World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2124
This Yin Ting origin is very mystical, Shen Xiang can look, moreover she also very strong spouses, but has not come back, that Murong Hua intoxicates to her, is thinks, coerces her spouse to hand over any thing with her and A Dong. I from the A Dong mouth knew that she is how fierce, wants to see her elegant demeanor with own eyes! Naturally, this was only I speaks thoughtlessly, could not take seriously.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, in his heart has considered, when has not ravelled this Yin Ting status, cannot the matter that Xue Xianxian they were robbed say that listened to the bystander. He thought that Xiao Yulan must repair that mysterious cauldron to be the plan must keep secret, if reveals, perhaps they will have danger(ous) including Xue Xianxian, because they can repair Refining Master of that cauldron only. Paternal grandmother, the big brother he comes out from the remote mountain, he is very curious to here all! Let alone he, I wants to have a look at the Jade Cauldron God king portrait.” A Dong said with a smile. Yin Ting did not ask the Shen Xiang's origin, she also thought that Shen Xiang was very mystical, but she can clear awareness, Shen Xiang be a good person now, Lu Jian was uneven, has helped A Dong, but also helped her detoxify! This for her is the obligation. If you want to see her, I can try, but I did not guarantee that you can see her! Naturally, if you want to speak with her, that was difficult, looks at her one eyes from afar.” Yin Ting said: I before was her servant girl, but this was very long beforehand matter, does not know that she still did remember me.” Oh? Shen Xiang has not thought that this Yin Ting unexpectedly has worked as the servant girl side Xiao Yulan, so is no wonder fierce. Princess she side really needs the person now, this I can look, if you are very outstanding, can perhaps keep her side to work! Princess to the person on one's own side, is always good, this I can guarantee.” Yin Ting said. She, but first-grade God king, the person of side need also at least is third-class God king!” Shen Xiang said: I do not have that strength, I now Highest God am not.” If wants side her, at least also to be Highest Monarch God, let alone Highest God.” Yin Ting said: However we are the servant girl, initially requested not to be high to the strength, Highest God then.” Yin Ting said.

Yin Ting sees Shen Xiang to be puzzled, knows that Shen Xiang does not know these strength divisions, she explained: Concentrates ten Godhead is Highest God, but 20 Godhead are Highest Monarch God, 30 Godhead are Highest Saint God, I am to have 20 Godhead Highest Monarch God now.” In Shen Xiang heart dark startled, this Yin Ting unexpectedly is 20 Godhead expert, but this is only Xiao Yulan servant girl! This was Princess gave my jade token in the past, she had said that if I will have any matter from now on, can look for her, but I have been always useless, after all I thought that left side her, should not be troublesome she, let alone was the matter that I annoyed, I am not willing to look for her.” Yin Ting gives Shen Xiang jade token: Many years passed by, this is jade token useful I not to know, but you take away to try first, if the incorrect words, that uses the second means.” „The second means?” Shen Xiang received jade token, this Yin Ting method are also many, after all has mixed these many years with Xiao Yulan. You can find the way to look for the big manager of emperor imperial palace, he is my old sweetheart, you reported on my name, read in the former friendship, he may help your one.” Yin Ting touches the head of A Dong, Shen Xiang suddenly understood anything, this A Dong may is the grandson of that emperor imperial palace big manager. I must bring A Dong to leave here, later was predestined friends says goodbye.” Yin Ting looks at A Dong, both eyes is full of the complex color, but looks at the Shen Xiang's time, she thanked Shen Xiang again. Yin Ting and A Dong after Shen Xiang said goodbye, she brings A Dong to disappear in the forest. Shen Xiang is somewhat troublesome, he does not know how the plan does first, had considered, he decided to defer to Yin Ting saying that first, related with jade token. He Divine Sense to jade token, said: I am Yin Ting Senior introduce, I want to follow Jade Cauldron God king!” After subpoenaing, he a person in the city was strolling, he does not know that can be responded.

Although that jade token is Xiao Yulan this Jade Cauldron God king leaves Yin Ting, but he thought that definitely is not Xiao Yulan personally replies, this trivial matters looked that definitely gives the special person to be responsible. The Shen Xiang present strength is very weak, especially in Xiao Yulan this type has ** in front of expert God king that ten Mei Godhead, therefore he , to rescue Xue Xianxian they, can only mix side Xiao Yulan to look for the opportunity first again. Shen Xiang waited for more than double-hour, some answer, is a female, making him go to this Emperor Divine Cauldron tomorrow morning the Jade Cauldron pavilion in city! Shen Xiang inquired, knew that this Jade Cauldron pavilion is one sells Divine Pill and Divine Cauldron shop specially, he did not have to say own specialty anything, makes him go to this such appropriate own place, he thought that this is also a good matter. He found a staying inn, then buys looks like the quite dignified clothes, repairs and maintains the fringe again well, looks like by oneself is neatly more charming. For a long time did not have this human appearance.” Shen Xiang looks in mirror, he he smiles. Does not know when the time comes you can lead me to go , if not good, my oneself outside you.” Yue'er said that the Shen Xiang's goal definitely is to enter in the emperor imperial palace, Xue Xianxian they definitely in the institute of inside secret. Definitely, A Dong had said in has many small creature anything.” Shen Xiang has patted her head, said with a smile: Let alone now is not easier, certainly must accept the inspection of a period of time outside.” Next day, Shen Xiang arrives at the Jade Cauldron pavilion!

This definitely receives Xiao Yulan to attach great importance to by the shop of Jade Cauldron name, the guarding the door scope knew, that row of shop almost occupies the entire street, moreover over a hundred story-high, here are quite grand constructed. After Shen Xiang arrives inside, puts out that jade token once more, said one arrived at the Jade Cauldron pavilion. Comes out to greet his is a diminutive female, she looks like somewhat ominous, complexion also coldly, but she is long very beautifully, the time expression of speech does not have uncomfortably, possibly is her complexion inborn is this. Is the Yin Ting introduction? Shows me jade token!” This tender Xiao Ling jade female said. Shen Xiang hands over jade token, the opposite party has inspected, nodded, then received jade token, it seems like that this jade token became invalid. Comes with me!” The females transfer with Shen Xiang are walking into hall sliding door, that is a staircase. Shen Xiang comes in sees many people here, majority are purchases Divine Pill, but this hall air-to-air, anything does not have, these people should have the appointment, therefore here will be waiting.