World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2129
Three days of time, the central god palace in this emperor imperial palace competes with, besides alchemy, the ratio fights, refiner, set up formation and other competition, but your main alchemy that's alright, other does not need to manage.” Shen Xiang has not thought that so will be quick, perhaps if 1-2 months, he very much self-confidently attacks Highest Divine Pill, but he thinks now. Does not need to be worried, three days later starts is the preelection, through the simple test or the competition, selects the comparison to have the qualifications, but did not have the definite time officially.” Xiao Baifeng said: „I have reported to Princess about your matter, she looks like did not care very much, but she has given me a home remedy......” Is the High-Grade Divine Pill home remedy? This sufficed!” Shen Xiang likes immediately: Gives me the home remedy quickly...... Should not have divine medicine? Is divine medicine very difficult to look?” Shen Xiang sees the Xiao Baifeng facial expression, in heart is also worries, the home remedy that if Xiao Baifeng asked was not good, he can only try to find the solution. This actually...... Difficult that because this home remedy became famous, many Dan God, although has this home remedy, but has not actually refined!” Xiao Baifeng sighed one: To put it bluntly, this home remedy is used to send the person generally, this broken home remedy full avenue is, but can concentrate successfully pill does not have one.” This does No problem, have herbs?” Shen Xiang most likes refining this type to be difficult to build up, this for him is a very good challenge, so long as there is herbs not to have the issue. divine medicine is not the issue, this pill only needs two divine medicine, moreover is quite common, the price also compares convenient.” Xiao Baifeng puts out jade token to give Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang receives looked that seeps Divine Sense to go, immediately knits the brows: This somewhat is truly thorny, I give a try first!” You know where difficult is?” Before Xiao Baifeng, looks Shen Xiang refines Five Elements Divine Pill time, knows Shen Xiang alchemy time according to the home remedy on, definitely does not have the unusual method.

Difficultly on these two divine medicine!” Shen Xiang said: These two divine medicine are as incompatible as fire and water that became famous, the three disasters extinguishes divine flower, with mercy Divine Fruit, one type kills, one type lives! The three disasters extinguish in divine flower to contain Extreme Yang Nine Yang Divine Fire, but mercy Divine Fruit contains the Extreme Yin underground spring nine cloudy water, this is the attribute energy, but the Divine Sense energy is to also repel one another very fiercely.” The Xiao Baifeng nod said: Understood with me is the same, heard that this home remedy is only the others' work of game, to deceive the person, does not have this home remedy, is unable to refine Spell Bound Pill...... Princess gives me this home remedy, is used to send my! However this cannot blame her, what after all her present need is can use the person who directly!” Helps me buy these two herbs, respectively 100.” Shen Xiang said that he thinks to try, he is also interested. Temporarily helps you make ten!” Xiao Baifeng said that hastily leaves. Yue'er flies on the Shen Xiang's shoulder, said: I saw that Xiao Yulan, was a beauty!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted: „Is beauty also what kind of? Does she have Xianxian their beautiful? The person who seizes my wife, manages her to be attractive, in my eyes she and excrement is equally ugly.” Hee hee......” Yue'er smiles immediately tenderly: This saying do not let her hear, this woman gets angry, can burn down half emperor imperial palace!” Right Shen Xiang, you planned really refines this Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill?” Yue'er asked. Naturally, have you heard this pill in Star Law God Territory?” Shen Xiang is very curious to this pill, especially the Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill effects, after eating up, the drug efficacy will stimulate fleshly body nine to change, in the process that nine change will stimulate nine counter air/Qi, this type of nine counter air/Qi can fast condense Godhead.

Has not heard, but that two divine medicine I have heard actually, specially has the alchemy master to refine two grains of quality very high Divine Pill in Star Law God Territory these two divine medicine separately, then the collision, can stimulate very strong explosion.” Yue'er said: You should make Baifeng help you prepare better pill furnace!” She should help me prepare, this woman feelings are very good!” Shen Xiang feels the chin to say with a smile: Although will not smile, but very good female slave embryo.” little rascal!” Yue'er has ridiculed one: I and she see Xiao Yulan time, has not heard to have about Xianxian their matter, it is estimated that this matter Xiao Yulan itself also regards as important, will therefore not speak irresponsibly.” Shen Xiang has put out a mirror, said with a smile: My appearance had changed slightly, when the time comes here some people know me, thinks some shapes! Does not know that my Shen Xiang's prestige does have to pass to this emperor imperial palace.” Xiao Baifeng came back quickly, she really helped Shen Xiang prepare good pill furnace, moreover was three, her not alchemy, but actually knew that two divine medicine collision together effect. I had asked sold the pill furnace person, he said that the three disasters extinguished divine flower and mercy Divine Fruit collision together, will not cause the damage to the alchemy master!” Xiao Baifeng gives Shen Xiang three very small pill furnace, after dropping the blood, can control to increase. This is ten divine medicine, now the night, I have only been able to get so far as these ten, tomorrow I will help you make many! Remembers that do not close up is too long, three days later must attend the preliminary contest, when the time comes only needs to refine middle-grade Divine Pill that's alright, you refine Five Elements Divine Pill.” Xiao Baifeng has given Shen Xiang the thing completely, she also hopes that Shen Xiang can adolescence get up, she is the first time trains the person. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Sister Baifeng, heard that the three disasters extinguish divine flower and mercy Divine Fruit may adolescence divine medicine, should not only have High-Grade, you inquired that has Highest quality!” Good!” Xiao Baifeng nodded.

Was right, Sister Baifeng, do you know the skeleton Divine Pill home remedy?” Shen Xiang asked. This...... This is absolutely impossible to get so far as, this is Great Country Master most adept one Divine Pill, in nine Divine Country, only then Great Country Master and his apprentice understand the refinement, his apprentice is also Prince, although only then third-class God king strength, but is actually considered as the person who can compete for the imperial throne, but he disdains to struggle.” Xiao Baifeng shakes the head saying: Do not have the idea of skeleton Divine Pill.” In the Shen Xiang heart also wants to jump, skeleton Divine Pill is he obtains at the Supreme Temple accident, has not thought that unexpectedly spreads from this Divine Cauldron country, moreover Great Country Master puts, he thought that is that Great Country Master such does intentionally, wants to have a look to have other people to obtain, then succeeds to refine. Good fierce Prince, third-class God king, is the Great Country Master apprentice!” Shen Xiang exclaims, he does not know is, this Prince initially with his secret has compared, when is gathers British Divine City congress compared with that mysterious Prince. Truly fierce, before the entire emperor imperial palace thinks that he only has 20-30 Godhead, even if so, thought that he can compete for the imperial throne. It is said some people want to his fight, he to show their strength, simultaneously reputation do not struggle the imperial throne!” Xiao Baifeng also very much admires to this Prince, was no one can reject the enticement of authority.