World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2130
Shen Xiang takes a paper, has written several divine medicine names above, gives Xiao Baifeng. Sister Baifeng, you will help me examine tomorrow that there are these divine medicine to sell, wants middle-grade! Remember, must come in secret! Is makes you look up, did not ask, therefore you cannot go with your present status.” Shen Xiang very seriously said. Petite Xiao Baifeng be shorter than two heads Shen Xiang, at this time Shen Xiang is earnest, sends out an imposing manner, in addition his big vigorous and healthy body, Xiao Baifeng cannot help but thought that this man somewhat is at present fearful. Good!” Xiao Baifeng looked above divine medicine, she does not know that is used to refine any pill, but she thinks somewhat familiar. These are refine skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine, Shen Xiang, only then low-grade divine medicine, but middle-grade also needs massive elixir to carry on the accelerate ripening, he cannot let concentrate now the spirit bead with these female double cultivation, but depends upon his elixir, is very difficult to be fast the accelerate ripening, if here sells, naturally with buying best. Shen Xiang is taking these two divine medicine, the entry secret room in high spirits went to alchemy! Late at night, Xiao Baifeng rests very soundly, Yue'er flies from her bosom, squats to sit near the window, is swaying that adorable tail, is looking at the airborne stars and bright moonlight. Has the stars of moon to be occupied by the person, here moon is very big.” Yue'er looks at the star moon/month, with oneself with strength of star moon/month communication, was inquiring secretly whether the star moon/month sees Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er they. Bang!” A dull thumping sound transmits, Xiao Baifeng was awakened. This brat exploded the furnace!” Xiao Baifeng hears the sound is Shen Xiang that secret room transmits, implored the one breath, then continues to lie down. She looks to squat to sit Yue'er in window, asked in a soft voice: Yue'er, what are you looking at?”

Yue'er meow meow called several: I missed homeland!” Your family where?” Xiao Baifeng does not know the Star Law God Territory matter, does not know Star Law God Territory Stars and Moon God Clan. In very very very far place!” Yue'er said three are very far, that is because is very far. Is that brat grasps you?” Xiao Baifeng suddenly somewhat angry: If you miss homeland, I deliver you to go back, but now other Divine Country are very chaotic, goes back not to be unsafe.” Xiao Baifeng only thinks that Yue'er is Shen Xiang brings from other Divine Country stars. Yue'er shook the head: „It is not, that little rascal has saved me, helping me be very busy, moreover he has also promised me, later will lead me to go home.” Yue'er to the star moon/month transmission is the news, quick will have the result, if the star moon/month had seen Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er's form, will tell her. At this time Bang transmitted, Shen Xiang alchemy exploded! Several double-hour passed by, day also not bright, Shen Xiang all built up to blast ten herbs, he walked from the secret room, is very distressed, his clothes had been smashed, a face burned black, the hair like was a bird nest. The Xiao Baifeng slightly news, after she is hearing Shen Xiang has exploded ten times, immediately passes, secret room inside has many fragments, is pill furnace by mixed up fragment.

Really, these nine counter Divine Pill do not exist, does not know that is which bored fellow makes to injure someone.” Xiao Baifeng looks that the Shen Xiang whole body is dirty, said: Washes the rest quickly, I find the way to help you look for the High-Grade Divine Pill home remedy, do not taste trial system nine counter Divine Pill again, can want you to assign.” No, how many divine yuan stone continues to help me buy divine medicine...... to want?” Shen Xiang wanted thousand from Lu Qilian there ten thousand, he thought that should suffice to buy much. 3 million, used 30 million yesterday.” Xiao Baifeng sighed lightly: divine yuan stone is not the issue, my these years save some! More importantly, can build up pill! Famous alchemy masters have tried nine counter Divine Pill, may not succeed, therefore should not be dedicated.” Shen Xiang puts out surely divine yuan stone, said: Helps me buy three!” Xiao Baifeng receives, looked at Yue'er reluctantly, because her beforehand words Shen Xiang has not perceived. Did not use pill furnace!” Shen Xiang had supplemented, then enters in the secret room, afterward in only hears to hear the underwater sound, he takes a bath in inside, washes the ground cleanly. Takes him not to have the means really!” Xiao Baifeng sighed one, after returning the room combs the hair and wash the face, wears the clothes to go out of the courtyard, must help Shen Xiang purchase Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill herbs. Yue'er teleport entered the secret room, inside is very light and bright, Shen Xiang puts out a bathtub in inside, at this time he latent submarine. Hello, that Yin-Yang nine counter are Divine Pill possible?” Yue'er asked. Absolutely possible, the fellow who can do this home remedy is really fierce, he has definitely succeeded, but he actually thinks only then can succeed, therefore lets out this home remedy, these many years passed by, nobody succeeds, this can let in his heart is haughty.” Shen Xiang braves from the bathtub: „The fellow who founds the home remedy is declaring war to others, I must defeat him.”

Who can be is so bored?” Yue'er feels curious. Should be Great Country Master of Divine Cauldron country's, here only then this fellow alchemy is fiercest, definitely is he disseminates with the home remedy! Initially skeleton Divine Pill was also this fellow gets so far as Supreme Temple, except for him, I cannot think that who so will be bored.” Shen Xiang laughed: Such being the case, I receive his challenge, must refine this Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill!” Xiao Baifeng exited very early in the morning, she comes back at noon, Shen Xiang already in hall medium she. This is the Heavenly Fire Divine Pill home remedy, I buy!” Xiao Baifeng throws to Shen Xiang together jade token: This is the High-Grade Divine Pill home remedy, although is the popular goods, but good and bad can make you can refine the High-Grade Divine Pill alchemy master!” Heavenly Fire Divine Pill divine medicine, altogether ten!” Xiao Baifeng places tabletop storage pouch, she sees on the Shen Xiang face to be somewhat disappointed, cannot help but coldly snorted: This, 30 nine counter Divine Pill divine medicine.” Sees nine counter Divine Pill herbs, Shen Xiang to show the smiling face, at this time his in the heart secretly is also being moved, Xiao Baifeng makes these for him, definitely has used many divine yuan stone. Sister Baifeng, you are good to me, is similar to the blood brother is the same, I do not disappoint you to my expectation.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, takes these things, he most cared was Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill. Xiao Baifeng looked at Shen Xiang one ill-humoredly, because Shen Xiang in her eyes probably was bewitched was the same, to that Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill persist in your own wrong doings. To get so far as these things, consumed me to save most probably, you try hard!” Xiao Baifeng said that also ran in a hurry, because Shen Xiang also transferred her last night, making her help to nose to have skeleton Divine Pill middle-grade divine medicine to sell.