World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2112
On the city wall, the people feel the suspicion, Shen Xiang is so strong, but Nie Lin thought one are stronger than Shen Xiang. How to hit?” Long Xueyi hurried running over, pulls Mu Qianxiang to ask: How did you here, withdraw?” Mu Qianxiang nodded, is fast simply told Long Xueyi the course. Long Xueyi looks at Nie Lin saying: This fellow has the arrogant sickness, looked that little rascal and other is how oppressive he.” Yue'er said: Nie Lin not, in the ratio fights in stage, how therefore is unable to feel Shen Xiang's strength! But he looks down upon that killed Fu Tiangao very much, therefore he thought that the Fu Tiangao strength is also not much, was massacred very normally.” Shen Xiang stands in the middle, looks at Nie Lin to walk, he is staring at both eyes of Nie Lin, sees Nie Lin Divine sea directly, unexpectedly is one fills the crazy thunder Divine sea, Nie Lin Divine sea full is the colorful lightning, chops to hit the mighty waves turbulent sea water unceasingly, but Nie Lin Divine Soul sits in lineup that in lightning glow forms, is controlling lightning. actually uses lightning strength.” Shen Xiang also can only see these from opposite party Divine sea, he from this Divine sea guessed that this Nie Lin big wildness has not looked, wholeheartedly cultivates lightning Divine Power. Infernal Demon Emperor is having a look at this Nie Lin strength anxiously, he poured does not fear Nie Lin dead, instead anticipated, because Nie Lin died, that side Divine Country will be definitely angrier. Starts!” Infernal Demon Emperor sees Nie Lin to arrive at the middle, shouts on hastily. Nie Lin gets rid quickly, he also slightly lifts the hand, does movement that has brushed fast, his arm also lightens a lightning, he was releasing a lightning whip a moment ago, pulls out to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang has not expected, opposite party such optional, the speed very rapidness, strength also is very fearful, a whip pulls out on his face.

Puff!” The Shen Xiang cheeks were hit the instance, felt that was patted by extremely vast strength, must break to pieces general his face, he flies has spouted a blood. Shen Xiang was hit to fly, lies in the ground, on the face has whip-mark together, he has not really thought that the attack of opposite party so will be fast, making him make any preparation without enough time. Snort, imagines me is weaker than!” Nie Lin disdains coldly snorted, he spoke both hands wielded hastily, flicker to check have made dozens whips, brushed completely on Shen Xiang's. Lay wants just to get up in Shen Xiang of ground, lies by the pressure forcing that raided, afterward felt body by dozens crazy fierce hitting hard, this made him spout a big group blood, opposite party that strength was too strong, coordinated the extremely quick speed again, enabling him simply not to have the time that any defense dodged. Shen Xiang killed Fu Tiangao a moment ago with ease, showed very fearful strength, but now from the beginning by Nie Lin maliciously was beating cruelly, the people were surprised unable to speak. Mu Qianxiang is nipping the cherry lips, whispered: Brother, is quick!” Shen Xiang seems like hit the severe wound, lies cannot get up to be the same in the ground, Nie Lin laughs, the laughter fills contemptuously, both hands fiercely wield, releases two lightning god whips, hits to Shen Xiang. This time, Nie Lin has hit the Shen Xiang two whips, Shen Xiang turned into the mist, this makes Nie Lin frown slightly, because he has not planned such quickly to kill Shen Xiang, he wants the oppressive opposite party, but unexpectedly disperses now. Shen Xiang turned into the mist the instance, Shen Xiang these friends almost loses one's voice to shout, but after seeing that mist to flutter to a place turns into Shen Xiang, felt relieved. I do not have am so easy dead!” Shen Xiang has scratched the blood of corners of the mouth, he had used Cloud Mist Heaven Imitation a moment ago, this is he assigned Divine Ability, has unusual strength, can turn into the mist to avoid attacking his formidable body.

Shen Xiang just appeared, Nie Lin maliciously has brushed several whips to him, but hits after his body above, Shen Xiang four will compete the projected on place is similar to the fog same will disperse, will reorganize then. Body change the assigns Divine Ability?” Nie Lin leaves finally same place, in the instance that he vanishes, Shen Xiang all around suddenly presents an intermittent electricity silk, at this time he seems like similar to is stranded in the basket that an electricity silk makes is the same. Was surrounded?” Shen Xiang Bang one these electricity silk, unexpectedly has strong electric current to drill into his within the body, making his whole body tremble. „Is this basket he turns into?” Shen Xiang in great surprise, a very strong pressure wells up immediately at this time from all around, this basket is reducing gradually. Said goodbye!” Nie Lin appears suddenly, a fist pounds to Shen Xiang, the fist impact time, the strength vigor that has fights the stage to tear the ratio, compared with fighting the stage presents one leaps to dance intermittently the lightning at this time. The fist of Nie Lin is wrapping the thick electricity silk, he surrounded Shen Xiang with the lightning basket a moment ago, letting Shen Xiang is unable to flee, then storing up strength hits, even if Shen Xiang turns into the mist, fought with the fists by this must be extinguished kills. Now speaks this saying, but also early!” The Shen Xiang's left hand very strange appearance, braves the flame, holds Nie Lin that to contain the fist that crazy fierce strength attacks. Nie Lin has been startled being startled, his strength to oneself this fist is clear, he also several use this degree of excessively strength, can write off the match before, but his fist was held, making him feel what is unbelievable, that lightning strength hit that his fist attacks on the Shen Xiang's palm, a Shen Xiang unexpectedly matter does not have! The Shen Xiang's left arm is congealing the skeleton, formidable incomparable, is not Nie Lin can compare, even if Nie Lin this arm also has the skeleton, but also is only a skeleton, compared to differ with the Shen Xiang's two skeletons is too far. Nie Lin has six Godhead, but now he makes strength of this fist possibly is four Godhead strength, six Godhead of strength truly his within the body but Shen Xiang currently uses add on double Godhead of arm, strength that as well as his right leg that two continually well up, is equal to ten Godhead, skeleton that including four are hard to practice.

Shen Xiang suddenly strengthens strength, pinches Nie Lin fist giggle to make noise, on the Nie Lin face suddenly changes, becomes twists, the sudden pain, he simply has not been ready to withstand. „......” The Nie Lin pain shouted, his fist unexpectedly by the Shen Xiang crumb, the blood wind was shot. The people look at creepy feeling, this is what kind strength, unexpectedly can the crumb others' fist, but fearful strength that Nie Lin made a moment ago, unexpectedly was blocked by a Shen Xiang arm. Bye!” The Shen Xiang sound drops at the same time, his right foot has swept to the head of Nie Lin. The head of Nie Lin disappears, the person pours in the ground, the nape of the neck place also braves an intermittent smoke, obviously by scalding hot strength cancelling persons head. A moment ago also very extremely arrogant Nie Lin, at this time only remaining headless bodies, in the ratio fought on stage.