World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2122
A Dong brings Shen Xiang to arrive at a store front quite small pills shop, this shop decorates very ordinary, but is very lively, Shen Xiang went to look, knew this shop lively reason, pill who because here sold compares low level . Moreover the quality was also very low, but price actually convenient, very much received some quite poor person to welcome. Shen Xiang pill who sells according to here judges, Divine Pill in nine Divine Country is also quite expensive, especially these quality good Divine Pill, as for high level Divine Pill, this shop do not have, he is unable to refer. „Does A Dong, what means have to enter the emperor imperial palace? I want to see that Xiao Yulan.” After Shen Xiang goes out of the shop, said to A Dong in a low voice. A Dong slightly one startled, shook the head: Is very difficult, this first-grade God king is very difficult to see that also occasionally will make an appearance 1-2 times! Many powerful Highest God, want to see that this God king is very difficult, let alone we! Only if has expert of God king rank to recommend, otherwise is impossible to see her.” A Dong speech time, seeing front to have several youngster to lead a troop person to walk in a threatening manner, these youngster a moment ago bullied A Dong these, vigorously had also been stressed the arm by Shen Xiang. Is Murong Tian!” A Dong is drawing Shen Xiang: Big brother, we run, Murong day fellow is not affable, he has nine Godhead, now only misses grain of Highest Divine Pill, can concentrate tenth Godhead, marches into Highest God Realm.” What matter that weighs on the conscience we have not made, why can run? They bully the person, now also looks for the backer, this is unreasonable, we do not need to fear them.” Shen Xiang looks at that Murong Tian, this Murong Tian is a youth, has a white and tender sharp face, the clothes that the body wears look like the material quality are very good, is quite expensive that could see that he is quite rich. Is he!” That gives in the distant place to point at Shen Xiang to shout by youngster that Shen Xiang holds: Murong Boss, this fellow is rampant, does not pay attention to you.”

Shen Xiang wears a very simple black clothed, the skin is a little black, looks like big, although the facial features are very handsome, but in Murong deva-eye, was actually well below one are handsome. A Dong, it is said you have gone bad the custom, asks a price to be lower than us! Was the skin itchy? Is about to make this master teach, lets your long memory.” Murong Tian half step walks, was saying to A Dong ominously. A Dong clenched teeth, must walk, but actually by the Shen Xiang suddenly holding down shoulder, after he held down, cannot move, he wants to walk unable to walk: Big brother, lets me......” A Dong, I remember that you have one soon to enter the paternal grandmother of coffin......” youngster said with a sneer: You think that she does die quickly?” Shen Xiang frowned, the anger upwells, these person of unexpectedly such coerce A Dong! A Dong originally thin and weak, snatches other youngster, but he wants to gain divine yuan stone, can only be lower than others! However this Murong Tian actually does not allow his price to be lower than these youngster. Big brother...... My paternal grandmother was my only family member, you made me pass, I divine yuan stone also your that's it.” A Dong clenches teeth saying that he knows Shen Xiang is a good person, but actually does not hope that Shen Xiang provokes Murong Tian for him, after all Shen Xiang just went to this strange place, will provoke here feudal bully to be disadvantageous to him from now on.

Shen Xiang is still pressing him, does not ask him to leave, coldly has swept that several youngster one, looked at Murong Tian: „Do you need such certainly to do? Where A Dong has provoked you, why do you want such to bully him? You are the words of person, should help him, but such does not bully the person.” A Dong worked in my domain, has gone bad the custom, must punish him! Closes your trifling thing!” Although Murong Tian sees ice-cold complexion, but he actually did not fear, because he thought that he also calculates a little face here, moreover he has also brought several people. Makes A Dong come to us to punch quickly, otherwise links you ***!” youngster shouted, can visit them usually definitely frequently to bully the person, was used to arbitrarily. Shen Xiang coldly snorted, uses space power, transfers youngster of that speech to oneself in front of instantaneously, then a palm of the hand hits, the fan on the face of this youngster, hitting will fly maliciously, the body hits on other youngster, knocks down that several youngster completely! I must hit the person always rubbish, especially wants to hit my person to your this type.” The Shen Xiang sound is having one type the tune that is full of the anger, that was hit youngster of palm of the hand not to faint by him, but the whole piece face has destroyed, he covered the face pain to shout. You...... You hit my person, you court death.” Murong Tian thought that own dignity was trained, unexpectedly dares to be in front of his to hit his subordinate. This street is also quite lively, the street is quite big, the people see here to have the liveliness, stops to watch, they saw Shen Xiang to show one's skill a moment ago, thought that Shen Xiang is skillful, but frequently in the person who this nearby mixes, quite knew about Murong day that they are very curious, who is such not awfully, dares to provoke Murong Tian.

Murong Tian just trod one step, actually at present one black, then he arrived in front of Shen Xiang! Murong Tian is nine Godhead Heavenly God, the experience has certainly, what his very clear Shen Xiang use is space strength, he does not have to think own unexpectedly had been controlled casually by others, can say that the opposite party has the considerable strength, before he thinks that youngster is too weak, will therefore be made by Shen Xiang, but has not thought of this. Murong Tian also has good consciousness, he discovered himself, when nearby Shen Xiang, immediately the revolution within the body formidable god profound strength, just wants to make a palm, discovery own body was actually being twined by several Water Dragon, cannot move, moreover entangles his whole body very much to be sore. „Do you like bullying the person very much? Today I bully you!” Shen Xiang speech time, crazy fan his more than ten palms of the hand, that pā pā the sound lets person clear hearing of entire street, each palm of the hand can make Murong day mouth sign depart the blood. A Dong has tarried completely, he has not thought of Shen Xiang real fight, moreover starts to be very heavy, arrived at the leeway that is unable to mediate, after Murong Tian Shen Xiang has brushed more than ten palms of the hand, although in the heart the anger is dreadful, but he actually cannot counterattack, he does not think clearly, looks like such weak person, unexpectedly makes him unable to move all of a sudden. Get lost the distant point to me!” Shen Xiang to a Murong Tian abdomen foot, is leaping up maliciously to that group of people who he brings, that group of people catch Murong Tian time, feels a very strong momentum, almost pours in the ground. A Dong, leads me to see your paternal grandmother quickly.” Shen Xiang said to A Dong that this is to avoid this group of people retaliates A Dong.