World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2121
That youngster was grasped very sorely by Shen Xiang, the complexion rises red, moreover is very panic-stricken, but he was yelling: „Doesn't your this external fellow know our customs? Your facing the street fight, this is courts death!” Big brother, is about to have put him!” A Dong hastily is drawing the Shen Xiang's clothes: He is Murong Tian person, other Murong day looks not to be good.” Shen Xiang lets loose that youngster time, but also has thrust greatly opposite party, making the opposite party fall big buttocks, sees only that youngster to cry immediately, the hate color of whole face, but also shouts must call someone to tidy up Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang most hates is the fellow of this type of dog weaponry that person. A Dong, leading me to go to here pills shop to stroll.” Shen Xiang said that then gives A Dong storage pouch, inside has three thousand divine yuan stone. After A Dong sees, must unable to take a walk, he has not thought that Shen Xiang will give him really these many divine yuan stone! This...... Big brother, did you give? I only receive ten divine yuan stone one days.” A Dong said: You to how many days?” Three days!” Shen Xiang smiled to him, then touches his head: Walks quickly, I had said before gives many to many, do not reject the words, your this is equal to compelling my have lied, I can life Qi/angry.” A Dong is very affected, at this time he saw Yue'er that in the Shen Xiang backpack poked head, cannot help but put out a hand to trace: Thanks the big brother, you are really a good person, this cat is really lovable, is quite attractive, I have not seen such attractive small kitty.”

Yue'er was praised is also very happy, meow meow called several, then in retracting backpack. A Dong brings Shen Xiang to go to the pills shop, he knows that Shen Xiang is the non- common strength and status is very definitely high, he is only has not thought that this person unexpectedly so is also amiable, meets these famous family aristocrat points to be different from him. A Dong, this Emperor Divine Cauldron the situation in city how?” Shen Xiang asked that he spoke thoughtlessly to ask, did not count on that such youngster can tell him any useful matter, but the A Dong following words, made him be startled slightly. Fortunately! Several influence biggest first-grade God king of Divine Cauldron country's have built a preliminary agreement, they must seek for loss smallest means to decide that the ownership of imperial throne, will when the time comes not have the bloody big clean, will not erupt to compete for the imperial throne before the bloody big clean brutal great war.” A Dong said. „Are these news true?” Shen Xiang asked that if that was true, then the after imperial throne decision of Divine Cauldron country's, the strength that the Divine Cauldron country kept is strongest, because has not had a fracture. Real, this is the words that in the emperor imperial palace big manager puts, definitely is true.” A Dong said: Do not visit me to be thin and small, my news is very quick!” A Dong looked at the Shen Xiang's backpack, asking in a low voice: Brother, your cat is very special, moreover is very fierce, I can feel, frank, I have a special ability, can with various small creature communications, therefore I can learn of the latest news through the small creature! Because the brother is a good person, therefore I told you.” Shen Xiang suddenly thought that own three thousand divine yuan stone do not have the white bloom, this A Dong ability is truly fierce, because he walks , on road, sees many bird cat monkey anything, the small creature scurries about everywhere, these small creature will not be pursued, but in that anything emperor imperial palace definitely also has these small creature.

Where is emperor imperial palace?” Shen Xiang asked. Is Imperial Palace, altogether nine great palaces constitute, but the big manager of emperor imperial palace is third-class God king, the words that he spoke are not absolutely false.” A Dong said: However has to compete for the imperial throne strength first-grade God king, in emperor imperial palace, originally 15 God king in struggle, but does not know why withdrew from half to behind, now had seven.” The Shen Xiang nod said: „Does God king that these withdraw from have to support secretly other God king?” A Dong shakes the head saying: No, reason that they withdraw, to avoid own person was criticized, they withdraw had said that will give loyalty to new Divine Cauldron Great Emperor.” Shen Xiang suddenly thought that this Divine Cauldron country is out of the ordinary, other Divine Country have slaughtered, hits life and death, but this Divine Cauldron country can actually sit to discuss that who comes the place imperial throne, moreover these that withdraws from will not be cleaned, but must give loyalty to new God Emperor. He thought that this is possibly related with the influence of Divine Cauldron Great Emperor, Divine Cauldron Great Emperor has many secrets, initially did he have to say the Nine Firmaments God Emperor secret that this until now is a riddle. In these seven first-grade God king, there is female God king?” Shen Xiang asked. Has, this female God king may be fierce! The big brother you will not have heard, her given name vibrated nine Divine Country, moreover many years, this many people have thought that she may very much becomes female God Emperor.” A Dong said. This...... I come out from the mountain, has not heard.” Shen Xiang smiles awkwardly: Can say this female God king with me fierce?”

Her named Xiao Yulan, she has fierce day jade Divine Cauldron, therefore her God king title is also called Jade Cauldron God king, although she has fierce Divine Cauldron, but this Divine Cauldron is not used for refiner, is not used for alchemy, but is used to kill people.” A Dong said: She once handled the matter that most has caused a stir , in Divine Country and Divine Country Prince emperor female compared with fighting, because she was sexually harassed by the opposite party, angry she lifts the cauldron to kill the opposite party bang directly.” Massacred fellow is first-grade God king . Moreover the fame is very big, is Big Shot of influence. At that time aroused not the small disturbance, although this matter two big Divine Country God Emperor know, but they will not meddle the younger generation matter! Then comes Xiao Yulan and that God king influence has the conflict, oneself all extinguished that influence, killed may have many Prince emperor female. Um, that Divine Country named called Nine Yang Divine Country.” How fierce!” Shen Xiang exclaims, destroys completely the first-grade God king entire influence, this is truly fierce, explained her, when the battle imperial throne also has very big superiority, but why does she also want to seize Xue Xianxian they to repair that breakage the cauldron? Shen Xiang had pondered, cannot help but shocks, he thought that only then a possibility, is this Xiao Yulan thinks that to rely on that Divine Cauldron Great Emperor leaves her cauldron to go on an expedition other Divine Country. Other Divine Country now at chaos caused by war, even if there is a new God Emperor production, Divine Country also meets Yuan Qi to damage severely, but quite formidabe was opposite party Great Country Master, but if can repair that cauldron, making Xiao Yulan have stronger strength, she must destroy completely other Divine Country also to have possibly, after all now this Divine Cauldron country has not had great war. Really is a fearful woman!” Shen Xiang thought one guess ** did not leave ten.