World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2114

Can see Dong Li a moment ago is only slight use that sharp knife blade general Pure Yang Divine Power! Shen Xiang had the shadow to that strength at this time, he does not want to be bumped into by this strength again, definitely will receive very serious wound. Now what he does not ravel, why the opposite party can in a moment ago the anchorage he! Came!” Shen Xiang just when pondered how one are by the anchorage, he felt that his body is unable to move. This unexpectedly is my body internal strength is causing trouble, strength unexpectedly of my body was controlled by him.” The Shen Xiang whole face is astonished, he looked that to is even in Dong Li of distant place, sees only Dong Li to smile in haughty, suddenly disappears. Shen Xiang is greatly anxious, this Dong Li has attacked, now he has felt the strength of Dong Li that fearful Pure Yang! What he controls is only my Divine sea internal strength, I cannot use Divine sea inside Six Paths Power!” Shen Xiang controls Six Paths Power to return to Divine sea in immediately! Originally to momentarily can erupt very strong strength, therefore his all the limbs and bones can condense Six Paths Power, he by the anchorage is also because these Six Paths Power do not know that anything was controlled by Dong Li. After Six Paths Power receives, the Shen Xiang under foot slid, has displayed Earth Shrinking Step, suddenly arrived at the ratio to fight the nearby of stage, avoided Dong Li to use the quick fist that Pure Yang Divine Power made. that was close, if responded that is slow, does not know that I will be what kind of! My Heaven Imitation Divine Ability does not know that can resist Pure Yang Divine Power of this fellow?” Shen Xiang is not clear, he does not dare to attempt, if unable to resist, without Black Tortoise Cloth him, the body will be made the blood holes by the fist of opposite party. When Dong Li like this in all case somewhat is also accidental, he has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly such quickly discovered he can control the god profound strength!

What ability this fellow has certainly, can control others' god profound strength, has not thought that my Six Paths Power will be controlled, what ability is this fellow mastering? He so is no wonder self-confident to himself, itself has Pure Yang Divine Power, in addition this type Divine Ability that controls others god profound strength, even if nine Godhead faces him, it is estimated that is also hard to support 30 moves.” Shen Xiang has looked at the Dong Li even eye, wants to see clearly opposite party Divine sea, but does not have any harvest. „Do you plan only to use the strength of fleshly body?” Dong Li facetiously is sneering: This means that you must discard six Godhead, only fights me with your skeleton and fleshly body, you think that this does have the stratagem which ensures success?” One listens to know not to have the stratagem which ensures success, but six Godhead are basic, does not use six Godhead, does not use Divine sea strength, that strength will receive very big limit, even if Shen Xiang has the skeleton not to help matters. How long I have a look at you to support!” Dong Li is hitting to a Shen Xiang palm in the distant place, his palm blows out fearful Pure Yang Divine Power rays, that direction that complete coverage Shen Xiang is, Shen Xiang now except for running down the stage, is unable to move aside, but use Six Paths Power, that level can by immediately the anchorage, danger(ous). Had!” The Shen Xiang mind dodges, immediately uses Transformation Technique, changes in the body surface mirrors, what because he induces is only the ray, is not very strong strength, the ray that but Pure Yang Divine Power turns into is actually similar to very sharp sword. With the Shen Xiang expectation is the same, these completely were only emitted! Dong Li faces this light also very to dread that will revolve cultivation technique that he will practice to absorb within the body hastily, otherwise his body must be sheared. Shen Xiang took advantage that this flash rushed, he uses Earth Shrinking Step time, the speed also rapidness, before suddenly arrives at the Dong Li even body, is trampling to the Dong Li homogeneous foot! Bang! Skeleton internal Divine Soul erupts strength, although does not have the Six Paths Power support, but strength is still very fearful, kicks on the Dong Li even abdomen, making Dong Li spit a blood.

Dong Li was kicked at the same time, the palm braves Pure Yang Divine Power, has been sweeping to the Shen Xiang's nape of the neck, Shen Xiang raised head thrilling avoidance, the nape of the neck place also presented a bloodstain, his head was almost divided. After they crossed one move, perceives opposite party very danger(ous), does not dare to leave the second move again, in abundance retreat! Real danger(ous)!” Mu Qianxiang in almost shouted a moment ago. Brother was limited strength probably.” Leng Youlan said. This came from the Divine Country fellow not to be ordinary, he has Pure Yang divine body, definitely very well-respected! Moreover he is also grasping Divine Ability, can control others' god profound strength, Shen Xiang this type the fellows who has the fearful god profound strength were controlled, obviously this Dong Li is fearful, in Divine Country absolutely is the top talent.” Yue'er said: Now looks at Shen Xiang to have means solve opposite party that strange Divine Ability.” Dong Li had been kicked a foot by Shen Xiang, he can judge Shen Xiang from this foot at this time physical strength, imagine compared with him formidable, he also affirmed that Shen Xiang had the skeleton for his leg in a moment ago, skeleton that fearful strength he understood. Before he when under observed, started to suspect that the Shen Xiang's left arm and right leg had the skeleton, now he can determine! Therefore he just started on the attack Shen Xiang's left arm, that conducts the test. „Is that also what kind of?” Dong Li spits the airborne blood, looks like a matter does not have, Shen Xiang this foot truly had not caused anything to injure to him a moment ago, is only extremely suddenly, shakes to the vitality of his within the body, extrudes the five main internal organs (entrails), will cause him to spit blood, but this is not big to his injury. Although Shen Xiang unemotionally, but in his heart actually secret pleasantly surprised, because he attacked a moment ago time, has been paying attention to Dong Li even both eyes, when Dong Li wants to cut off his head, his suddenly saw Dong Li even Divine sea to present Divine Soul.

Dong Li even Divine Soul unexpectedly hides in Divine sea! But that Divine Soul that presented a moment ago, is releasing the book to assign the strength of Divine Ability, wants to control his Six Paths Power, provides against contingencies, but Shen Xiang has not actually used, therefore the strength of his Divine Ability has not applied. Shen Xiang cancels the nape of the neck above bloodstain, because of very shallow scar, therefore quick can restore, that meat that he was kicked a moment ago now was long. Only can wait for the opportunity, then I must be more careful, I have enraged this fellow.” Shen Xiang saw the Dong Li even facial expression to have very big equipment, before was ice-cold heartless, but seems like having anger now. Shen Xiang attacks once more, with was the same a moment ago, he uses Earth Shrinking Step to approach Dong Li to be even, but he has not attacked, but disguises the frontal attack, then dodges to the Dong Li even body side. He releases a little Six Paths Power, lends some aura, after Dong Li induces, immediately turns the head to look that uses the strength of his strange Divine Ability, controls Shen Xiang's Six Paths Power, simultaneously grazes, on the double fist unexpectedly braves arrogance steaming Pure Yang Divine Power, this time he used very strong strength.