World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2117
Nine God Emperor each are harem are innumerable, children in groups, because inherited the bloodlines of God Emperor, in addition as the Divine Country imperial family, has the rich resources, therefore formidable Prince emperor female, but so long as at this time thinks one have certain strength, will compete for the imperial throne. Deity King continues saying: Our Nine Firmaments Divine Country in the past also not by demise time, I knew that Divine Cauldron Great Emperor secret, this naturally is my Imperial Father tells us! Reason that is called the Divine Cauldron country, that is because Divine Cauldron Great Emperor obtains a very mysterious cauldron. Naturally, in his surface is he refines to that cauldron that others look, although is also very strong, that but obtains with him mystically actually missed are too many.” My Imperial Father in the past and he has hit in secret, at that time in the remote starry sky, except for them, no one knew this matter. In fight, because my Imperial Father strength is formidable, compelling Divine Cauldron Great Emperor to use the cauldron that his secret obtains.” Finally? Nine Firmaments has God Emperor won?” Shen Xiang saw Deity King to stop, hastily pursued asks. Lost, my Imperial Father suffers a more disastrous defeat, but nine tripods Great Emperor also won very difficultly, his mysterious cauldron was divided with Nine Firmaments Divine Sword by my Imperial Father badly! Must know that Nine Firmaments Divine Sword is my Imperial Father strongest Divine Weapon, because of that Divine Cauldron resistance, Divine Sword ruined completely! In the past my Imperial Father because of this Divine Sword, making other God Emperor have scruples several points! Therefore after his Divine Sword the matter of destroying was spread, our Nine Firmaments Divine Country starts to take the road of demise.” Deity King is looking at the sky, has sighed deeply: Originally my Imperial Father and Divine Cauldron Great Emperor, but good friend, but to struggle that tone, evolves finally so.” Shen Xiang has not thought that Nine Firmaments Divine Country was destroyed unexpectedly to have such story. Divine Cauldron Great Emperor is because the cauldron was destroyed, therefore bears a grudge, was said by the matter of destroying Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, right?” Shen Xiang asked. Good! Nine Firmaments Divine Sword was completely destroyed, but his Divine Cauldron does not have to be destroyed completely, my Imperial Father initially also had pledged must repair him, my Imperial Father rushes about everywhere, but also went to Star Law God Territory, seeks for the material, then day and night closes up, to repair his cauldron! But who knows why that Divine Cauldron Great Emperor does not know, unexpectedly reveals the Nine Firmaments Divine Sword destroyed matter.” Deity King spoke of here, an anger of face.

Deity King, you determined that this is the Divine Cauldron Great Emperor revelation?” Shen Xiang asked. My Imperial Father has said that except for Divine Cauldron Great Emperor, nobody knows that this matter, initially they agreed must keep secret.” Deity King suddenly took a deep breath: This matter some are not right!” How to be right? Divine Cauldron hasn't Great Emperor participated to besiege you?” Shen Xiang must go to the Divine Cauldron country at this time, therefore he needs to know some matters of Divine Cauldron country's. Participated, but his not under heavy hand! Participation strength is not big, could see that he is not the sincerity wants to ruin our Nine Firmaments Temple, does this matter have the secret facts? Was only a pity that now I did not have opportunity to ascertain, nine God Emperor should seek for Eternal Life said.” Deity King looks at Shen Xiang: If you have the opportunity, investigates thoroughly me.” Shen Xiang nodded. Said the proper business! The Divine Cauldron Great Emperor cauldron shattered, lost strongest strength, is different from the waste, but my Imperial Father has said that so long as repairs that little breakage the place, the cauldron will restore actually strength!” Deity King said. They seize Xianxian, to repair that cauldron?” Shen Xiang suddenly surprisedly said, Xue Xianxian their this refiner squads are grasping Nine Firmaments God Emperor the technique of refiner.

Initially Shen Xiang had said with Deity King, his Black Tortoise Cloth has repaired to the wife, therefore Shen Xiang mentioned the wife was robbed, Deity King immediately thinks of this. They from the Divine Cauldron country's, should also be they tell you! Therefore, your wife currently will not have danger(ous).” Deity King has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder. How that Deity King you know that they are the females?” Shen Xiang asked. Because I know that cauldron in Divine Cauldron Great Emperor the youngest daughter hand of first wife's, he loves this youngest daughter, but this youngest daughter also has the excellent skill, the strength did not say that she also has very good personal connection, otherwise depends on her to be loved by Divine Cauldron Great Emperor, can make the harem many woman envious hatred die, lives radically is not long.” Deity King self-ridiculed that smiles: Initially some of my Imperial Father also many wives, but does not have many to live finally, my queen mother also dies from some unknown cause, but my Imperial Father actually tacitly consented to that this battle, but our nine brothers understand to join up since childhood, only then we can live finally.” Now Deity King was Nine Firmaments Divine Country final Prince, he cannot the turning round country, other brothers completely die, in Shen Xiang heart inexplicable thought that he was very pitiful. Divine Cauldron Great Emperor the daughter obtains this cauldron, but she does not know that the origin of this cauldron, initially I saw her to bring to play, at that time I do not know that afterward was my Imperial Father tells me! Perhaps Divine Cauldron Great Emperor also finally told her, but she does not know where inquired, your wives obtained the refiner inheritance of my Imperial Father, therefore stole them!” Deity King said: Now was very obvious, she wants to compete for the imperial throne of Divine Cauldron country's, but the strength is insufficient, if can repair this cauldron, then the imperial throne of Divine Cauldron country's has determined.”

Shen Xiang said: Who struggles the imperial throne, major Divine Country could not avoid reign of terror!” Deity King nodded: This is inevitable, inherits the imperial throne that is stable for the imperial throne, must clean his potential enemy, even though these people are very outstanding, must result in has cleaned, moreover in this group of people have many are and he has the blood relationship relationship brothers and sisters, this will be bloody.” In nine God Emperor harems , to survive, then must result in attaches in harem authorization competent Prince or the emperor female, or is God Emperor some wives! Gradually, will form many influences, if to behind standing wrong team, will then be cleaned.” Nine Spirit Kings said that he knew about this matter, because he initially also such mixed, he as Deity King, the Nine Firmaments God Emperor eldest son, naturally is controlling a very strong influence in the harem, but his hostile forces, often are have the blood relationship relationship brothers and sisters. „Does Deity King, how many the daughter to Divine Cauldron Great Emperor have to understand? Her manner how?” Shen Xiang started to be worried about Xue Xianxian, got up in harem adolescence, which wasn't the cruel and merciless generation? This is disciplines, otherwise is unable adolescence to get up. „It is not clear, I knew her time, she is good at concealing her disposition! Let alone this past many years, in that environment, can make a disposition of person have very big transformation, this point is not strange.” Deity King shook the head.