World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2109

Infernal Demon Emperor here lineup is also very strong, Infernal Demon Emperor and Fire God and other Divine Country puppets also came, looks like their overall strengths compared with Nine Heavens Sect strong , after no wonder Gu Dongchen worries erupts great war mutually wounded, is hard to restore Yuan Qi.

Shen Xiang, does not see for a long time! We were also the old enemies, this time you may probably be careful, do not lose the poor life.” Infernal Demon Emperor wears a garnet helmet and armor, a face of middle-aged person full is the rogue color, even if on him has not sent out the evil Devil Qi breath, but looked like is also very scary. In the past I also very weak time, you think Will kill me by any means possible, but hasn't succeeded? Careful should be you, your such Evil Devil can so be exactly long, almost should die.” Shen Xiang faces Infernal Demon Emperor, has not felt to fear, before Infernal Demon Emperor was formidable regarding him, but he has been able to fight with Infernal Demon Emperor now. Wu Kaiming puts out that to examine the Godhead black ball, said: Makes your person coordinate, this is to prevent six Godhead above mixing comes.” Infernal Demon Emperor also puts out one to examine Godhead magic treasure, that is a grain of red bead, his said with a sneer: You also make your people coordinate, I worried that you cause to cheat.” At this time Infernal Demon Emperor behind went out of three young handsome men, one is Fu Tiangao, he saw the Shen Xiang's time, whole face anger, he envied to Shen Xiang, because he knows that side Shen Xiang had the outstanding female, but at present this Mu Qianxiang is Shen Xiang's sworn sister, he thought that is unable to obtain, therefore in the heart hated. Another two men wear the white clothing, on their faces does not have the expression, eyes full is ice-cold, resembles in society all unable to place in their eyes, but they pour also very coordinate, tests the Godhead quantity. After the test, they are six Godhead, but those who make people quite surprised is, when they test, ray that these send out spatially very bright, Zhou Sheng and Mu Qianxiang is brighter, this means that Godhead is quite special and formidable. Taking, many Godhead, in this bead have many luminous spots.” Bead of Infernal Demon Emperor in the hand throws to Zhou Sheng, after Zhou Sheng receives, your red bead presents six white luminous spots immediately. Measured that places the ground, waits for the luminous spot to vanish again next.” Infernal Demon Emperor also said.

Zhou Sheng places the ground the red bead, the above luminous spot vanished gradually, then Mu Qianxiang will pick, above reappears six luminous spots, after she Infernal Demon Emperor sees clearly, places the ground. Was one's turn Shen Xiang, Infernal Demon Emperor at this time earnestness, because he had known that Shen Xiang only had four Godhead, but four Godhead showed very strong strength to come, therefore he must have a look at this is real, although Shen Xiang had also been leaned by that black ball, but Infernal Demon Emperor thought that this was inaccurate. After Shen Xiang will pick, the red bead presents six white luminous spots immediately! Shen Xiang unexpectedly six Godhead, but before had four! Mu Qianxiang and Zhou Sheng feel very accidentally, is only the distance beforehand 20 days, Shen Xiang concentrates two Godhead, this is impossible. What's the matter? Before , don't we obtain certainly?” Wang Jinshi is very surprised: This brat had six Godhead, before suppressed two Godhead intentionally?” Has the possibility very much, since this little rascal has liked hiding own strength.” Bai Youyou said that in this group of people, she is most knows about Shen Xiang. Only then Lu Qilian knows that Shen Xiang looked for Xue Xianxian they to borrow time formation formation plate, but she was some cannot believe that even if was 20 years, but is unable that rapid setting two Godhead to come, after all jumped over upward is more difficult. But Shen Xiang not to concise Godhead helpful Divine Pill. Infernal Demon Emperor also sees surprised on Gu Dongchen their face, knows that they feel the doubts to two Godhead that Shen Xiang suddenly braves.

Now the people secretly think that Shen Xiang hides two Godhead intentionally! If is really this, that can hide other Godhead again? Master, can he also hide other Godhead?” Fu Tiangao also knows before Shen Xiang, has four Godhead good matters: If he is also hiding, we do suffer a loss very much?” This is impossible, this magic treasure is our Great Country Master refinements, depends on him unable to deceive this magic treasure!” A white clothing man said that hearing him to say Great Country Master, Shen Xiang affirmed that he from Divine Country, Divine Country unexpectedly was helping Infernal Demon Emperor in secret, moreover very vigorous support. His seven are Godhead also what kind of? I can kill him in the same old way!” Another white clothing man said with a sneer, disdain looked at Shen Xiang one: Starts quickly!” Infernal Demon Emperor gives a white clothing man that red bead, said: Three people that we go to battle with are Nie Lin and Dong Li are separately even, Fu Tiangao!” Gu Dongchen said: We are Mu Qianxiang, Zhou Sheng and Shen Xiang!” Good, according to the beforehand contract on, the contest rule is to project on both sides nobody can enter the war, admits defeat, casualty are responsible.” Infernal Demon Emperor smiled dark, looked at Shen Xiang, continued saying: Compared with fighting the process does not allow to use weapon, once uses violates the contract, therefore you must carry on the contract now.” Both sides enter the war also ties contract, pledged does not use Divine Weapon and divine armor and so on thing, as well as pledged one have six Godhead. After this contract completes, showed that Shen Xiang has six Godhead!

If violates the contract, will not want your lives, but has a headache about!” Infernal Demon Emperor said: „It was a moment ago clear, after being injured, cannot eat pills, only if withdraws.” This contract is both same to both sides, was very fair! Us is Fu Tiangao goes to battle, if he wins your here players, he can also continue to meet you to replace.” Infernal Demon Emperor said: If you win here wins him, can choose to continue to meet head-on or change players.” Fu Tiangao walked: I completely have solved them, you may probably run down the stage to admit defeat promptly, I will not show mercy! Even if facing the beautiful woman is also so.” Here has the ratio to fight the stage, barrier is the double strong side arrangement, therefore very reliable, although fight fallout is unable to run, but the person can actually fall, falls or, can go back the rest to come up to hit a while again, if not really good, that can only withdraw, cannot go to battle again. Zhou Sheng first, he controls Time Power, can let Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang sees clearly this Fu Tiangao strength, controls Time Power, can have the strength of very strong self-preservation.