World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2135
Shen Xiang walks grinningly, works on cakes and pastries to throw in the entrance, mastication while said: Joke, will I be anxious?” On the Shen Xiang's experience, having three ten Godhead Xiao Baifeng is richer, has experienced many great storms! Was right, that bright Prince gave Jade Cauldron God king to complain, can affect you?” Shen Xiang asked. Princess she definitely believes that I am more, the bright Prince bad reputation isn't she does not know? Because the bright Prince mother has the good strength, she makes bright Prince keep Jade Cauldron Palace.” Xiao Baifeng simply has not cared this matter. After Shen Xiang finished eating, Xiao Baifeng sets out immediately, bringing Shen Xiang to go out of this courtyard. Boards, place that must go to is a little far, is the center of emperor imperial palace! Today's preliminary contest will be well-attended, but alchemy least, there are 3000.” Xiao Baifeng said: These three thousand alchemy Master Ke are in every way the influences, our Jade Cauldron Palace has 300!” „Does the Jade Cauldron Palace alchemy master have special gathers the conference of together exchange?” Shen Xiang asked. No, the situations of these alchemy masters basically are I with your this, the special heads, helping them purchase divine medicine, built up Spell Bound Pill to sell to Jade Cauldron Palace specifically to be responsible for purchasing the Divine Pill steward! In brief you have not crossed the threshold now, if you obtain the approval of Jade Cauldron Palace, later I can purchase divine medicine through Jade Cauldron Palace directly, meets convenient many.” Xiao Baifeng said. Shen Xiang flexure Yue'er itchy, said with a smile: This is also good, in other words I am fiercer, the advantage that you obtain are more, right?” Um, if you refine many good Divine Pill, but I sell these Divine Pill to Jade Cauldron Palace, I can obtain the reward of Jade Cauldron Palace, these rewards are useful to me.” Xiao Baifeng said: Just was no one can find good alchemy Master to come to cooperate!” Now you had found, I am an exceedingly good alchemy master!” Shen Xiang laughs: I am not am boasting!”

Xiao Baifeng is only gently one, her undeniable Shen Xiang alchemy truly very heaven defying. Quick, the Xiao Baifeng vehicle stopped, Shen Xiang after she gets out, sees front plaza to have a huge construction of octagon, with the golden giant stone build, reaches as high as thousand feet (333 m), very grand. The entrance that at this time that opens greatly, some many people pass and out, Xiao Baifeng gives Shen Xiang together jade token, said: This is your status sign, I have helped you register, you and other goes, deferred to the rule to go to alchemy that's alright.” Xiao Baifeng has drawn Shen Xiang: Do not look, a bit faster goes in!” Shen Xiang in the following person, he carefully observed a moment ago, at this time enters in the person in that octagonal great hall, there are much is the attire is magnificent and expensive, Shen Xiang thought that these are the aristocrats of imperial family, attended the competition will have much is this status honored Prince emperor grandson. Xiao Baifeng, is this your little man? Good, the cheek and personal appearance are good.” The distant place transmits the taunt the sound. Shen Xiang looked at the past immediately, that was one puts on the beautiful female of magnificent and expensive red skirt. Xiao Baifeng also looked at this female, goes round her to continue to proceed, has probably not seen her to be the same. Xiao Baifeng, entire Jade Cauldron Palace knows matter that now you raise the little man...... giggle, looked that Princess can endure your this procedure.” That beautiful female tenderly smiles, sound big, enabling here person to hear, looks. He with the alchemy master who I cooperate, this matter I and Princess have said that having no need for you worrying, if you fabricate the fact to destroy my reputation again, do not blame me not being impolite, my Xiao Baifeng is not easy target.” Xiao Baifeng has gotten angry , the petite her whole body is sending out anger, making that beautiful female complexion immediately pallid.

When Xiao Baifeng gets angry, a Shen Xiang arrow step flies to rush, raises the hand, a palm of the hand has pulled out! The beautiful female leans to shunt immediately, obviously her strength is also good. slut, but other baseless and irrational concoctions father is a little man, do not think that you are the woman I do not dare to pull out you.” Shen Xiang a moment ago was intentionally slow a point, otherwise depending on this crazy fierce explosive force, even if this beautiful female had 30 Godhead, he can hit in the same old way. Xiao Baifeng is also very surprised, she has not thought that unexpectedly meets fight . Moreover the speed so is fast, almost could not feel the path that he moves, resembles the flash to arrive at the front of that female, Walks quickly, do not manage her!” Xiao Baifeng berated one: Preliminary contest is important!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, follows in Xiao Baifeng behind, to walk into that octagonal great hall quickly. Inside has many people, looks like somewhat chaotic, but Xiao Baifeng is very familiar with here, bringing Shen Xiang to arrive at a special alchemy region. Shen Xiang sees here to have many people in alchemy, pill furnace braves steaming heat, some pill furnace fierce vibrations, some brave light glow, alchemy Master Men in earnest alchemy. How can pass this preliminary contest?” Shen Xiang asked. This preliminary contest specially eliminates a major part benchmarking bad alchemy master! Therefore must first be able to refine the excellent quality middle-grade Divine Pill, is pill must over two grains, the time probably within six double-hour.” Xiao Baifeng said: This is the alchemy rule, but also needs to conduct the flame test before, the flame is unqualified, following alchemy cannot on.”

Xiao Baifeng has referred to not far away stele, this stele three people are so high, above has 100 calibration lines, stele most below base has two holes, Shen Xiang sees a person to put in both hands to go in now the release flame. After the flame releases, will have the red light pen perpendicular incidence together to come up! Now after that person releases the flame, can only on to the eighth calibration line. Must be able to go through a strategic pass to tenth there.” Xiao Baifeng said: This Fire's Might Divine Tablet, was past Nine Firmaments God Emperor refinement divine tool, it is said only then the Nine Firmaments God Emperor flame can arrive on the 100 th calibration line.” Is exceed is upward more difficult?” Shen Xiang has not thought that can see the Nine Firmaments God Emperor work here, at this time had three people to try, is less than ten. He has not thought that unexpectedly so will be sad, can attend the preliminary contest, somewhat is a little foundations, unexpectedly here got the hell out. alchemy has anything to be attractive, why I thought that surrounds the alchemy person to be many!” Shen Xiang looked at all around, this region is quite crowded, but participates in alchemy test few of actually. In and other Prince Ping!” Xiao Baifeng said: Prince Ping is that Great Country Master apprentice, young third-class God king!” „Did he call Xiao Ping?” Shen Xiang asked: Has not thought that he is so popular!” This is natural, because he usually little makes an appearance, but has his Legend, many Prince emperor females have seen him.” Xiao Baifeng said. Prince Ping came!” Some suddenly people yelled.