World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2113
Young expert from Divine Country died, moreover dies that simply, several sub- was cut to kill by Shen Xiang, before he came to power when also said oneself strongly, but now is the same with that Fu Tiangao, was extinguished by Shen Xiang several moves kills. Infernal Demon Emperor saw strength that Shen Xiang showed more formidable than before, in the heart was the startled anger, wishes one could to come to power Shen Xiang to pat now, he also thinks that before Shen Xiang and his strength differed are very far, but deferred to the words that like this developed, not long, Shen Xiang can exceed him quickly. Infernal Demon Emperor remaining Dong Li were only even, Dong Li little spoke, from beginning to end his expression has not changed, even if were Nie Lin was cut to kill, he has not thought to have anything, the Nie Lin death has not made him from regard the Shen Xiang's strength evidently newly, at this time he looked that Shen Xiang still has beforehand the facial expression of that disdaining. Dong Li is even, only remaining you, could strive to turn the tide look your.” Infernal Demon Emperor said that if loses competition here, not only cannot obtain divine yuan stone, but then very long a period of time they cannot cause trouble, this will make him develop to receive very big limit. Although Dong Li does not have Nie Lin such to say very rampant words to come, but he looks like must be arrogant, Infernal Demon Emperor with he spoke, he looked that did not look at Infernal Demon Emperor one, the lazily stepping onto ratio fought the stage, in his eyes this fight probably was unimportant is the same, simply will not have paying attention. „Were these Divine Country fellows the arrogant sickness? Is one by one arrogant.” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: This fellow looks like somewhat is actually calm.” Although Dong Li board with arrogant face, but he is very discrete at this time, comes to power becomes is vigilant, he has not regarded not worthy of mentioning ant Shen Xiang. Sees Dong Li so to be earnest, Shen Xiang is also interested in him, immediately looks at the both eyes of opposite party, Dong Li even Divine sea reappears immediately, what making his accident let, in Dong Li even Divine sea unexpectedly anything does not have, cannot see including his Divine Soul, that is sky-blue sea, has the Lan Tian white clouds!

Shen Xiang has seen many Divine sea, even if saw that strange Divine sea he will not be surprised, but sees this at this time with realistic sea same Divine sea, he is very surprised! Because this Divine sea and his very like, his Divine sea looks like is also, but must islands, but his Divine Soul also on islands! Cannot look completely, does he have to hide the ability of Divine sea true feature?” In the Shen Xiang heart has doubts very much, if not this, then he thought that this Dong Li perhaps is the same with him, is hiding mysterious second Divine sea. Dong Li directly has not arrived at the middle, but walked around Shen Xiang, his unexpectedly examines Shen Xiang in the details, then he looked at the ratio to fight stage above these damages the places. Nie Lin, although is very rampant, but he has certain strength, he has six Godhead and a skeleton, but such easily actually died, can only explain you besides having six Godhead, but also has two skeletons.” Dong Li indifferently said: Aura that participates from your here, you affirmed that has used strength of skeleton.” Dong Li has arrived at the middle finally, this means that he has been ready, Infernal Demon Emperor also shouts start, but Dong Li and Shen Xiang has not moved. Then, do you have three skeletons?” Shen Xiang knit the brows, this Dong Li is different from that Nie Lin, the Dong Li even surface seems like supercilious very much, but he works so is discrete, it seems like that this is his custom, who regardless of the match is, he will have a look at the opposite party strength first.

Compared with fighting the stage has formidable barrier, Dong Li is unable to induce outside to the Shen Xiang's strength aura, therefore is unable accurately to judge the Shen Xiang's strength, but after he gets on the stage, the rough estimates, this also will make him take seriously the match. I have many skeletons not to be unimportant, more importantly I can defeat you!” Dong Li slightly took a deep breath, eyes suddenly flashes through wipes the golden ray, among his eyes suddenly turns golden. When Shen Xiang's fierce retreat several steps, this Dong Li like this in all case probably changed a person, overall strength looked like has promoted many times, was only that barometric pressure that he released, shook to compare to fight stage split open, the brick bat on stage in abundance breaks to pieces. This...... What's the matter?” Shen Xiang unclear Baiyanqian this Dong Li has used any method, suddenly becomes that strong, that eye now or the golden color, the look ray makes Shen Xiang feel that an indescribable heat, this type came from the spirit scalding hot. Earnest!” The Dong Li ice-cold heartless sound conveys, the person also with vanish from sight, dodges arrives at the Shen Xiang body side, is exploding to kick to a Shen Xiang's left arm foot, his thigh golden light sparkles, seems containing infinite strength, when kicks to the Shen Xiang's left arm, that extremely quick speed adds on that fearful strength, making the space surge, unexpectedly has the black fissure. unexpectedly...... cannot move!” Shen Xiang in great surprise, revolves strength of whole body to be moved immediately by oneself, saw that this foot must for coming, Shen Xiang moved the body finally, slightly lateral one side, however his speed is too slow, although active, but the left arm was actually kicked, departs a bulk meat!

Was kicked a foot, probably was chopped a blade, Shen Xiang looks at that alarmed wound, above unexpectedly has that golden ray, making him feel what is fearful, his unexpectedly has not felt the pain! Dong Li cannot anchorage Shen Xiang be too long, after this foot kicks, Shen Xiang immediately thought that a whole body loosen, is far away from Dong Li to be even afterward, revolution Life Slaughtering Technique repairs that injured arm vigorously, simultaneously uses Heaven Refining Technique building up arm above golden light, in order to avoid seeps to his body, has the fatal injury to him. This is Pure Yang divine body, Shen Xiang you must be careful his Pure Yang Divine Power!” Demon Execution Heavenly God suddenly shouted: This strength is similar to a sharp knife blade, if enters the human body, can twist broken the internal organs.” Shen Xiang did not know about Pure Yang divine body, but knew after this strength characteristics, in the heart is scared secretly, if a moment ago he did not build up that strength, definitely will seep to his body, then wreaked havoc in his within the body, the consequence was dreadful. This strength has the strength of paralysis, when to let enter within the body will not make people feel the ache, to come how the muscle not to tie tight, can directly enter, was too fearful.” Dong Li that Shen Xiang looked at that sneer is even, has a lingering fear. He looked that scrap meat that own arm was kicked, unexpectedly had been twisted the liquid by that strength, Shen Xiang does not endure to look again that emits flame to burn down simply.