World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2126
„If before, definitely cannot! But now perhaps, Jade Cauldron God king needs the splendid alchemy master, if you can refine High-Grade Divine Pill, I very affirmative told you, even if you cannot see Jade Cauldron God king immediately, but can actually enter the emperor imperial palace, sees Jade Cauldron God king is also sooner or later matter.” This female understands the Shen Xiang's mood, because she also only walked in the past, she is a female, very much worships regarding the Xiao Yulan such fierce woman., I do not have the High-Grade Divine Pill home remedy, otherwise I can build up now to you look.” Shen Xiang said. I do not believe! Your alchemy side does not have, that definitely has not built up High-Grade Divine Pill, can you succeed? Generally when studies refinement high level Divine Pill, needs to undergo the process of failure, this process is very long.” The females said. I refined this middle-grade Divine Pill to say again! When the time comes I definitely find the way to make you believe.” Shen Xiang just wants to put out his pill furnace, but actually immediately thinks that this pill furnace is Xue Xianxian they refines, this refiner technique is very easy to be looked, was not been when the time comes good by the Xiao Yulan discovery, he when had not determined whether Xiao Yulan they do have the evil intention to Xue Xianxian, he cannot exposed his status. Hasn't started?” The females asked. I do not have pill furnace!” Shen Xiang's replied that lets this female originally that on the icy face, became colder. Sorry, because I am too poor, sold out pill furnace! Sister you casually with pill furnace to me, so long as were not too bad that's alright, I borrowed, I did not want your.” Shen Xiang somewhat awkwardly said. Female coldly snorted: „The alchemy master regards pill furnace for the own second life generally, but you actually sell out your pill furnace, are you also the alchemy master?” Shen Xiang cracks into a smile: My Master has said that the true alchemy master takes the world as the furnace, so long as achieved in the heart to have furnace that's alright!” This female somewhat angry, puts out quite general pill furnace, wants to pound maliciously to Shen Xiang that small face, she wants to bellow to Shen Xiang very much does not have pill furnace, you are the alchemy master.”

After Shen Xiang received pill furnace, expressed gratitude hastily, if not for he does not want to frighten at present this female, he used Illusionary Brilliant Furnace directly. After receiving pill furnace, Shen Xiang has put a fire toward pill furnace, then went in that five invisible Divine Fruit, started alchemy. „Can you alchemy? Really create a mess! You simply not according to home remedy on does, moreover don't you have preparation commonly used auxiliary Saint pill?” The females see Shen Xiang to refine the middle-grade Divine Pill step are in chaos, cannot bear say. Elder sister, do you name? You should be very big in the authority of this Jade Cauldron pavilion!” Shen Xiang asked. Xiao Baifeng, I do not work in the Jade Cauldron pavilion, I temporarily am borrowing this.” Xiao Baifeng looks at that Five Elements Divine Pill home remedy, Shen Xiang the alchemy step has not deferred to above at this time: Five Elements Divine Fruit five hundred thousand divine yuan stone, these five are dabbler hundred thousand, your pill furnace has sold out, can you match?” Cannot repay!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Sister Baifeng, are you Phoenix?” Snort!” Xiao Baifeng has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly such replied, she thought has feeling that a type of meat dumpling beats a dog, thinks that these five Divine Fruit were thrown away carelessly, she blamed herself secretly, if made Shen Xiang continue to drink that type the tea that spat the true words, Shen Xiang carelessly will not boast. I am humanity! The name is Princess gives me to get up, I am she raise.” Xiao Baifeng said: If you were defeated, I will not blame your, when I had bad luck, this pill furnace also gave to you.”

Many thanks Sister Baifeng!” Shen Xiang cracks into a chuckle, then to put out a jade bottle, his hand is controlling the flame, a hand but actually tasty fruit juice, this was past Huang Jintian gives him, he had afterward duplicated. Drinks to you!” Shen Xiang has handed over. „Do you have in alchemy?” Xiao Baifeng can induce to the pill furnace internal flame, but Shen Xiang is smiling at this time, gives back to her who drinks but actually, likely is not the alchemy appearance, before she Shen Xiang took to bring, Shen Xiang gives her impression to be very good, a very proper appearance, but now...... Actually exploded with rage her. Naturally has! I start now!” Shen Xiang closes the eye immediately, is serious, the words did not say. Refines middle-grade Divine Pill time, needs various divine medicine spirit bloodlines to be a very even degree to fuse, otherwise there are little is not steady, will cause the explosion! Other alchemy masters in the refinement, will increase these divine medicine qualities with some assistance Saint pill, lets several divine medicine balances. But Shen Xiang does not need, he uses the Heaven Refining Technique method, transfers Divine sea inside strength, strengthens the quality of bloodlines of spirit directly, is to divine medicine quality enhancement! Such one, he did not need tedious Saint pill to assist. But what now he must strengthen is the bloodlines of Five Elements spirit, this for him was really too easy, because in his Six Paths Power contained many were the strength of this Five Elements, therefore he made the bloodlines of five spirit be a balanced degree quickly, at this time also passed the less than half double-hour. Sees Shen Xiang to be earnest, in the Xiao Baifeng heart did not have life Qi/angry that but also took up Shen Xiang to drink but actually to her fruit juice, after she has drunk one, thought very tasty, unknowingly completely drank up. After a double-hour, Shen Xiang start to condense pill, this is the casual refinement, can concentrate four grains of this, if he is earnest, he does not know to be able your many, but are definitely more than present.

Sister Baifeng, heard that in Jade Cauldron God king person, at least is also two ten Godhead Highest Monarch God, you?” Shen Xiang is curious, he knows that this Xiao Baifeng is very strong, but actually cannot see her strength accurately. I am three ten Godhead Highest Saint God!” Xiao Baifeng complexion sank: Continues to build up your pill!” Is so fierce! If I through your inspection, I did become your subordinate? This is also very good, I did not fear that was bullied by others.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Is uncertain, in Princess person, 40-50 Godhead God Monarch are many, I am only because was fostered by Princess since childhood in a big way, therefore the comparison was considered by Princess.” Xiao Baifeng stared Shen Xiang one: Subordinate who you become, you have stirred up trouble, I will not help you go against, builds up your pill quickly!” Xiao Baifeng just said that Shen Xiang raises the pill furnace cover. Can add auxiliary Saint pill? But was not this time!” Xiao Baifeng is curious. „It is not, I built up!” Shen Xiang takes out five grains of colored pill pellet from pill furnace, then throws to her, said grinningly: „Is quality what kind of? If takes away to sell, can sell many!” This......” Xiao Baifeng sees four grains of colored pill pellet to fly, a face puts out a hand to sweep unbelievable, grasps completely in the hand, she can feel warming up that just drew a charge to spread to her jade palm clearly.