World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2127
Shen Xiang has patted clapping, said with a smile: Quality how?” Xiao Baifeng opens the palm, looks at that four grains of Five Elements Divine Pill, a face is unbelievable, her surprised speech, she was pondering now Shen Xiang can make any hands and feet, but she is staring at Shen Xiang from beginning to end, pill furnace is also she gives! Moreover these four grains of Five Elements Divine Pill also just drew a charge, she can determine this point! But Shen Xiang this type including the alchemy master who pill furnace sells out, when alchemy also careless, refinement does not defer to the home remedy, now actually builds up four grains of Five Elements Divine Pill! I only know in the Divine Cauldron country, only then Great Country Master can achieve furnace four grains of Five Elements Divine Pill, but the speed does not have you to be so fast probably!” Xiao Baifeng from is sizing up Shen Xiang newly, she had determined that now these four grains of Five Elements Divine Pill are Shen Xiang refines, moreover when chatted with her built up. This...... Then said that I am very fierce?” Shen Xiang also pretends to be surprised. Xiao Baifeng nodded: Is very fierce! In the middle-grade alchemy master, your can go against their ten eight, you only need herbs, can refine four grains of Five Elements Divine Pill in a double-hour, but other alchemy masters need four herbs, at least two days of time! Naturally, there is a minority young talent alchemy master to be quick, but is actually inferior to you.” „Can Oh! that I now become your subordinate?” Shen Xiang said with a smile, although this Xiao Baifeng will not smile, but he actually knows that this exquisite beautiful woman feelings were very good. Xiao Baifeng clenched teeth, said: Can, you be able to enter the emperor imperial palace with me! After your going in inside, must listen to my words, cannot run around in, otherwise is very easy to stir up trouble.” In the Xiao Baifeng eye, Shen Xiang is a young talent alchemy master, adolescence space very big, later is very likely famous Dan God, is also helpful to her. Shen Xiang with Xiao Baifeng, enters several lions are hauling in the large cart, then drives into that is similar to the city in the emperor imperial palace in city.

This is your status jade token! If some people asked you, you showed this jade token, knows that was my Xiao Baifeng person, they not to you how! Remember, do not stir up trouble in inside, annoys the Prince emperor female, even if I am not able to preserve you, in addition, many emperor's relatives in inside, these fellows could not have annoyed...... The person who in brief cannot annoy were too many, for example some God king subordinates, God king apprentice......” Then, Xiao Baifeng displays the person who a big pile was unable to annoy to Shen Xiang, sometimes even is some cat dogs cannot annoy, because is very likely some emperor female pets. „Does the feeling of good danger(ous), stamp a flower to have the trouble?” Shen Xiang said after a sigh. Good, does not stamp the precious flower carefully, will annoy troublesome.” Xiao Baifeng nods to say very much earnestly. Sister Baifeng, you can stay in inside are so long, the little brother admires you.” Shen Xiang has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to her, then he puts out his backpack, grasps Yue'er: Sister Baifeng, can I bring this cat to go in? This is my small pet, with me for many years.” Yue'er greatly is little than the palm of the hand, the whole body pure white, her nape of the neck was being pinched by Shen Xiang, at this time she is waving that four small short leg, meow meow was calling, was really lovable, is always looks like icy Xiao Baifeng, could not bear put out a hand carefully hold Yue'er, but also blamed stared Shen Xiang one, blamed Shen Xiang to press firmly between the fingers the Yue'er stamina uncouthly. Naturally!” Xiao Baifeng loves tenderly is very caressing control above Yue'er lightly. Shen Xiang is despising Yue'er this attire adorable little thing secretly, he knows the details of this cat, is a fellow of killing without showing blood. You are also careful, do not let other people see! Especially these like the small creature aristocrat females, if they want to rob, you when the time comes troubled.” Xiao Baifeng does not give up Yue'er at this time gives back to Shen Xiang.

Sister Baifeng, or I give you temporarily, these emperor females do not dare to you, good and bad you are Jade Cauldron God king person.” Shen Xiang said: She is a special linsang, cannot enter in storage equipment, will otherwise die...... Moreover, she will also speak words.” Little thing, spoke several words!” Shen Xiang is poking the small cheek of Yue'er with the finger, after Yue'er meow meow called several, shouted: little rascal, do not bump me!” This stirs up Xiao Baifeng pū chī to smile, Shen Xiang sees Xiao Baifeng to smile such happily, hee hee smiles: Sister Baifeng, attendance this little thing, she left dead into to live well many years with me.” You felt relieved!” Xiao Baifeng puts out own small backpack, looked like compared with Shen Xiang that black attractiveness, Yue'er was also very comfortable in, she understood the Shen Xiang's intention. After Shen Xiang enters the emperor imperial palace, definitely cannot run all over the place, but Yue'er with Xiao Baifeng, can approach Xiao Yulan, can perhaps eavesdrop on that has about Xue Xianxian their whereabouts. The emperor imperial palace gathered round by the nonagon city wall, inside is giant, is similar to several giant cities, the big city wall is formation, therefore the emperor imperial palace is reliable. The vehicle enters the front door time, has stopped a period of time, some people turn on the saloon car, in the inspection, after confirming the status, made the vehicle continue. Sister Baifeng, after I go, what matter needs to do?” Shen Xiang asked. Temporarily stays in my residence, then I will help you get so far as the home remedy with every effort, lets your alchemy!” Xiao Baifeng said: What we go is Jade Cauldron Palace, one of the emperor imperial palaces! Before was not called Jade Cauldron Palace, but is occupied by Princess now, therefore changed name.”

„Since the Jade Cauldron God king domain, I is very safe? You worried that what matter I do annoy?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Was difficult saying that the God Emperor children and women were many, his strength quite weak children will hire oneself generally Princess this first-grade God king, if were aptitude good emperor female Prince, will obtain settling on Princess, emphatically training. Therefore, is the strength is very strong in this inside Prince emperor females, itself has the bloodlines of God Emperor, in addition honored status and large amounts of resources, average person basic ratio they. But you must know that this status honored person, is the comparison looks down upon the bystander generally.” Yes, this fellow I have also met much!” Shen Xiang laughs, what he has not said that after this fellow provokes him, majority will be killed by him. Shen Xiang felt that the speed of vehicle sped up, before long, Xiao Baifeng makes him get out. Environment is good!” Shen Xiang looked at all around, this is a medium garden, has the pond and arched bridge, the pavilion by a garden, the deep green soft lawn is most, the courtyard is very big, the house is quite small, is halls and several room. Here is Jade Cauldron Palace, do not go out of this courtyard, when I have the time, will lead you to be familiar in this.” Xiao Baifeng brings Shen Xiang to arrive at a room: Inside has a secret room, you in inside alchemy that's alright, my this place were very peaceful, will not have any person to come.”