World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2123

Being in a daze A Dong responded, hastily nodded, then runs. A Dong in the city does not have the residence in this Emperor Divine Cauldron, he has built the small log cabin in the forest of this city, Shen Xiang after he arrives at that small log cabin, sees to lie down on bed a grandma. Paternal grandmother, I have stirred up trouble, must hurry to leave here.” A Dong was saying to his paternal grandmother, a helplessness and guilty of face. This old man has opened the eye, her eye unexpectedly very bright, although she white-haired, but the skin on face also delicate like jade, understood at a glance that she has certain cultivation base old man, but does not know that because of any reason, is ill abed. What thing did A Dong spoil your? How many needs to compensate?” This grandma's voice is very weak, speech time as if has used the strength of whole body. She was poisoned!” Yue'er pokes head from the backpack, said silently. A Dong sees Yue'er to speak, was frightened a big strip: Cat spoke!” Shen Xiang to his lightly smiled: She will speak, first cures your paternal grandmother! Her is not big sickness, but a quite fierce toxin!” Shen Xiang puts out grain of blood red pill pellet, this is joins his blood refinement Detoxification Dan, can solve many type of toxins, he does not know to be effective. Makes your paternal grandmother eat up!” Shen Xiang gives A Dong Detoxification Dan. A Dong hands near old man time, does not have not to open mouth, her voice said weakly: A Dong, who is this person? Can be harms my!” Was not, is he has saved me, otherwise I they will be hit by Murong day remnantly.” A Dong said that he believes firmly Shen Xiang is a good person, will not harm him absolutely paternal grandmother, believes me, ate up is good!”

The grandma is full of the anxiety with that pair, but the bright eye looks at Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang to her lightly smiled: Senior, you eat up! A Dong these years were bullied unbearably, if your toxin solved, he will not cross that laboriously.” Shen Xiang determined that this grandma definitely has the good strength! The grandma sees thin and weak A Dong, eye cannot help but flood the teardrops, can she not know the A Dong bullied matter? But she is helpless, she has opened the mouth, eats up Shen Xiang's Detoxification Dan. Shortly, she becomes the spirit, restoration on face blood-colored . Moreover the whole body braves black Qi, that Detoxification Dan has had the drug efficacy, fast disintoxicating. Thank you, my toxin solves finally, more than ten years, I have also thought that I like this will die.” The grandma sits to set out, can the ample capacity coordinate to detoxify voluntarily. What matter have you annoyed?” The grandma asked. Has hit Murong day, I worried that he will send for retaliating you, therefore I make A Dong lead me to come!” Shen Xiang said: If you were good, you should not fear Murong Tian.” Naturally did not fear!” The grandma looks at Shen Xiang: Who are you? That grain of Detoxification Dan I had not seen a moment ago, moreover can drive out strange poison of my within the body.” I from other places, said the name you not to know.” Shen Xiang smiles lightly: My actually curious Senior status, the Senior strength is not definitely weak, otherwise this type of toxin, will not insist such for a long time.” Shen Xiang touches the head of A Dong, said with a smile: Later A Dong did not need to suffer hardships, now he starts practice also with enough time.” I am unfair to A Dong!” The grandma heaved a deep sigh, the affection looks at A Dong, A Dong the whole face tears, he saw his paternal grandmother to restore at this time, was very excited.

This grandma restored quickly, to stand at this time, she put out several grains of Divine Pill to eat, can let Yuan Qi that she restored this to consume for more than 10 years. Thanked you, your quite Yu Jiu my Yin Ting life.” After Yin Ting restores to come, gives the Shen Xiang expression of gratitude to salute hastily, although she is old man, but her manner is very graceful, can see she is young time definitely is very beautiful female. Does not use politely, is only the slight effort.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Paternal grandmother, the big brother he wants to see Jade Cauldron God king, do you have the means?” A Dong could feel that Shen Xiang comes to Jade Cauldron God king, he is keen to this aspect, although Shen Xiang seemed like speaks thoughtlessly. Yin Ting just wants to reply that frowned on suddenly, coldly said: Some people approached, should be Murong Tian father, is this and their calculate time.” Shen Xiang penetrates the window, saw Murong Tian, as well as with the middle-aged person who Murong Tian looks like very much, the person who they come are many, there are dozens, each is talented, the imposing manner is enormous and powerful. A Dong, I know that you in inside, that the bastard who I injure, get lost quickly immediately to me, I can forgive your undying!” Murong Tiannu exclaimed. As soon as he roars, the gate opened, but comes out is not A Dong and Shen Xiang, but is that wears Yin Ting of white clothing! Sees Yin Ting to fly, Murong day middle-aged person the complexion big change, he knows the Yin Ting strength immediately probably, knows matter that Yin Ting is poisoned. Although Yin Ting was old, but movement is very quick, after flying to leap up, suddenly arrives at side Murong day, her palm hits Murong day, only hears one such as thunder rumbled, Murong Tian body to blow out flash, then the whole person disappears, but in the air is actually filling the thick meat burnt smell. Murong day unexpectedly was killed by a Yin Ting palm bang! Shen Xiang and A Dong have shocked, this Yin Ting stronger of strength in the Shen Xiang imagination is bigger than!

Murong Hua, does not see for a long time! Your son also becomes very fierce , is very long thinks you, is really a good seedling.” Yin Ting coldly smiled. In the Murong Hua heart is angry, is the good seedling to be also what kind, had been rumbled to kill. You...... How does your toxin untie?” Murong Hua retreat several steps, but body suddenly is actually not able to move, but also in abundance runs away with that group of people who whose he comes at this time, but they have not run far, completely is divided by the lightning that airborne lowers burned black, falls to the ground dead. My toxin is under you, really has not thought! Your this fellow is so vicious, to coerce my family old man, haven't you killed our?” Yin Ting facial features bank, does not wait for this Murong Hua to reply, a palm pats, uses formidable lightning Divine Power, hits dozens palms continually, the bang will kill to the dregs. Shen Xiang has not thought that really this looks like graceful old man, begins the unexpectedly violence to be so decisive! Has lain down for more than ten years, weakened.” Yin Ting looks at all around these burned black corpses, sighed gently, then light flew. Paternal grandmother, you are quite fierce!” A Dong stares the eye, the whole face worship was saying greatly. little brat, later you will be fiercer than me!” Yin Ting he he smiles, is leading Shen Xiang and A Dong enters the room. After Yin Ting enters the room, serious looks at Shen Xiang: Why do you want to see Jade Cauldron God king?”