World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2120
The evolution god plate approaches the Divine Cauldron star time, can see sees a transparent guard shield to wrap the entire huge Divine Cauldron star, this definitely prevents other stars to collide. Huang Yantian controlled the god to coil around outside this stars to fly the 1st Stage distance, found an entrance, this entrance has a front door, at this time was having many people to ride flight magic treasure, lined up to enter the Divine Cauldron star. This is other stars comes, majority are the merchants.” Huang Yantian said. Strange, can cover such a guard shield of giant stars to do, must make Teleportation Formation people should not be the difficult matter!” Shen Xiang said. Is very difficult, distance between stars and stars and you difference in ground! You have a look at this Divine Cauldron star to be so giant, you full speed run above, it is estimated that also needs many years to circle! Therefore, you imagine, this Divine Cauldron stars and other stars gaps far? You see this Divine Cauldron star in the distant place, is only a dot.” Yue'er said that she came from Star Law God Territory Law Enforcer, rushes about frequently with various types of stars, most cannot understand these matters. Huang Yantian said with a smile: Here is away from among Highest God Realm to put down tens of thousands of this huge Earth-rank Stars, but this is least estimates, therefore your conceivable this from far.” Now Shen Xiang is clear, why Huang Yantian said that his evolution god plate was so fierce, Shen Xiang thinks that is truly fierce, if he must go back Highest God Realm, has not known how long needs. Huang Yantian looked at front also many people, cannot help but shook the head, because this also needs to wait for a period of time, he said: I, when Heavenly Fire Divine Country, hears Legend, past Nine Firmaments God Emperor created the starry sky front door, can link two Earth-rank Stars, has experimented in the Nine Firmaments god star and Divine Cauldron star.” Shen Xiang had heard before Nine Firmaments God Emperor and Divine Cauldron Great Emperor relationship is good, therefore he thinks that this Legend is credible, if is really this, in that divine book that Nine Firmaments Temple initially kept, perhaps records this formation! Finally was one's turn Shen Xiang they, the guy who that was responsible for guarding a gate looked in the evolution god plate, said: Three hundred thousand divine yuan stone!” How to take three hundred thousand? We two people!” Huang Yantian said immediately discontentedly.

This cat also calculates that you don't give? Does not give to hurry to get the hell out, some behind also many people line up to wait.” A guy face did not say patiently. Although Huang Yantian is not feeling well very much, but he put out three hundred thousand divine yuan stone to give the opposite party! So long as there is divine yuan stone, must enter these Divine Country hindrance not to have, Yue'er tenderly snorted and said: Isn't a place step star? The charge is so expensive, if in Star Law God Territory, asking me to go to me to be disinclined.” Calculates that isn't divine yuan stone?” Huang Yantian traces Yue'er, he he smiles. Senior Master, you are more natural than Master, that fellow is always calculating.” Shen Xiang said that he has not thought Huang Yantian unexpectedly has not looked like Huang Jintian that stingy. Huang Yantian haughty smiles: „The fellow or same as usual, how did not know him now!” Descends the ground, Huang Yantian brings Shen Xiang to arrive at a recent city, enters the city gate time, he has paid two ten thousand divine yuan stone, then moves toward Teleportation Formation. Goes to Emperor Divine Cauldron the city? Your transmits Fei Rucheng altogether four hundred thousand, this cat hundred thousand, altogether five hundred thousand!” That old man looked at Shen Xiang bosom Yue'er, shouted. Huang Yantian puts out five hundred thousand divine yuan stone, after giving that old man, was allowed to step into Teleportation Formation. Shen Xiang has not thought that in this place, divine yuan stone consumed such fast, just arrived to use Huang Yantian eight hundred thousand!

Huang Yantian has been used to it probably, therefore he has not complained anything, but Yue'er is not feeling well very much, in her opinion, how this broken place does not need the expense. Teleportation Formation opens, suddenly, Shen Xiang they arrived at the nine tripods emperor city, after arriving here, Shen Xiang the profound experience here is quiet, moreover other Divine Country emperor cities, already made have been heavily engaged, therefore other Divine Country merchants run toward here, because now is peaceful on the Divine Cauldron country. However, entire Emperor Divine Cauldron the city is still covering in one very tension-filled atmosphere, here person is also clear here battle to be avoidless, they only hope battle imperial throne time, do not bring the too big disaster. Shen Xiang comes to here is to save others, therefore he also has no time to stroll here. brat, can you? If, I did not accompany you, when you finished this matter, you looked for me again, my some matters must say with you.” Huang Yantian gives Shen Xiang to subpoena jade symbol together. Um, Senior Master you can lead me to here, I was grateful, you have your matter, first goes busily.” Shen Xiang said. Huang Yantian has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, then steps into Teleportation Formation to depart, he still in this Divine Cauldron star, it seems like he comes to here also to have other matters to now do. Shen Xiang goes out transmits plaza, looks here lively street, cannot help but sighed that this place truly is more formidable than Highest God Realm and world of Nine Heaven, he noticed that now some Highest God walk on the avenue. He swept one to transmit the plaza entrance place, discovered some youngster, these youngster generally were the guides, was responsible for directing just to come here person, provided some Emperor Divine Cauldron for them the material of city, can integrate to be familiar with this Emperor Divine Cauldron fast the city. At this time looked like very thin and small youngster has discovered him, Shen Xiang beckoned to him immediately, that thin and weak youngster just wants to run over, several youngster nearby him on noisy crowd flushed, dares to run up to nearby Shen Xiang in front of him.

That thin and weak youngster sees own business to be robbed, lowering the head that can only lose, returns to the actually place. Shen Xiang has not paid attention to youngster that this crowd comes first, but moves toward that thin and weak youngster, he can look, although this youngster looks like thin and small, but is very smart, otherwise first will not discover that he needs the guide. How to collect fees?” After Shen Xiang walks, asked. Sees Shen Xiang to walk, moreover asked about the price, thin and weak youngster the standing body of vigorous dragon and ferocious tiger, the sound said immediately powerfully: „A day ten divine yuan stone, ten days 90!” Good, finalized!” Shen Xiang to his lightly smiled. I am A Dong, how many days does the big brother need me to have?” The youngster politeness is also smiling. After several other youngster see, immediately runs over, is quite strong, moreover puts on very good youngster saying: A Dong, what guide your this fellow runs to be, you city did not know about Emperor Divine Cauldron that hurries to give me to get the hell out, leaves here disgracefully, the charge so is low, at least a day hundred divine yuan stone, must make others think that our Emperor Divine Cauldron the guides in city are very inexpensive?” This youngster to A Dong crack cursed, is wielding the palm of the hand to hit, A Dong retreat moves aside immediately, response very fast! Shen Xiang gets rid also quickly, holds that youngster wrist|skill, is cold the face saying: Do not go too far, how did I want A Dong to be my guide? I give him one day thousand divine yuan stone, can you manage?”