World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2115
Shen Xiang released the Six Paths Power aura a moment ago, intentionally tempts the opposite party to use the strength of that Divine Ability, like this he can see opposite party Divine Soul to leap Divine sea once more, this was confirming that the opposite party must release Divine sea to him to use the book Divine Soul to assign Divine Ability! Now he has determined, after he sees in opposite party Divine sea jumps out together Divine Soul, that son Six Paths Power that he releases was controlled. Shen Xiang do not attack Dong Li to be even immediately, but is probing, therefore after he probes is successful, displays Earth Shrinking Step to be far away from Dong Li to be even, now Dong Li has used very strong Pure Yang Divine Power! Dong Li predictable error, Shen Xiang unexpectedly has not attacked him, caused his these two to fight with the fists to empty, qi wave that but that engine knock came out, still brought very fearful strength to wreak havoc the ratio to fight the stage! Compared with after fighting the stage this strength covers, is similar to the bean curd by the sharp blade randomly is chopped one, compared with fighting stage jump has many fragments, has the smooth section, with such that Demon Execution Heavenly God said that this Pure Yang Divine Power is similar to the sword is so sharp. strength of this fellow is quite fearful, so long as releases this strength, his body is similar to a sharp knife blade, moreover cannot attack his body, his body surface is covering that ray now, the words that bumps into, definitely will be cut.” Wang Jinshi said. „The god profound strength of Shen Xiang this fellow is unable to use, otherwise that surnamed Dong at is not the match.” Bai Youyou said that Shen Xiang uses the Six Paths Power words, strength is not absolutely weak, will not be compelled this situation by the enemy. Demon Execution Heavenly God their these fight stage is expert in the ratio are also look fearful and apprehensive, if no barrier to resist that Pure Yang Divine Power, once flies to shoot, that definitely will cause very big destruction. They cannot direct Shen Xiang, because this is in the contract requests! This time can end.” Dong Li does not want to tow, in his heart dreaded to Shen Xiang that after all Shen Xiang for him is a strong enemy, he wishes one could a bit faster to extinguish the opposite party kills, but has not succeeded now.

Shen Xiang releases Six Paths Power immediately, simultaneously is staring at the both eyes of opposite party, this time he still sees Divine Soul that opposite party Divine sea jump comes out, sends out a white light, this controls his Six Paths Power the strength of unusual Divine Ability. When he sees opposite party Divine Soul jump comes out, his binocular suddenly dodges has wiped the white light, glittering weakly, is not obvious, however such dodges, makes Dong Li suddenly stop . Moreover the pain shouted, his Divine Soul has encountered the attack! Shen Xiang eyes inside skeleton also has unusual strength, he completely released a moment ago strength of eyes skeleton, attacks Dong Li Divine sea inside Divine Soul. Is now!” Shen Xiang that was constrained for a long time Divine sea suddenly angry roar to get up, the mighty waves are turbulent, Six Paths Power is similar to flows rapidly rushes in his Divine sea four flame Godhead generally! After flame Godhead formation flame Divine Power, then emerges him to have the left arm and right leg of double skeleton! Dong Li cannot suppress Shen Xiang's Six Paths Power, he also knows own very danger(ous), but his Divine Soul was attacked, lets his severe pain, but he releases very strong Pure Yang Divine Power to cover the body, he thought that this can avoid the Shen Xiang's fist hitting directly. The Shen Xiang fist has not hit directly, stops in a Dong Li even face 56 cuns (2.5cm) place, but actually attacks a very strong strength vigor, erupts the shocking bang, wild flame strength is similar to the fiery red bubbling spring erupts from his fist, fires into the Dong Li even face. When Dong Li entire Vung Tau was hit crookedly, the tooth and skeleton complete disintegration in mouth. After a fist, is a foot, tramples in the Dong Li even abdomen, Meteor God Energy erupts, explodes a blood hole the Dong Li even abdomen!

Dong Li that matter protects Pure Yang Divine Power of body to be shaken the powder, beats savagely the Dong Li even forehead that a Shen Xiang pair of fist keeps, at this time the entire head of opposite party was horrible to look. Infernal Demon Emperor saw Dong Li to by Shen Xiang be killed, hurriedly said: Shen Xiang, he is Divine Country important......” That how?” The Shen Xiang fist flame dodges, condense strength of several Godhead and skeleton, hits in the Dong Li even chest, rumbles the flying ash the upper part of opposite party. This fight is not you dies is I perishes, Shen Xiang has several times almost to be killed, therefore he will not be forgiving absolutely, when the opposite party comes to power has not completed to come to understand, but is actually beyond control now he. Pure Yang divine body, can release so fearful Pure Yang Divine Power, but was still destroyed by Shen Xiang, this strength can definitely side by side initial level Highest God. Dong Li only then the half body there, Shen Xiang looked that did not look, went down the ratio to fight the stage, an audience peace! After Lien Chan three, looks like unexpectedly so is energetic, has not consumed many much obviously! This indicated that Shen Xiang is also hiding extremely fearful strength, but has not shown! You lost, defers to the contract does! Your army withdrawals, making world of Nine Heaven return to normal.” Gu Dongchen said that the Shen Xiang's strength has been above his expectation, making him think one possibly cannot hit Shen Xiang. But what makes his unbelievable is, Shen Xiang has six Godhead. Do not be happy too soon! Shen Xiang has killed two Divine Country outstanding talents, he waits for Divine Country to retaliate, perhaps also will implicate you.” Person who Infernal Demon Emperor coldly smiled, is bringing his flew away.

Saw Infernal Demon Emperor to walk, the person who city wall above observed exuded cheers immediately! „Are you all right?” Demon Execution Heavenly God hastily arrives at side Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang shakes the head smiles, said: Hits one should not to have the issue again! A moment ago that fellow was really danger(ous), almost died in his hands.” Heaven Punishment God said: That fellow should have the skeleton, in addition his Pure Yang divine body, will make him so fierce, even if I to he, discrete is good, will otherwise be killed by him very much easily.” Pure Yang should divine body not be many?” Shen Xiang had the shadow to this strength, had been destroyed completely by him luckily. world of Nine Heaven is few, almost does not have! That side Divine Country does not know that Dong Li utilizes very well, obviously some people of directors to Pure Yang Divine Power, perhaps also has.” Demon Execution Heavenly God said: Now we must be careful that guards against Divine Country to retaliate, hopes that Divine Country their internal matters get bigger and bigger.” Shen Xiang pinches tightly the fist slightly, heart was saying: Divine Country? I must before their civil strife subsides becomes stronger, otherwise faces their this colossi, I simply do not have the strength of counter-attack.” How much time make him prepare, he is not clear, he will only know must practice from now on furiously!