World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2134
Before Shen Xiang, hear of Xiao Baifeng have mentioned that great nation master and apprentice younger brother's matter, is third-class God king, but has to compete for the imperial throne the ability, may actually disdain to make, but attended this alchemy competition now what's the matter? Which Fang to come does he represent to participate?” Shen Xiang asked: Didn't say seven first-grade God king in the struggle? He braves always to be represents God king goes to battle!” Xiao Baifeng said: I also think is this, but is actually not, but Prince thought that amusing participates, he is a talented alchemy master, therefore he also wants to join in the fun.” This fellow is disturbs!” Shen Xiang has not thought that can be this, now he is also very curious this Prince some to be fierce. If he displays really prominently, then, he may become Great Country Master, will have the imperial family bloodlines.” Xiao Baifeng traces mischievous Yue'er, chuckle, said: You do not need to be worried that your competition does not need to struggle first, that is not your present strength can struggle, you only needed to show your strength that's alright, I believe that Princess when the time comes certainly will see your potential.” Shen Xiang nodded, but makes in heart actually want to struggle, the present is a good opportunity, can in many splendid alchemy masters with Divine Country compete with. Yue'er suddenly meow meow called: Some people came, this fellow pushes the door to come in directly!” After Xiao Baifeng induces to the familiar aura, suddenly one startled, whispered: Is Prince......” She must make Shen Xiang avoid, she does not hope that Shen Xiang was discovered that but that Prince walked. Shen Xiang or the first time see Divine Country Prince, this Prince is very immature, ten ** year this, cheek, although is much longer, but high tall and thin is thin, blows on bamboo pole but actually likely. To person very thin and weak feeling, but on him wears one set of very magnificent and expensive golden clothes robe, this clothes can make his whole person pass are sending one noble makings, looks like also really a little appearance of imperial family aristocrat. Bright Prince, the weather was late, has any matter, tomorrow will say again!” Xiao Baifeng a moment ago and Shen Xiang speech time, the complexion is very gentle, and has the light smile, but this bright Prince one, she immediately restores the icy appearance.

This bright Prince sees a man here, moreover big handsome, this makes in his heart be in a towering rage immediately, speech time is having the angry tune: Xiao Baifeng, has not thought that your here unexpectedly is hiding the man! The casualness leads the bystander to enter the emperor imperial palace, but capital crime!” He is not a bystander, he is the Princess subordinate, just joined, this is his jade token!” Xiao Baifeng puts out together jade token immediately, above is carving the Shen Xiang's name, moreover jade token luminous side unexpectedly also has his appearance. In addition, carves a small cauldron in the jade token right bottom, the above of cauldron is also having Xiao Yulan three characters! Shen Xiang understands immediately that this jade token was Xiao Baifeng just from Xiao Yulan there lane, only then obtained the authentication of Xiao Yulan, his status will be acknowledged. He turns over to me to manage now, temporarily resides here, what has not to be right?” Xiao Baifeng said that although her complexion ice-cold, the expression that but she spoke was very gentle, after all she was always this, was familiar with her person is very clear. Xiao Baifeng, the opportunity can make you make a rapid career advance now, so long as you comply, your status will have the earth-shaking transformation.” Bright Prince knew that Shen Xiang is not the Xiao Baifeng man, in the heart was more comfortable, the expression also became well. What opportunity?” The Xiao Baifeng sinking sound asked. When my concubine!” Prince smiles lightly: You do not need to worry that my imperial concubine Prince, he convinced her to look for you, so long as you complied, even if were the emperor elder sister she is also irrecusable.” Xiao Baifeng rejects immediately: „, I could not have the good fortune to enjoy something, I have been familiar with be the maid, bright Prince please return!” You......” bright Prince are angry immediately, waved, condense Divine Power, must hit. Bright Prince, please be self-possessed!” The Xiao Baifeng sound immediately becomes ice-cold, body also condense Divine Power.

I understood, you certainly were this brat on good! humph, humph, I tell the emperor now the elder sister, you must know that the emperor elder sister she most dislikes her maid to handle this despicable matter.” Bright Prince looked around Shen Xiang, coldly snorted, then hastily leaves. Shen Xiang saw him to walk, then said with a smile: Sister Baifeng, you very fierce, you had not said before makes me be careful these Prince, can't provoke them? You probably have provoked him now!” Xiao Baifeng coldly snorted and said: Also was this fellow too vexed, for these years also on ten five Godhead, moreover was domineering and tyrannical, hasn't depended itself to have a very strong old lady? He and his old ladies are Princess one school, therefore I usually also can only endure to select.” This fellow good imperial concubines Prince did not say that woman reaches over a hundred, has not been content, all day is a womanizer everywhere.” Shen Xiang hee happily said with a smile: His woman estimate is not also fierce! Therefore the meeting wants to conquer your this to have three ten Godhead Highest Saint God.” Xiao Baifeng stared Shen Xiang one maliciously: Goes back to sleep your, tomorrow I will lead you to attend the preliminary contest!” She has 30 Godhead, even if must look for the man, said that cannot miss with her are too many, even if there is a rejection, but must have the potential to be good, that bright Prince not only does not have the potential, but also a desire to do better does not have, all day knows makes merry on the woman. Ten five Godhead, a Xiao Baifeng palm of the hand can kill him, even if Prince, a Xiao Baifeng point cannot have a liking for him. ...... In the morning, Shen Xiang was waked with the small tail by Yue'er, Yue'er is the night cat, moreover always likes waking sleeping soundly Shen Xiang.

little rascal, I had Xianxian their news, I and star moon/month has communicated for several days, finally a little harvested!” Yue'er said. Real?” Shen Xiang has pinched her small tail, making her meow yell one. They were brought in a mountain, in Jade Cauldron Palace, again waits for several days I to let star moon the detailed map plotting, I pass to you again.” Yue'er said: Sister Baifeng has gotten out of bed, in you!” Shen Xiang looked at out of the window, day just had also shone, after he washed, arrived in the hall to see to wear white skirt Xiao Baifeng to sit there, put by her is eating. Sister Baifeng, you put on white skirt to be really attractive! Although this set of skirt is somewhat old, but puts in you, instead makes you have a plain beauty!” Shen Xiang was commended by the heart, but Xiao Baifeng actually thinks him in the honeyed words. if wanted do I deliver you some pretty skirts? Another day I will exit to select well some!” The Shen Xiang's vision is good, after all his beauty has many, this builds up. Does not use, I cannot be so conspicuous in the emperor imperial palace!” Xiao Baifeng shook the head, looks at the cakes and pastries that on tabletop these have eaten: A bit faster eats up, is useful to you, can make you not so anxious.”