World Defying Dan God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2136
Hears some people to yell, Shen Xiang same is looking around with many people, quick sees a red clothed man to walk, in him behind with old man! When this red clothed man is the same day watches Shen Xiang refinement skeleton Divine Pill, oneself unilaterally in secret and Shen Xiang have disputed Xiao Ping, he is the Great Country Master apprentice, moreover is also few at present can refine the skeleton Divine Pill alchemy master. He grows not handsome, but also calculated well, his not so fast but so slow neither walked, on the face was hanging the light smiling face, he put on is not magnificent and expensive, the body has not lent very strong aura, did not have that very handsome appearance, but how actually did not know, he actually gave people an impressive feeling, making one unable to bear looks at his several eyes many. But no matter what, he is Prince, is the Great Country Master outstanding disciple, is in itself third-class God king, depends on these, makes the person not dare to look down on him, these are the performance of strength, arrives at this altitude, looked his time will not care about his semblance. Already heard this Fire's Might Divine Tablet, but does not dare to test, was worried one are too disappointing, was attacked!” Xiao Ping arrives by that Divine Tablet, he observes the custom very much, has put out own status jade token, gives that responsible old man examination. After examination, old man gives him the jade token exchange! The people heard his words, was very speechless, he does not dare to test, who also dares to come? He is the Great Country Master outstanding disciple, flame will not be definitely disappointing, the people are also very anticipating at this time. This Xiao Ping disposition is extremely good, he does not like participating in these complex and bloody struggles, he wholeheartedly is also tracking down Pill Dao highest Realm, therefore he can attend this competition, which influence therefore he has not represented, his also reputation is joins in the fun. Some hearsay said that knew after he does not participate competes for the imperial throne, these first-grade God king pledge very rich condition to win over him, but by 11 rejections, has him to purchase to seek for many years of divine medicine, but was rejected by him. Shen Xiang hears many people's low voice discussions, has to admire this Xiao Ping, truly is an honourable person, gets up in emperor imperial palace environment adolescence, but can also maintain this disposition, is not really easy. Xiao Ping under the both hands thorough Fire's Might Divine Tablet foundation two holes, sees only him to knit the brows slightly, on stele bottommost that neat calibration line wells up together red light immediately. The red light flash has surpassed the tenth calibration line, on direct 30 there, after 30, ascending velocity gradually slow, but is also rising, until 45 stops.

Made contribution!” Xiao Ping looks at the place that red light stays: Past Nine Firmaments God Emperor was really fearful, can direct hundred, even if I had hundred Godhead, may not instantaneous hundred!” Xiao Ping has 45, this was very good, many alchemy masters ten cannot cross, but before Xiao Ping has not come, high also 15! To you, tries!” Xiao Baifeng pushed Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang has stepped forward several steps. „Isn't this little man who Xiao Baifeng raises? It is said must attend the competition, does not know crude person alchemy master who where Xiao Baifeng sees?” Estimate is to let him comes to here to try one's luck!” Yes, if this alchemy master level is good, Xiao Baifeng also calculates that the luck was good, at least, will not be only will see the servant girl.” Xiao Baifeng listens to these words not to have what response, she has been used to it, but Shen Xiang actually hears in the heart to choke with rage, he thought that definitely is the rumors and slander that bright Prince takes a walk. „Do this group of bastards, unexpectedly such look down upon the person?” Shen Xiang coldly has swept an all around person. Xiao Ping hears people's discussion, thinks very senseless, he knows certainly Xiao Baifeng, after is Xiao Yulan servant girl, he has also seen several times, although three ten Godhead, because is the servant girl, therefore was despised throughout! Naturally, Xiao Ping will not look down upon Xiao Baifeng, he thinks the Xiao Baifeng strength compared with here most people stronger! Young Master!” After Xiao Ping behind old man sees the Shen Xiang's appearance, surprised low shouted. Xiao Ping also thinks Shen Xiang to look familiar, in his mind reappears the Shen Xiang's appearance to come immediately, but present Shen Xiang was process change appearance slightly, before was somewhat same, therefore Xiao Ping and that old man will think to look familiar.

Xiao Ping looked at behind that old man, lets his other loquacity, he planned to go to alchemy immediately, but discovers Shen Xiang to look familiar, wants to have a look at Shen Xiang's to display. Xiao Baifeng is somewhat accidental, she could see that Xiao Ping cares to the Shen Xiang comparison, must leave, but actually does not know why suddenly stays behind, and looks at Shen Xiang. Shen Fei!” After that old man inspects jade token, gives back to Shen Xiang jade token. Hears this name, Xiao Ping cannot help but lightly smiled, he confirmed that this was Shen Xiang, but that old man took Xiao Ping many years of accompanying, naturally understands that Xiao Ping was smiling anything! Previous Xiao Ping is only competing with Shen Xiang, but this time they can actually true ratio. Because is little man who” Xiao Baifeng raises, therefore also attracts much attention, Shen Xiang is actually very calm, he penetrates in both hands that two holes, slightly after took a deep breath, then controls within the body formidable Six Paths Power to attack that four flame Godhead! After four Godhead transform four flame Divine Power fierce dashing together, is similar to four great rivers gathers together, has stronger impulse, then passes through the double skeleton of his left arm , the process strengthens the transformation, finally concentrates the produce fire flame. After he releases the flame, bottom of the Divine Tablet calibration line braves red light instantaneously, red light instantaneously broken 20, then stops in 25 places slowly, this causes the person who surrounds to send out one to call out in alarm. Has wanted 30!” The Shen Xiang enhancement flame, urging that saying that red light continues to rise, several suddenly 30, but red light has not actually stopped , to continue to rise. 36!” The Shen Xiang forehead sweats, then receives hand. The people cannot believe that this whole body sends out the people of six Godhead aura, unexpectedly can let the flame wind to this altitude! Was Fire's Might Divine Tablet shatters? Prince Ping caught up a moment ago, definitely is because Prince Ping also remainingly had flame Divine Power, can therefore like this.”

Right, this fellow looks like Highest God is not, has this degree of flame, is impossible!” And other Divine Tablet flame strengths diverge, making him from come newly!” Xiao Ping said: „If not think certainly, you can give a try, because of the flame Divine Power remaining reason?” Some people have tried , but how to make an effort unable to cross eight! Then several people come up one after another, is four and five. This Fire's Might Divine Tablet test is not the Divine Power intensity, but is the flame! Do you understand the flame the intensity? The intensity of this flame did not say that Godhead more flame are stronger, my Master in the past six ten Godhead time tests, can on to 60, but ** ten Godhead does not have him to be many!” Xiao Ping indifferently said: This Fire's Might Divine Tablet, if purely depends upon the Godhead quantity to test the flame intensity, then he will not be placed here!” Fire's Might Divine Tablet is the control of test to Law of Flame! This and Godhead, although has certain relationship, but is not necessary relationship.” Hears Xiao Ping these words, the people no longer spoke, Xiao Ping was Shen Xiang speaks very much obviously, making these taunt Shen Xiang's person cannot help but ashamed lowering the head of a moment ago, because they know, fellow who oneself could not judge the quality of goods! Xiao Ping looks at Shen Xiang, smiles lightly: Hopes that you can arrive finally, I anticipate and you dispute!” I also anticipated!” Shen Xiang also has this intense thought that probably is runs into the rare match to be the same.