World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2125

With the Shen Xiang expectation is the same, he takes jade token that Yin Ting is giving not to be impossible to see that Xiao Yulan, the matter specifically one group of people who receives the beforehand former subordinate are responsible, Xiao Yulan will usually not inquire about, only if very special matter. Shen Xiang comes to a secret room with this petite female, here has one set of chair, the female makes Shen Xiang sit down, then polite gives him to pour on the tea. Does not use that anxiously.” The females said that her facial features very ice-cold, the expression and sound that but she spoke actually were very gentle, after giving, sum total strange feeling. After the females saw Shen Xiang to drink tea, then said: „Do you name?” Shen Xiang just wants to reply that discovery own brains somewhat are murky, are in trance, he wanted to say a false name, but his innermost feelings actually strongly request him to say the real name, after he realizes suddenly, immediately revolution Heaven Refining Technique, built up to melt his whole body all not own special strength, meanwhile fast burnt to build up entire Divine sea. Shen Fei!” Shen Xiang said that he said very much naturally, the female has also believed that nodded. In Shen Xiang heart secret took a deep breath, he has not thought in the tea that drank a moment ago unexpectedly puts such fierce thing, can make him say the truth, he discovered luckily promptly, otherwise he definitely completely will shake his all matters. This is also the understandable matter, the person who because recruits wants the absolute loyalty, after all later has possibility close Xiao Yulan, must result in strictly checks. Shen Xiang has drunk tea, this is for does not make the opposite party begin to have suspicions, after he drinks, builds up that mysterious strength, this will not disturb him. Why do you want to follow Jade Cauldron God king?” The females also asked that she was staring at Shen Xiang's both eyes, this gave the Shen Xiang very tremendous pressure, but Shen Xiang good and bad has also experienced the storm person, this small method could not have baffled him.

Because I thought that Jade Cauldron God king becomes new God Emperor of Divine Cauldron country's, so long as follows her now, from now on definitely will make a rapid career advance, moreover I also heard that she has the matchless beautiful appearance, follows a such beautiful woman, is a good matter.” Shen Xiang said. What relationship you and are Yin Ting? Why will she give you such important jade token?” The females also asked that she must know the Shen Xiang's origin, Shen Xiang said a moment ago must follow the Jade Cauldron God king reason to be also fair, the female had not suspected. I have saved her grandson, moreover helped her detoxify, her grandson called A Dong, is bullied by the person who was called Murong Tian! After I help Yin Ting Senior detoxifies, Yin Ting Senior Murong day fathers and sons kills, she knew that I want to become the Jade Cauldron God king subordinate, therefore she for Boga me, gave me the original skin greatly.” Shen Xiang here does not have have lied. The females also know probably this matter, she nodded, asked: Where do you come from? Should not be the Divine Cauldron country's, matter that because you do not know Murong Tian.” Day, this female investigated many matters, therefore she knows this point, makes Shen Xiang hits Murong Tian time also works as in front of that many people to get rid, this can look up to obtain easily. I come from mountain scene [lineage/vein], I grow up in inside since childhood, until these days my grandfather said that outside could become the tumultuous times, he makes me go informed and experienced while this opportunity informed and experienced, then he left that mountain scene [lineage/vein], I steadily, ran.” Shen Xiang will not say one are from world of Nine Heaven, because Xue Xianxian they were were just robbed in world of Nine Heaven, will say will definitely make the opposite party begin to have suspicions. This female thinks that thought does not have any questionable point, the man who runs from the remote mountain, after hearing the Jade Cauldron God king fact, regarding this produces the heart of worship is very normal. Who is your grandfather? Names?” The females also asked. Shen Tianyuan!” Shen Xiang Hu Bian a name.

The females have not heard this name, but she will look up, expert of hidden world always many, therefore Shen Xiang said one come out from the remote mountain, this is not the strange matter. What do you most excel at?” The females asked: You said that I also well gave you to arrange the arrangement.” alchemy also has to kill Demon Beast! The murder is also good, with Demon Beast similar.” Shen Xiang said that at this time he carries the cup, just must drink that inside tea, had actually been seized the cup by the female. This tea was cool, I from give you to pour newly.” The females have traded pot tea, to Shen Xiang one cup, after Shen Xiang has drunk but actually, knows that in this cup of tea does not have other things. What rank pill will you refine?” The females somewhat are surprised, hide in the remote mountain words, the alchemy resources definitely are not a lot, walks the [say / way] of alchemy is very difficult, moreover lacks the home remedy, is hard adolescence. middle-grade Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang said: Quickly can build up High-Grade Divine Pill.” This may have a scare the female, she also thinks that Shen Xiang is baby brat, has not thought that unexpectedly can refine middle-grade Divine Pill! Where this young alchemy master arrives at to be popular, even if the Jade Cauldron God king alchemy normal university team , the young alchemy master are also quite few. What you said is real?” The females somewhat suspected, because Shen Xiang has not drunk the beforehand that chart truth again the tea, before drank, at this time already dead drug efficacy. In sister your hand has middle-grade Divine Pill herbs? I try to refine a furnace to show you, if the refinement were defeated, I use divine yuan stone to compensate your divine medicine.” Shen Xiang said very self-confidently, he refines middle-grade Divine Pill time, but also comprehended strong spirit law especially.

Other alchemy masters when refine middle-grade Divine Pill, builds up the law normally is to need big group of Saint pill takes auxiliary, but Shen Xiang actually does not need, this is spirit law that because he comprehends from Heaven Refining Technique therefore. Good!” The females put out five color different fruits from storage pouch, she asked: „Do you know these Divine Fruit? Knows that what Divine Pill this refines? Has the home remedy?” Five Elements Divine Fruit, can refine Five Elements Divine Pill, ten Godhead above Five Elements gods cultivate one Divine Pill that most loves, the home remedy I do not have, does not know that you can provide to me?” Shen Xiang said that actually he does not need the home remedy also to refine, he wants to conceal this heaven defying ability. This is the home remedy!” The females give Shen Xiang together jade token: From now on you cannot become our, this home remedy also belongs to you.” After is Yin Ting jade token, this was also helps to Shen Xiang's. Shen Xiang received jade token, disguises to look at inside content very much earnestly, then asked: Sister, if my alchemy is very splendid, can see Jade Cauldron God king?”