World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2119
Shen Xiang sits in this bathtub same thing, there are to plant to pack the impulsion of water soaking-bath in inside. Divine Cauldron country distance is here very far? Depending on the Senior Master strength, unexpectedly also wants for a long time to go!” During the Shen Xiang speeches, all around is one piece dark, but the distant place has Great Fireball spout the glare, that is fierce positive, now they have been far away from the ground. Several double-hour are quick, if you go to the Divine Cauldron country, dozens days are not necessarily able to go.” During Huang Yantian points at far is being spatial a small light point saying: „The Divine Cauldron country on that giant stars, usually cannot see in the ground, only then flies certain altitude to see.” Shen Xiang turns the head to look that to direction that he refers, does not know what he said is that stars, because that side has such big piece of densely and numerously stars. Senior Master, do you know about the Divine Cauldron country? Didn't you go to Heavenly Fire Divine Country before?” Shen Xiang asked that since Huang Yantian knows how to go to the Divine Cauldron country, then he definitely knew about Divine Cauldron that perhaps also has gone. I have only gone one time, is different from Highest God Realm, only different is there expert are quite many . Moreover the resources are rich, this point be better than Highest God Realm.” Huang Yantian said: What do you go to the Divine Cauldron country to make?” Before Huang Yantian, had not inquired that he sees Shen Xiang to go to the Divine Cauldron country anxiously, he puts out oneself fierce evolution god plate, now he somewhat is also curious, Shen Xiang suddenly runs from world of Nine Heaven, moreover must let the Divine Cauldron country. My wife was seized, I must save them.” Shen Xiang resigned-looking and angry: These fellows steal my wife casually, I have not ended with them.” Is so serious! Can and I says the specific situation?” Huang Yantian asked: You know that now is who seizes your wife? Must have a direction, the Divine Cauldron country is so big, has every large or small influence.”

Is a woman, should be one of the that Divine Cauldron country Great Emperor daughters, heard that she currently has the good influence, has the opportunity to compete for the imperial throne of Divine Cauldron country's.” Shen Xiang said. Oh? Huang Yantian knits the brows: If so, then was also a useful clue, but you were clear, at will cannot approach like this character, can compete for the imperial throne, all was existence of close peak, disappointingly was also God king.” Yue'er said: How many Godhead does God king have generally?” Huang Yantian thinks: At least is seven ten Godhead! But do not think that God king was very strong, in Divine Country, under God Emperor, is not God king is strongest, these Great Country Master.” God king generally is in Divine Country, altogether two God king, one type is God Emperor has blood relationship relationship, after arriving at certain strength, inspects through God Emperor personally, can result in the title and territory, becomes God king! After another type is to arrive at certain strength, gives loyalty to Divine Country, can become God king through the inspection of Divine Country. These two God king differences are not big, generally is divided first-grade, second-rate and third-class! And first-grade God king is strongest, at least wants nine ten Godhead, and has the great contribution to Divine Country, second-rate is eight ten Godhead, third-class seven ten Godhead!” Shen Xiang has not thought that Jiu Canghai this Deity King is so formidable, had 90 Godhead, this is close hundred Godhead peak person, even if so, he is so depressed, thought that the duplicate country is hopeless, obviously he must from establish Nine Firmaments Divine Country to face the big resistance newly. Arrives at nine ten Godhead, goes forward one step is very difficult, passed away in this stage also has many in Star Law God Territory.” Yue'er said: Except for that powerful world, to arrive at hundred Godhead this peak, is very difficult.” The Huang Yantian nod said: „After nine God Emperor leave, was the major Divine Country inside these God king world!”

What does not have Great Country Master?” Before Shen Xiang, hear of Jiu Canghai have said that lets eight God king die, came from Divine Country Great Country Master. Great Country Master does not participate in the struggle, obtains the imperial throne must be the God Emperor descendant, no matter Great Country Master Divine Country is, when God Emperor, they will give loyalty to this Divine Country, simultaneously Great Country Master is also the Divine Country final guarantee.” Huang Yantian said: For example some fellows want to split Divine Country words, then Great Country Master will get rid, because this has threatened the Divine Country life and death.” Yue'er said: If can compete for the imperial throne, then definitely is first-grade God king!” Good, only then this strength, can blow, after becoming God Emperor, resources of set country's, attack hundred Godhead peak, when the time comes can make his imperial throne more reliable!” Huang Yantian said: Naturally, the biggest advantage, obtains the thing that old God Emperor keeps, as for is anything, I do not know that can let meets the position become in brief must be stronger, can suppress Great Country Master!” Shen Xiang has not thought that Divine Country passes on the position to be so complex, but now these nine Divine Country are the first time experiences this matter, happen to was caught up by him. They talked to see only, passed through many small stars, above did not have any resources . Moreover the environment was very bad, had the resources was already occupied. Heavenly Fire Divine Country very terrible that I went to before, there started, several first-grade God king are bringing a troop person tangled warfare, is very bloody.” Huang Yantian looks at the Divine Cauldron country: Inquired in Heavenly Fire Divine Country according to me news that the situation in Divine Cauldron country's is best, has not started.” Senior Master, you went to Heavenly Fire Divine Country definitely maliciously to make a deceased person wealth.” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile.

Huang Yantian laughs: Good.” This is the same with Huang Jintian, there erupts great war, will have his form! After several double-hour, Shen Xiang saw the front to have blue giant stars finally, under the fierce positive illumination, reflected very attractive blue light, this stars were very giant, although the distance was very far at this time, but made Shen Xiang feel very big constriction. Is stars of place step, in Star Law God Territory, this type of stars everywhere is!” Yue'er said: If, can adolescence to the Heaven-rank stars, be able compared with resulting in Star Law God Territory.” Huang Yantian said with a smile: This is a newborn world, needs to take your time! world of Nine Heaven is very special existence, is not the stars, but is a square shape giant floats continent, I in Star Law God Territory, had not heard such space constitution in the past.” Shen Xiang asked: „Aren't the stars of step good? Are many in this place?” In this star territory is best! Can live in the stars of person to have three ranks, Heaven-rank Stars is highest, is the step, what is most disappointing is the profound level stars, but in this place, the profound level stars is quite rare.” Yue'er looked at all around: Majority are that type of dead star.”