World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2118
Divine Cauldron Great Emperor and Nine Firmaments God Emperor relationship is good, therefore their children will know that is also very normal! Shen Xiang thought that the daughter of Deity King to that Divine Cauldron Great Emperor definitely has many understanding. I must look for her!” Shen Xiang said: I must determine that my wife is safe.” Goes to Divine Country? You must first go to Highest God Realm, then goes to the Divine Cauldron star through Highest God Realm, the Divine Cauldron country there. White Tiger they in Highest God Realm, when the time comes make them help your that's it!” Deity King puts out together looks like very worn-out stone, said: This thing is perhaps useful, does not fear you to laugh, initially I tried to pursue her.” Shen Xiang received that stone, above is carving some spirit pattern probably, he smiled: Finally hasn't succeeded? Is very sad?” Deity King he he smiles: Has not succeeded, but sad and is insufficient, after all I pursue her goal, to strengthen my influence, after all she initially was also in ten Divine Country very famous emperor female, whether or not stemmed from likes, wants to take this outstanding woman as the men, this was equal to showing own strength.” Deity King evil smiles, Shen Xiang understood at a glance that he was this expert in aspect. Although has not succeeded, but friendship a little, hoping her still to remember.” Deity King sighed sighing: This was very long beforehand matter, now can only during my recollection, she now should be more formidable than me, but I...... Quick must vanish along with the time in this world.” Deity King, you found certainly the Long Life method, do not give up!” Shen Xiang said. Deity King smiles with sincerity: I had not yearned to this world anything, I construct this Nine Firmaments God Emperor, biggest goal also to recall.” „Don't you want turning round country?” The Shen Xiang's sound is somewhat loud, is somewhat excited. Thinks, but the years do not forgive the person, I am unable to defeat the time.” Deity King sighs with sadness: My eight younger brothers' hope the duplicate country's reposes on my body, but I am not actually able to achieve.” I help you!” Shen Xiang holds down his shoulder, firm powerful said these three characters, although his present strength is not strong, but he thought that he had the qualifications to say these three characters.

I save my wife, I again with coming back to say this matter with you!” Shen Xiang stands up, in his adolescence process, has the complicated relation with Nine Spirit Kings as well as Nine Firmaments God Emperor, he cannot look that Deity King like this is depressed. Deity King has not said anything, but looks at Shen Xiang with a grateful look, his very clear Shen Xiang says these three characters to shoulder the how serious pressure. You want to know why I do care about this woman? Although I do not love her, does not like her, even somewhat dislikes her.” Deity King looks in the Shen Xiang hand this stone, this stone obviously is he with female's of that Divine Cauldron Great Emperor any faith token. Thinks!” Deity King self-ridiculed that smiles: Because she is the woman who I am unable to take, therefore I am profound to her impression, but these to the woman who I surrender, my actually point could not remember, this is really a satire.” Deity King......” Shen Xiang was lifted the hand to break by Deity King. My full name called Jiu Canghai, although I did not like this name, but was actually my Imperial Father gets up, I did not like , can only accept.” Jiu Canghai smiled: Can call my big brother Canghai, but if others, cannot such call.” Feng Yujie and Jiu Hanrou do not know that this name, could see he does not like, therefore did not say. I send you to Highest God Realm! There time and here different, you and so on dull too long words, you should quick be able to see world of Nine Heaven to annex Highest God Realm.” Jiu Canghai revolves his strength, opened Space Gate. Walks! Goes to pay attention to the Divine Cauldron country, other exposed his these taboo divine art.” Jiu Canghai said. I knew!” Shen Xiang said: I must look for Yue'er, has her I to be steadfast in the side!”

Shen Xiang teleport arrives at Hundred Flowers Village immediately, then found Yue'er, returns to here again, steps into that Space Gate. Suddenly, Shen Xiang arrived at Highest God Realm again! Yue'er, divine beast mountain where?” Shen Xiang asked to look at Yue'er in bosom, sleeping soundly Yue'er suddenly is grasped by him, blurry she did not have ravelling what happened, arrived at Highest God Realm. This...... Had an accident?” The small nose of Yue'er moves, she induced to here probably is Highest God Realm. Had many matters, I must go to Divine Country, must therefore go to the divine beast mountain, making White Tiger they help my, delivers me.” Shen Xiang just said that the sky reappears piece of spirit pattern, after forming large formation fast, falls old man. Master!” Shen Xiang just shouted that discovered one have admitted mistakes, this is not his Master Huang Jintian, but is Brother Huang Jintian's, Huang Yantian. They grow very much look like, exactly the same, moreover has the similar disposition! Senior Master!” Shen Xiang also shouted one, although is not Huang Jintian, greatly he is somewhat pleasantly surprised: How did you come?” Can look for your this little rascal not to be easy? I counted on the fingers that knows you where, I had the matter to look for you, but before you, in that world of Nine Heaven, I was disinclined, therefore you, as soon as appeared here, I immediately come.” Huang Yantian said. Definitely is not big matter, otherwise you will not wait my.” Shen Xiang curled the lip: You affirmed that here waited for me very for a long time......”

Here, Shen Xiang remembered there time and here different, here should in a while. Also several days, I was considering if wanted goes to world of Nine Heaven, has not thought that you came! Right, what matter do you come here to have? Does that place stay not well?” Huang Yantian asked that then traces Yue'er, now he knew Yue'er and his a little relationship. I must go to the Divine Cauldron country, can lead me to go? Senior Master is definitely fiercer than my Master, this minor matter is very definitely easy to you.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Bullshit, this matter for me is equally simple on and breath, isn't goes to Divine Country? Difficult! My that waste younger brother must toss about one to go.” Huang Yantian coldly snorted, a face said immediately proudly. Good, goes to the Divine Cauldron country, needs five double-hour probably!” Huang Yantian has put out a very big basin, looks like that taking a bath big wooden shed, suffices to sit down several people. What thing is this? Looked that is not fierce!” Shen Xiang jumped. Isn't fierce? This is the evolution god plate, modeling was strange a point, but was very fierce!” Huang Yantian very proudly said: Has held on to your hat, preparation!” Sees only him to stimulate to movement this god plate, after the god plate reappears energy shield, slowly rises, then flies to the upper air!