World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2111

Zhou Sheng and Mu Qianxiang were defeated with short the extremely time by Fu Tiangao, moreover loses very distressedly, if not for Zhou Sheng has time strength to make own injury restore, he now perhaps be more serious than Mu Qianxiang. Mu Qianxiang has eaten up pills, was transmitted returns to the city, she stands in the city wall, seeing that to restore the original design Fu Tiangao, somewhat fears. This fellow radically is Evil Devil! We hope that the brother do not have the matter.” Mu Qianxiang can feel itself a moment ago clearly and Fu Tiangao disparity, she has used the strength of Demon Execution, but does not have the tangible effect, was still being suppressed to the strong side strength. Brother he can definitely be victorious! His match is that two fellow from Divine Country.” Leng Youlan said. Shen Xiang has stepped onto:, he moves toward the middle slowly, said Has not thought to obtain strength, your unexpectedly that disgusting matter can be done continually, this point I very admire your.” What did you say?” Fu Tiangao sees Shen Xiang, anger inexplicably to upwell, especially thinks that Shen Xiang is surrounded by beautiful women that many beautiful and outstanding females, his heart almost must get angry explodes. You can become such strong, strength originates from that Devil Ghost! I know that your Concealing Heaven Gate cultivates evil technique that one type picks to make up, did you carry on to pick to make up to that Devil Ghost? Otherwise impossible to fuse that well with their strength.” Shen Xiang smiles lightly. Shen Xiang was just staring at both eyes of Fu Tiangao, can see directly fully his is Devil Ghost Divine sea, moreover is various Devil Ghost is doing the matter of union! Fu Tiangao is the good female sexual attractiveness, but he to obtain strength, with Devil Ghost together, he was affected by Devil Ghost at this time gradually, therefore his Divine sea should have various beautiful women, but now is actually Devil Ghost! Let Shen Xiang think what he is most sorrowful, Fu Tiangao does not hope so, he was unable to control his Divine sea now, these things that in his Divine sea presents, is Devil Ghost fantasizes. You spoke many words freely, because after you, did not have the opportunity to say.” Both hands of Fu Tiangao turned into devil claw, the face one grow dark gradually, eyes increases towering, turned into half -and-a-half people of demons, but on him unceasingly spout Devil Qi is also very fearful, unexpectedly makes fight the stage to shake.

Shen Xiang has arrived at the middle, indifferently said: Good, you later again did not have the opportunity to hear me to speak, because you were dying quickly.” Infernal Demon Emperor could not wait, shouts in vain: Starts!” His many years did not see Shen Xiang, now also want to take a look at Shen Xiang strongly, naturally, he hoped to see the Shen Xiang tragic death, but the Fu Tiangao method, can definitely make Shen Xiang die a tragic death. Shen Xiang has not attacked first, but is stands in calm same place, Fu Tiangao was already angry, the body was changed by the anger, turns into the Devil Ghost appearance, he is similar to Devil Ghost is roaring, clashes toward Shen Xiang, his pair of arm is similar to two black sword fierce thorns to Shen Xiang, these two claw are fearful, a moment ago Mu Qianxiang and Zhou Sheng almost died a tragic death under this pair of devil claw! But now the attack of Fu Tiangao is crazier fiercely, the people see Fu Tiangao to go crazy, is more panic-stricken, seeing Fu Tiangao to attack, almost shouted to make noise, was worried that Shen Xiang will be struck to kill instantaneously. But, has not stemmed from people to anticipate finally that facing this pair of claw, must certainly fend, but Shen Xiang not only does not have, but also puts out a hand to hold the palm of opposite party. You......” Fu Tiangao suddenly are sweating profusely, this double fills the hand of strength of formidable Evil Devil, at this time unexpectedly cannot move, unexpectedly by Shen Xiang stubbornly holds. Death!” Shen Xiang lifts the right leg to sweep to Fu Tiangao that Devil Transformation sturdy waist, this will turn into the body of Devil Ghost to sweep from the waist! Was intrepid a moment ago incomparable Fu Tiangao, with ease defeated Mu Qianxiang and Zhou Sheng, but the body actually succeeded in giving up two sections at this time, moreover with leg sweeping.

This is Shen Xiang concentrates the right leg of double skeleton, moreover inside also integrates two formidable earth core divine beast Divine Soul, Shen Xiang has not used Meteor God Energy, the Fire God strength that but transforms four fire Godhead emerged the thigh, strength can say that very fearful, not having divine armor to be hard to resist radically. You are also mediocre!” Shen Xiang also grabs both hands of Fu Tiangao at this time, he will throw gently, on the half body Fu Tiangao loses in the ground, his right leg braves the raging flame, is stepping on fiercely to the lower part of Fu Tiangao. Bang! The people only see sparks flying in all directions, the Fu Tiangao lower part changed to become dregs, this deeply shocked the people, Fu Tiangao has sufficed fearfully, but Shen Xiang was fiercer, swept the body of Fu Tiangao all of a sudden succeeds in giving up two sections, then a foot stepped on the lower part of Fu Tiangao to turn into the ash! This strength at all likely is not six Godhead strength! Must know that Fu Tiangao strength has gone far beyond ordinary six Godhead, Mu Qianxiang and Zhou Sheng are outstanding six Godhead Heavenly God, but faces Fu Tiangao also only to be repulsed! Shen Xiang's strength strong? The people are unable to know that but these Highest God on the scene, unexpectedly suspected whether own that Highest God strength can be victorious so fearful Shen Xiang. You...... You......” Fu Tiangao is crawling in the ground with both hands, he wants the falling face down ratio to fight the stage, but Shen Xiang will not make him succeed, a leap in the past, landing time, the both feet is congealing abundant flame Divine Power, steps in the body of Fu Tiangao. Bang! Hot wave surging forward rushes eight sides from the Shen Xiang under foot. Shen Xiang this steps on, but has used very strong Fire God strength, after all this is an upper part, has Fu Tiangao Divine sea, he must the it disposable destruction.

Compared with fighting the stage was covered by the raging flame, but quick vanished, like had been absorbed by Shen Xiang, Fu Tiangao lost the trace, but the ground has black ashes! The people look at ash of this belching smoke, cannot help but hit to tremble, that fearful Fu Tiangao unexpectedly such was finished a moment ago! Disparity, our actually and brother differ such far, it seems like previous time him and I compete with, was joking with me.” Astonished Leng Youlan said heavily that she is subject to the attack. Shen Xiang this bastard...... The fearfulness of real his mother.” Zhu Rong before and Shen Xiang has hit, recalled one lose by any wound, he had not been thought is really lucky. Most shocking naturally is maintains barrier these Highest God, a moment ago clearly Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming they can feel is very strong to that fallout, if they prevents alone, did not stop. They to Shen Xiang, only then six Godhead, feel the unusual suspicion, although that Fu Tiangao is strong, in range that but the strength intensity also accepts in them, but Shen Xiang was really too fearful. The Infernal Demon Emperor complexion is dignified, he looked at Nie Lin and Dong Li these two still whole face proud look men, they are Divine Country come, and has relationship with any Great Country Master, the strength is very definitely strong, Shen Xiang also very wants to ask for advice their strength. Nie Lin, Dong Li is even, anyone of you on first? The Shen Xiang's strength you should see.” Infernal Demon Emperor hesitant, also said: If cannot hit, that Shen Xiang when the time comes will not be forgiving.” Relax, what dying is he! My Nie Lin in Divine Country, although is not very strong, but must kill him to have more than enough to spare.” Nie Lin has gotten on. the stage