World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2110
Fighting the stage is very bigger, is similar to small plaza, must fall not to be easy, but the words that admits defeat, needing run down the stage, if the opposite party is too strong, runs to admit defeat without enough time, will have danger(ous). After Zhou Sheng gets on the stage, in the heart has one to worry, because of the opposite party to their knowing things like the back of one's hand, but they actually know nothing about the enemy side, on this point, they are at a disadvantage. Although Zhou Sheng after 20 days of trainings, but he Shen Xiang had still not discovered that their shortcomings fill, but if the opposite party knows that utilizes extremely good, this will struggle hard for him. When he comes to power, Gu Dongchen gives him sound transmission, lets him as far as possible aside, if there is any paroxysmal incident, is good to run down the stage. Regarding Gu Dongchen, even if them lost, is only to divine yuan stone, but if died an outstanding disciple, many divine yuan stone are unable to make up, but like Zhou Sheng this type disciple who uses Time Power, is rare and precious. Rule was clear.” Infernal Demon Emperor has sneered: Arrives at the middle!” Square shape compared with fighting on the side of stage has 30-40 zhang (3.33 m) width, only then two people stand above, appears very spacious. Zhou Sheng is somewhat anxious, could see that he is first time experiences this ratio to fight, before he was fighting with the person on one's own side, but now is the mean deceitful enemy, used Evil Devil strength. Starts!” Infernal Demon Emperor suddenly bellows, frightens the people secret one startled, starts to shout that Zhou Sheng attacks first. Before and other people compared to fight, he was from the beginning on use eight time clone, but currently actually uses 16, this was his limit. little rascal of control time, Ha Ha......” Fu Tiangao suddenly grins fiendishly, body black Qi four well up, Zhou Sheng time clone just approached, receives very strong disturbance. Zhou Sheng does not know that the opposite party has used any means that but he knows that his time strength received very big limit! Now he knows that the two brothers also control insufficiently to time strength, fatal shortcoming. Is Soul Body!” Shen Xiang frowned: He released many ghosts a moment ago, these ghost and Fu Tiangao Divine Soul in one, has been equal to his part continually, therefore time strength does not have the effect to these ghosts.”

Zhou Sheng felt that danger(ous) approaches, immediately retreat, he discovered at this time his Time Power utilizes very strenuously, he understands immediately that this barrier is formidable, must the change time in barrier, that be very difficult, in his heart hates itself darkly, he strongest is Time Power, but arrived here not to have the opportunity, his strength already by big limit. Ah! The Zhou Sheng suddenly pain shouted one, spouted a big blood, his back was hit by a shadow a moment ago, that was the fist that the ghost turned into, Zhou Sheng is unable to carry on the time change to it . Moreover the attack rapidness of opposite party, from all directions, him was also hard to avoid. Is quick!” Demon Execution Heavenly God anxious shouted, they also realized at this time, because this barrier is formidable, but the utilization of Zhou Sheng to time strength is also insufficient, definitely certainly was limited. Zhou Sheng was hit hard the back, not only body is injured, Divine Soul also by certainly wound, what making his heart startled is, he was surrounded at this time by the massive ghosts, these ghosts after the refinement, have strong strength, under the control of Fu Tiangao, turns into fists and feet, fires into Zhou Sheng in abundance. Suddenly, Zhou Sheng was hit hard several, although he exudes the deeply grieved cry, but he is only instantaneous, can be restored to come by the injured place. Does not believe to kill undying you.” Fu Tiangao strength is very strong, these ghosts that he controls can suppress Zhou Sheng, he has not gotten rid, but now abhors rush over toward Zhou Sheng, palm suddenly increases, the fingertip becomes long and sharp, the skin of palm becomes rough, black sending out the black smoke, is looking like is similar to the claw of Devil Ghost, is very fearful. The Fu Tiangao lightning flies generally rush over, with the claw thorn of that terror to Zhou Sheng, already had perceived in retreat Zhou Sheng, he is sideways to avoid hastily, but has not hidden, the left shoulder deeply was punctured by that claw. Snort!” Fu Tiangao this time face reappears the black skin, looks like strength is more formidable, he gets angry coldly snorted, the fierce receiving hand, has ripped the arm of Zhou Sheng. After Zhou Sheng called out pitifully, broke the arm place to grow an arm, although he not by any wound, but that ache actually suffering his spirit.

Fu Tiangao has gotten angry, he who cultivates the evil devil art method was very easy to enlarge the evil thought that if the normal person envies to Zhou Sheng this ability, but Fu Tiangao crazily is actually envying, he cannot obtain must destroy it. This time he reached the Zhou Sheng nape of the neck the claw, his speed previous time is faster, strength previous time is stronger, that intermittent evil black god of evil fortune is welling up crazily, must pierce the throat of Zhou Sheng shortly, but his black hand was grabbed by Infernal Demon Emperor. Because Zhou Sheng has gone down the ratio to fight the stage, this is equal to admitting defeat. Fu Tiangao cannot attack him again! brat, do not come to power again, I surely will again not give next time you opportunity.” Fu Tiangao angrily said, he restored the original design at this time, appearance that he lost one's temper a moment ago, quite fearful. Qianxiang, you thought that you can cope with him?” Gu Dongchen asked that if Mu Qianxiang were not good, Shen Xiang directly came up, that Fu Tiangao strength was truly fearful, Zhou Sheng can only admit defeat. I try.” Mu Qianxiang said: Since came, said that must hit one.” Shen Xiang gives her sound transmission: You used to execute the devil art method to cope with his that's alright, this Evil Devil most feared this type, you should with executing the devil art method are quite familiar!” Was clear.” Mu Qianxiang jumped up., Fu Tiangao saw him, both eyes revealed the immoral light immediately, wished one could to Mu Qianxiang dig up clean Starts!” Infernal Demon Emperor shouted that Fu Tiangao dodges suddenly, arrives at Mu Qianxiang behind, he has licked the lip, claw of fierce thorn that pair of Evil Devil to the back of Mu Qianxiang. Mu Qianxiang is very the vigilance, discovers Fu Tiangao to disappear, immediately leaves same place, avoids that pair of devil claw, she in avoidance, the white hands flies to project together golden light, is full of pure and holy the strength of Demon Execution, golden light hits on Fu Tiangao, turns into together the chains, ties up Fu Tiangao.

Demon Execution chains! With well!” Wang Jinshi relaxed, she is very worried about Mu Qianxiang, because that Fu Tiangao was too fearful. After Mu Qianxiang Fu Tiangao ties up, releases her several sword that uses Divine Power to congeal, she controls these swords to compose one sword, the thorn to Fu Tiangao. You underestimated me, damn woman.” Fu Tiangao laughs wildly one, after shaking disperses his golden chains, angry roar, fearful appeared, his back suddenly emits six arms, these arms are the black rough skins, has that fearful devil claw. Is quick.” Shen Xiang hastily shouted. Mu Qianxiang clenches teeth, strengthens the might of her several sword, then runs down the stage fast, is only suddenly, she must go down the ratio to fight the stage, devil claw that but the back was flown by one hits. Mu Qianxiang was hit to fly to leave office, Shen Xiang hastily caught her in the past, her pricks his back palm cremation, at this time Mu Qianxiang also received very heavy wound. I withdraw!” Mu Qianxiang shouted, she has been injured at this time, if not treat and cure, perhaps will have danger(ous). Now must be one's turn Shen Xiang to go on stage, Zhou Sheng and Mu Qianxiang are not the Fu Tiangao matches!