World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2116
Infernal Demon Emperor led the army to leave, initially was not only Infernal Demon Emperor and Gu Dongchen they signs the contract, the elders of commander Evil Devil army also participated, this was to avoid Infernal Demon Emperor acts shamelessly. Shen Xiang returns to Hundred Flowers Pavilion, directly entered room to rest, Shen Xiang can win three victories, Lu Qilian they have not been surprised anything, Shen Xiang that because they were familiar with was so. After this competition, makes many always think that a little person of strength feels fearful and apprehensive, because that Divine Country strength is very fearful, six Godhead people so are formidable, but in them, if except the Shen Xiang's words, nobody can defeat Nie Lin and Dong Li is even! Gu Dongchen they also had an overall concept to the Divine Country strength, Divine Country elite expert are so fearful, if in the same rank, they are very difficult to defeat! Therefore, observes people who from now on will let to be heavy, especially the disciples of these big influences, if no Shen Xiang today on the scene, they definitely lost! At this time all people and Shen Xiang has the similar idea, if world of Nine Heaven will have annexed Highest God Realm from now on, but the major Divine Country civil strifes subside, they do not have the enough formidable strength , can only by the Divine Country fish. Although Shen Xiang has not consumed many, moreover is not very exhausted, but he actually felt that from spiritual exhausted, that is a huge pressure! His unexpectedly cuts to kill Nie Lin and Dong Li, means soon, formidable strength from Divine Country will ask him to revenge, if he does not have enough strength to resist, is not only he is threatened by the life, even is his person. My stronger is big! After rest, starts practice!” Shen Xiang has closed the eye, was entered the absorbed condition by oneself. Shen Xiang just started to rest shortly, he thought that has more than a double-hour this probably, but actually suddenly came to awaken by Yan Zilan. Shen Xiang, left the important matter, Xianxian they were robbed!” Yan Zilan clashes, holds the Shen Xiang's shoulder to sway.

Shen Xiang hear of Xue Xianxian have the matter, immediately opens the eye, he must worry compared with Yan Zilan at this time! Was stolen by whom?” Shen Xiang loud voice roars, was arriving at the extreme angrily, looks at his appearance, probably must prepare to slaughter to be the same, in his mind also immediately reappears several people, for example Infernal Demon Emperor these, that Concealing Heaven Gate Dean. Divine Country!” Yan Zilan said: Sister Qilian they pursued, these fellows are very strong, direct solve our Hundred Flowers Village formation, rushed to Xianxian their manors, can install in storage equipment of person their to seal|confer Ru one, then ran!” Knows that is what Divine Country?” Shen Xiang was calmed down as far as possible by oneself, Divine Country this time, has not caused anything to injure, but makes an arrest directly, there is a sense of purpose, directly soars manor that Xue Xianxian their refiner uses, carries off their this refiner squads completely, very obviously is to Hundred Flowers Village structure knowing things like the back of one's hand. Is the Divine Cauldron country!” What speech is Lu Qilian, looked that her facial expression knows she they have not brought Xue Xianxian, on her face full is guilty, behind also has Feng Yujie, Long Huishan and Jiu Hanrou in her, their four are Hundred Flowers Village strongest. Xue Xianxian is the Shen Xiang's wife, friends from childhood, the sentiment is deep, now had been seized, but before had pledged to Shen Xiang repeatedly must protect Xue Xianxian their Lu Qilian, at this time is guilty extremely, lowers the head slightly. How you know that is the Divine Cauldron country?” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, as far as possible restraint own mood. Carries off their is several females, we when pursue them, a female told me! Their strengths are very strong, we at all are not their matches, but they have not started to us, but told us, wanted to retrieve Xianxian they, went to the Divine Cauldron country to look for the clue.” Lu Qilian said: When do you plan to go? I go with you together!”

I also go!” Jiu Hanrou said: I some knew about nine Divine Country, moreover my strength is not weak!” Does not use, I and Yue'er went to that's alright, now this situation, Hundred Flowers Village cannot be short of you!.” Shen Xiang thinks that said: Qilian, you go back to comfort your Hundred Flowers Village inside female quickly, in order to avoid they are therefore terrified, moreover this matter must keep secret, cannot reveal absolutely.” Sister Feng, you must refine to be many some skeleton Divine Pill, moreover these skeleton Divine Pill must act according to the person specific situation of eating to refine! After eating up skeleton Divine Pill, is best to control in building up time in six double-hour about, this can be easy to present the turning point of congealing skeleton.” Shen Xiang said: You refine, can use the way of compression, if the pill four grains, press two grains! Does not reveal herbal Spirit Qi, but carries on the adjustment skeleton Divine Pill quality after the compression.” Feng Yujie nodded: I have remembered, I go back to tell Xiangyue them!” When congealing skeleton, must strengthen fleshly body suitably! Can Hundred Flowers Village be formidable in the future, depended on your alchemy masters.” Shen Xiang is serious at this time, Divine Country started to their fight . Moreover the goal is unclear, the casualness can steal the person, this strength is not they can resist. Has the latest news, I will find the way to inform your, you practice first relieved, strengthen your strength!” Shen Xiang also planned earth core cultivates, but must result in now goes to Divine Country to walk one. Xue Xianxian they in Hundred Flowers Village are also a very important group, is mainly responsible for refiner arranging formation, refines formation plate, these things can, when is essential plays very major role, for example formation plate! Before Shen Xiang, is dependence time formation formation plate wins a lot of time. Shen Xiang left Hundred Flowers Pavilion, goes to Nine Firmaments God Emperor, seeks for Deity King!

Deity King in that simple small log cabin, he at this time probably is still passing very light day, looked like also great changes. Deity King remembers one previous and Shen Xiang meet is also only the recent several days time, but this time sees the Shen Xiang's time, thought Shen Xiang become stronger. „The matter of that three fight I heard, fierce!” Deity King said with a smile: You come to here to not to tell my this matter specially? Has the matter to speak frankly!” What Divine Country is the Divine Cauldron country?” But Shen Xiang sighed: My wife was stolen by the Divine Cauldron country!” Oh? Deity King frowned, the beforehand smiling face vanished, the facial expression becomes very serious: Steals their may be the females?” Is the young nine girls tells you?” Shen Xiang asked: How Deity King do you know?” „It is not small nine tells me, I guess!” Deity King said: Major Divine Country fight now, this to compete for imperial throne! Nine God Emperor have the tacit understanding, makes to leave together, moreover just before leaving before , whom does not assign to meet the position, to let most have the skill children to mount the imperial throne.”