World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2128
Shen Xiang is the curiosity very heavy person, he arrives in this emperor imperial palace now, but was actually closed in this courtyard cannot exit, this will make him feel very stuffy, moreover he does not know that here must do. Sister Baifeng, can you find matter to do to me? For example makes a good point High-Grade Divine Pill home remedy to me, best is to congealing Godhead has helped!” Shen Xiang thought that this Xiao Baifeng status she has not said that lowly, otherwise she will not put out Five Elements Divine Pill herbs casually to him. Xiao Baifeng said: I will help you strive as far as possible, the good home remedy was being grasped by that Great Country Master, if I want to obtain the home remedy from his there, must pay massive divine yuan stone to be good. But you do not need to be worried that I will strive to Princess as far as possible!” Sister Baifeng, you solid told me, my alchemy level how?” Shen Xiang asked: I want to know that I do have the qualifications to see Jade Cauldron God king!” Now is not good, waits for you to refine High-Grade Divine Pill . Moreover the refinement speed and pill quantity is the same with that Five Elements Divine Pill, I can promise you that Princess she certainly meets when the time comes your!” Xiao Baifeng said: I can also tell her now first, the alchemy strength that you show, having a look at her to be interested in you, or looked that she can help you get so far as a good home remedy.” Shen Xiang nods hastily, if there is good High-Grade Divine Pill, he does not need laboriously founded, when the time comes he can also depend upon this Divine Pill becomes by himself stronger. His beforehand plan must a bit faster by own become stronger, because world of Nine Heaven, once evolves successfully, he will face very big danger(ous), if he has the enough formidable strength to contend with these to the powerful enemy who he eyes covetously, he when the time comes does not use with trepidation, hides here and there. Sister Baifeng, when you come back!” Shen Xiang saw Xiao Baifeng just to turn around, held on her hand on hastily. Xiao Baifeng fierce breaks free from Shen Xiang's, somewhat angry looks at Shen Xiang, her hand had not been held by the man. I will come back tonight! Do not run all over the place!” Xiao Baifeng was drawn by Shen Xiang a moment ago started, although in heart life Qi/angry, but has not actually displayed.

Shen Xiang looks that Xiao Baifeng brings Yue'er to leave, says with a smile: This woman had not been bumped by man probably, the response is so intense!” The present range night also has a period of time, Shen Xiang cannot waste the time now, his hastily puts out some elixir, starts to duplicate skeleton Divine Pill herbs, this is he can obtain one of the formidable strength ways fast, is cultivates more skeletons. Shen Xiang enters in this emperor imperial palace, because was closed in this courtyard, therefore has not felt the great strength of this emperor imperial palace, this is almost the foundation of entire Divine Cauldron country's is at! However he actually also knows that Xiao Yulan strength is very strong, servant girl has 30 Godhead, under has many first-grade God king, expert that other ranks let let alone! Shen Xiang thinks that this Jade Cauldron God king only needs very small part of strength, can extinguish completely kills on world of Nine Heaven all influences. Qilian, you must be a bit faster formidable, these Divine Country were really too fearful!” Shen Xiang arrives at the window, looks to the deep blue sky. Now he also only then alchemy has the outlet, if he wants to obtain strength fast , can only refine massive high level Divine Pill to come unceasingly, but now he lacks the good High-Grade Divine Pill home remedy, if there is a home remedy, his also goal, he thought that here collects divine medicine is not the difficult matter, so long as there is divine yuan stone that's alright. Night, Xiao Baifeng came back, Yue'er also comes back with her, Shen Xiang somewhat was worried at first she will deliver Yue'er, after all Yue'er this cat is very likable, if these emperor females are determined her to hand over, perhaps she also will face very difficult choice. Good news to tell you, can help you a bit faster obtain attaching great importance to of Princess!” Xiao Baifeng holds from the backpack Yue'er, making her fly freely, she thought that Yue'er suppresses in that backpack is very definitely uncomfortable. Sister Baifeng, you drink!” Shen Xiang hastily gives her to carry one fruit juice.

After Xiao Baifeng sits down, has drunk very big one, said: You should know reason that our Divine Cauldron country does not have the civil war!” The Shen Xiang nod said: Knows that this is because the major influences want to struggle the imperial throne by the smallest loss, this is based on peaceful way.” Good, this point is Princess raises, did not say that her strength is insufficient, is only she is very clear, is similar to arrives at the imperial throne through very bloody way battle, this Divine Cauldron country also meets Yuan Qi to damage severely, is disadvantageous to the entire Divine Cauldron national capital!” Xiao Baifeng drinks light the remaining fruit juice, this type of fruit juice is tasty, before Shen Xiang had drunk to her. Therefore Princess looks for these Great Country Master to discuss that making these Great Country Master act to mediate, seeks one to compete for the imperial throne should better the most peaceful way, but does not make all parties suffer heavy casualties, finally will not present that bloody clean.” Shen Xiang anxiously [say / way]: Sister Baifeng, your quick reaching an agreement news!” Xiao Baifeng puts out a hand Yue'er that catches to fly, said: Whom good news is seven first-grade God king will come out to come with the way of competition, when God Emperor!” Oh? this for me, where is the good news?” Shen Xiang is puzzled. This competition is the contest overall strength! Also chooses future Great Country Master, this must test young one generation!” Xiao Baifeng said: Several Great Country Master have the aspect of familiarity, but fiercest is alchemy Great Country Master! But in the future, Great Country Master of Divine Cauldron country's definitely also will leave like other God Emperor, seeks the road of Long Life, therefore the Great Country Master position also wants some people to inherit.” Shen Xiang suddenly understood, place that but some do not understand.

Xiao Baifeng also said: However this competition, is that several Great Country Master to seven first-grade God king tests, because must express admiration in the future Divine Country, not only wants formidable God Emperor, but must have Great Country Master.” When the time comes seven Deity King subordinates will carry on various competition, but I will recommend you to attend the competition of alchemy, if you give a good account of oneself, perhaps will be treated as Great Country Master to train in the future.” Xiao Baifeng said: But acts according to my understanding at present, when competition must refine High-Grade Divine Pill and Highest Divine Pill, High-Grade Divine Pill you could......” Xiao Baifeng knit the brows: Highest Divine Pill not possibly...... However you do not need to be worried, so long as you refined High-Grade Divine Pill to give a good account of oneself have sufficed, Princess will see your potential.” Highest Divine Pill compared with High-Grade Divine Pill good high level, Shen Xiang not to have seen including Highest quality herbs, let alone has refined, for him truly is very difficult. Also how long time?” Shen Xiang is the person who likes challenging, he does not understand to refine Highest Divine Pill, but he planned that attempts.