have the Infernal Demon Emperor brand mark, his both eyes dodge, make together marvelous strength, erases the brand mark of old man forehead. You can say now!” Shen Xiang said: You say will not die, you should be able to feel that Infernal Demon Emperor kept your Divine Soul brand mark to be cancelled by me a moment ago.”

Demon Execution Heavenly God they immediately in great surprise, this was surprised to the Shen Xiang method, unexpectedly was so fast can the Divine Soul fight foot, this was quite fearful. A moment ago...... That little rascal is the Infernal Demon Emperor haughty disciple, was sent Demon Soul Executing City very much long time ago.” old man is very disturbed, discovered after one are all right, he relaxed , to continue saying: Details Infernal Demon Emperor that you fights knew! Naturally, we also know that a point their situation, at present determined is Fu Tiangao participates, but Fu Tiangao is his very haughty apprentice.” Another two?” Liu Fusheng asked. Moreover that two are very mystical, I understand not many, knows that they are arrogant, Infernal Demon Emperor expert was looked down upon by them.” old man replied. Gu Dongchen gently took a deep breath, very obviously that two arrogant, is Divine Country comes. Goes back to rest, raises the full spirit, in the morning hits one well.” Gu Dongchen said that old man carried off by them. Shen Xiang keeps in City Lord's Mansion, he already guessed correctly that side before Infernal Demon Emperor goes to battle definitely will have Divine Country, now sure enough. In order to have good condition fight, Shen Xiang falls asleep quickly. In the morning, after he gets out of bed, saw Mu Qianxiang in the courtyard. Brother!” Mu Qianxiang walks immediately, said with a smile sweetly: How I felt that you changed fierce.” Saying, she puts out bulk lots to roast fragrant meat very much, gives Shen Xiang, she is a big glutton, today must fight, therefore she makes some delicious giving Shen Xiang especially.

Really clever!” Shen Xiang receives, wolfs down, seeing this table manners, Mu Qianxiang giggle to smile tenderly. Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen also arrive in the courtyard, Zhou Sheng follows in them behind. Can go to outside the city, now everybody waited on the city wall.” Gu Dongchen sees Shen Xiang still to eat, cannot help but has smiled: Young Martial Uncle, you are not it seems like anxious.” After Shen Xiang finished eating the meat, said with a smile: Put down similarly think that's alright! What I quite do not feel relieved, Infernal Demon Emperor also has other plots.” So long as now did not have war that's alright.” Gu Dongchen said that he from long-term considered, if these time with the Infernal Demon Emperor army bar on, world of Nine Heaven will annex Highest God Realm in the future, they do not have enough strength and Highest God Realm these influence struggles. Highest God Realm these influences will not tolerate a huge influence that this suddenly braves to press them. large formation of Nine Heavens city has not closed, Shen Xiang they arrive at outside the city through Teleportation Formation, to guarantee Shen Xiang, Mu Qianxiang and Zhou Sheng security, Demon Execution Heavenly God, Heaven Punishment God, Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming, Lu Qilian and Long Huishan outside city, but other people look on the city wall.