World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2131
Shen Xiang also had many Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill herbs, but he anxiously has not been refining now, but is refines Heavenly Fire Divine Pill! With is the same, this Heavenly Fire Divine Pill that Xiao Baifeng said is the popular goods, sells in many pills shops! Although is many alchemy masters understands the refinement High-Grade Divine Pill, but does not represent this Divine Pill on very convenient, Heavenly Fire Divine Pill of excellent quality is also quite expensive. First refined this Heavenly Fire Divine Pill well to say again that cannot make Sister Baifeng waste such divine yuan stone.” Shen Xiang knows Xiao Baifeng, for he consumed many divine yuan stone, therefore he must make Xiao Baifeng see a hope now, at least must make Xiao Baifeng think that own divine yuan stone does not have the white bloom. „The Heavenly Fire Divine Pill home remedy should be with honest price tag displayed has sold, moreover after that many years, cannot control, like this spreads very broadly! But according to me, can build up the peak alchemy master to be few Heavenly Fire Divine Pill, many Heavenly Fire Divine Pill of pills shop sell are the quality is very ordinary, Low-Grade quality are more.” Shen Xiang puts out a jade box to open, inside puts one is being similar to the grass of great tooth, this grass only then the palm of the hand is big, is slightly thick, fiery red, this is the blazing grass, High-Grade divine medicine, is quite common! „The quality of blazing grass is very good! Grows in High-Grade divine medicine of this place well.” Shen Xiang places on the cheeks to feel internal warming up the blazing grass, then puts out one very small red leaves. This leaf comes out from the jade box, after contacting the outside the air/Qi of world, immediately braves the steaming arrogance. Divine Fire leaf! The Heavenly Fire tree above leaf, this nearby red tree root, should be the Heavenly Fire tree root!” Shen Xiang takes up a section of tree root, smelled smelling, smells light fragrance. The blazing grass, the Divine Fire leaf and Heavenly Fire tree root refine Heavenly Fire Divine Pill main divine medicine, the Heavenly Fire Divine Pill main effect is strengthens the god profound strength flame attribute! Some person flame god profound strength are not very pure, therefore needs to eat Heavenly Fire Divine Pill to practice, can become by own flame Divine Power fiercer!

The practice flame Divine Power person are many, therefore this Heavenly Fire Divine Pill quite sells, but Low-Grade quality compares convenient . Moreover the alchemy master who can refine are also many, therefore this Heavenly Fire Divine Pill in many high level alchemy Master Yan is not popular High-Grade Divine Pill. However was different in the Shen Xiang eye, so long as is pill, can refine it to the high peak quality, that wonderful sense of achievement can make him feel very happy and excited. For a long time has not refined peak quality pill, this time challenges High-Grade Divine Pill, I must refine a furnace peak quality Heavenly Fire Divine Pill.” Shen Xiang crosses refines the experience of peak quality repeatedly, but the goal that this time he sets not only need be achieved to erupt the Dan light peak quality, but also pill are also many! Yue'er, do you have to hear Divine Halo Divine Pill?” Shen Xiang asked that before he has attended a competition, at that time requested to refine Divine Halo Saint pill, he based on refining in peak quality foundation, was on site other one type to build up the law, can make him refine herbs to refine a grain of Divine Halo Saint pill. Naturally has heard! This is merges to refine grain of quality extremely high Divine Pill with many herbs! Generally speaking, this is the alchemy master carries on the self- challenge the time will refine! After all this need many herbs, only refine grain of Divine Pill, but the cost is very high, sells the high price to be hard to sell, the words of low price are actually not able to return to the book, therefore in the market condition is also very rare.” Yue'er has not exited with Xiao Baifeng, she before with Xiao Baifeng, what woman also wants to have a look at that Xiao Yulan is. Shen Xiang nodded: That is the building up laws of other alchemy masters, but I want, slightly to use some time earnestly, herbs can refine to have Divine Halo Divine Pill!” He has been on fire, starts to refine! First time refines High-Grade Divine Pill, he also very careful, the resistance energy that these divine medicine release is very strong, moreover he needs little burns to build up the spirit bloodlines of divine medicine to be good.

Shen Xiang starts to burn to build up these three Lord divine medicine, High-Grade Divine Pill is the High-Grade divine medicine internal spirit has a stronger repelling force compared with the middle-grade Divine Pill difficult place, causing is hard to fuse. Shen Xiang has not used building up and strong spirit law source refines High-Grade Divine Pill, therefore he does not know that what difficult problem now will face. What's the matter? Hasn't presented the bloodlines of spirit?” Shen Xiang was somewhat anxious, because three divine medicine burnt to build up was very long, has not built up the bloodlines of spirit, if did not appear, this furnace discarded. Soon built up to the limit!” Shen Xiang three herbs must turn into herbal Spirit Qi shortly immediately completely, in the heart is anxious, he speed is very from the beginning slow on the control builds up is very slow, is impossible the opportunity that misses the bloodlines of spirit to have. If divine medicine presents this situation that also to understand, but now three divine medicine are this, this makes his suddenly be worried, if his source builds up cannot use on High-Grade Divine Pill, he then comprehends other building up laws on need more time. When he worries secretly, his suddenly saw the bloodlines of these three Dao Spirit, but the bloodlines of this spirit and he imagines different, completely is the purple! The blazing grass, the Divine Fire leaf and Heavenly Fire tree root semblance are fiery red, the bloodlines of spirit should also be the fiery red flame shape are right, but he sees the spirit bloodlines of these three divine medicine now, actually completely is purple flame! Mutation appeared!” In Shen Xiang heart wild with joy, before he built up really positive Golden Ginseng time, has had the mutation situation. Feng Yujie has told him, the mutation situation is quite rare, generally appears on high level divine medicine! divine medicine mutation not only enhancement's quality many times, but can also breed other effects!

„The bloodlines of three Dao Spirit are not very balanced, I need to use strong spirit to make them balance, then starts to fuse.” Shen Xiang at this time very careful is carrying on, he is first time encounters this situation, before he refined, at most was also only the situation that herbs had the mutation, but three appear now! He has not refined the experience of High-Grade Divine Pill, therefore encounters this situation, he must be extremely careful, will otherwise be defeated. Needs stronger spirit a period of time to be good, these three divine medicine spirit bloodlines differ very in a big way, the spirit bloodlines of tree root are strongest, needs strengthens the blazing grass and Divine Fire leaf to with the Heavenly Fire tree root same intensity.” Shen Xiang so far progresses is very smooth, but he used a lot of time. Now the darkness, Xiao Baifeng came back, but also thinks that Shen Xiang outside she, has not thought actually still closes in the secret room. Xiao Baifeng has not seen the secret room, otherwise she will certainly be frightened, because in the secret room is flooding intense purple light at this time! Shen Xiang built up to break to pieces pill furnace, he responded quickly, replaced with Illusionary Brilliant Furnace promptly, did not have the failure!